wi fi – some apps can’t connect wifi without vpn

My phone (xiaomi redmi 6 miui 11) suddenly can’t connect to some apps without VPN. I can use chrome and other google apps, whatsapp, instagram, twitter with or without VPN. But I can’t connect to internet without using VPN to these apps: games, discord, line and webtoon.
My computer and other phones are just working fine with the wifi.

I have tried “reset network settings” and “factory reset”. But the problem is still there.
The wifi that I connected to has this settings: (Proxy: none), (IP settings: DHCP)

What should I do?
Is this maybe because my phone got port blocking?

ios appstore – iPhone App Store: can I install free apps using Face ID instead of my Apple ID password?

The App Store prompts me for my password for every free app I am trying to install. I have already Face ID setup, can I use it instead? Or even the phone’s passcode?

On my Macbook I have disabled the password prompt for free apps, but I’m not sure whether that’s device specific.

I have tried restarting the phone and disabling Face ID for the App Store.

iOS 14.1

Need Web Developer, Expert in Web Apps

In short, need a dashboard, where a user can see website details.

1] Admin Console
2] Add website url – title/description
3] Add Stats like DR/DA, Price
4] Tag them according to niche
5] Add more details

If i add 10 websites, they should be visible in a table.

Admin, should have the ability to add/delete/edit the names of columns.

For now, these are the needs.

Looking forward to your pm, along with quote and duration.

Thank you


applications – How Auto start apps are able to start after reboot?

Many OEMs have restrictions which do not allow an application to run after boot complete. For this, we need to give autostart permission to that app. Then how does apps like Autostart, startup manager are able to run right after boot without having any permissions? Autostart is developed by a small team and is not as popular as whatsapp, facebook and others that it can be whitelisted by the OEM. Any inputs will be helpful.

Edit1: I am aware of broadcast receiver but even after using them user needs to manually set autostart permission for my application to be able to run the application in background after BOOT_COMPLETE. However this is not the case for autostart apps.


Google Apps Script: Appending data to a Spreadsheet if it is already not present

I am new to Google apps script and I am trying to write a program where whenever I scan a data. The scannedData should only be appended to the spreadsheet if and only if the data is not already present in the specific column (the First Column). I have written the following code but for some reason the data still gets appended even if it is present. If someone could please help me out, I would really appreciate that.

function insert(e,sheet) {
  var scannedData = e.parameter.sdata;
  var range = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();
  for(var i=0, iLen=range.length; i<iLen; i++) {
    if(range(i)(0)!=scannedData) {
       return ContentService.createTextOutput("Success").setMimeType(ContentService.MimeType.JAVASCRIPT);
  return ContentService.createTextOutput("Already Present !").setMimeType(ContentService.MimeType.JAVASCRIPT); 

applications – Don’t use Google and APKPure misbehaves – how do I update apps?

I have RedMi 3s (Android 6.0.1) phone. Also, I don’t like Google, don’t use their email and don’t work with a Google account – so I don’t use the Google Play Store.

For a few years, I have been using the APK Pure app to update all of my other apps. But – a while ago (perhaps early this year?) – somehow, it kind of stopped working. That is, it recognizes the apps that need updates, but never manages to actually get the updates going.

So what I’m looking for is another method/venue/app for routinely updating my apps. Preferably – one in which I don’t have to actually press “INSTALL” for every single update, but I’m willing to live with that.

Alternatively, if I could someone overcome my APK Pure issue, that would be good too.

Any ideas?

What is the best web designing apps or plugins/APIs I can use for my platform? Is there something allready built for my purpose?

I want my platform to gather professionals and amateurs to build Artistically Techy 3D printed Interiors and Buildings.

What’s the best Designing App?

Is it Sketch, Zeplin or InVision? Is there some other laid out website for all my purposes?

I need to Design a platform website for PC first to gather:

  1. Clients – to input the specifics of the house plan
  2. 3D modelers Worldstars – that are going to apply for Real-life
    building contests with Magic Guidelines.
  3. Spacial VR Testers- can vote for contest winners (along everybody)
    and can test them in VR (?)
  4. Building professionals and Electrotecnic professionals – with a link
    for Discord and slack to actually build something from the 3D models
    and apply all sorts of Tech to it.
  5. Investors and passive and active partners- To state what they can
    offer and their demands and to keep in touch.
  6. Curators- to gather inspirational 2d and 3D images and to gather
    images about finishing textures and techniques. They can collaborate
    on a pinterest folder.
  7. Ideators – to submit crazy ideas on a mind map ,it can be MindMeister.

It would be very cool to make an automatized and personalized Karma level for curators and ideators and the professionals that would extract the information that they uploaded trough the other platforms together with upvotes.

What’s the simplest and most effective way to Design this website, ready for investors to see it and for programmers to pick it up?

PS:Also If you know of good APIs, other platforms or plugins that I could use for the project, it will be great!

ios – Is there a known fix for apps that suddenly stop delivering notifications for any obvious reason?

For several years now, I’ve noticed a really strange thing with notifications delivered from third-party apps on iOS – whereby they will just stop without any obvious reason. When checking within Settings/Notifications, nothing whatsoever has changed – all settings are as they should be. The immediately obvious steps (a device reboot and opening the app in question) don’t resolve this – the only way of getting notifications back for the app in question is to remove it completely, and then reinstall it from the App Store. Whilst this isn’t a big issue for apps that I’m only interested in notifications for (news apps are a good example), apps that require configuration are less ideal. Has anybody else noticed anything similar – and is there a known fix?

architecture – Should 2 different MySql databases from 2 different applications be joined together if the 2 apps are merging into 1?

This is a question about software architecture, not databases.

I currently have 2 completely separate web applications, call them A and B for simplicity. They are on their own machines, with their own databases and web servers. My job is to integrate these 2 applications together (how I’m doing that from the front/backend is irrelevant here).

My scenario when it comes to the database is this: previously apps A and B were separate, but now B is being treated as a module, and will be used inside of A. To the user, it will seem like there is only one application. Behind the scenes though, is it best practice to keep the databases separate, or is it best for app A’s database to completely absorb the tables from app B’s database and just create one, very large database?

The data isn’t related between the two applications, so to me it makes sense to keep the 2 databases separate since B is acting as it’s own module still, regardless of whether it’s a part of app A or not. What do companies that have a large application do? Do they create a new database for every large component of their software or do they keep it all in one place?