Applications – Are there any Camera over IP apps that support the transmission of 4K camera feeds?

My device (Xperia X5 Premium) supports the hardware encoding of 4k videos (3840 x 2160) with H264 or HEVC (265), which I would like to stream via WLAN to the software on my PC. Unfortunately, after testing multiple IP camera apps, none of them can access the 4k feed. All report 1080p as the best available quality.

I'm wondering if this is a limitation of the API (although the open source app "Open Camera" is able to access my camera in 4k modes) or just an arbitrary limitation imposed by the various developers was programmed firmly. Does anyone know of an existing IP camera app that supports 4k cameras?

Google Apps script – Create a new sheet with a "template" based on the cell value

I am trying to compile some statistics about the AFL (Australian Football League) here in Australia and would like to get a better understanding of the form of players based on some key statistics. =
To do this, I'd like to check if there's a URL and return the response code 200, and in that case create a new table with the query ID of the URL.
An URL looks like this:

My editable table is here.

So far I have created a script to check if there is a URL (column A). The answer to this is stored in column B.

The code I use to check the URL is

​function HTTPResponse( uri )
var response_code ;
try {
response_code = UrlFetchApp .fetch( uri ) .getResponseCode() .toString() ;
catch( error ) {
response_code = error .toString() .match( / returned code (ddd)./ )(1) ;
finally {
  return response_code;

What I am trying to do is
If the response code is 200, create a new table with the bold part of the URL (for example, 9721).
In this new sheet in A1 is then the formula


Where the URL is the same as the original URL

I thought I can check if the repsonse_code is 200, then add a new leaf, but somehow that ends up with an error all the time.
If someone can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Many thanks,

google play store – How do I remove the applications already installed on my phone from the list of previously installed apps in PlayStore?

How do I remove the applications already installed on my phone from the "Apps already installed" list in PlayStore?

For example, the anyconnect application appears in the "previously installed apps" list:

Enter image description here

Although it is already installed on my phone:

Enter image description here

I am using Android 9 on Samsung Galaxy S9 with PlayStore 17.8.14.

Google Apps script to convert thousands of PDFs to Google Docs

Can a Google Apps script be written to convert thousands of PDFs to Google Docs?

Currently, you'll need to open individual PDFs individually "Open with Google Docs" to do this conversion.

I'm working with a Google Apps script for the first time (Google Doc> Tools> Script Editor).

I tried using, but I'm not yet successful.

Syncdocs is a paid third party tool that may work but should do so for free if possible. has some ideas but I could not understand how to implement them.

Applications – Android – Is there a negative impact if you delete RAM and CACHE data for all apps at the same time?

I thought until now that "cache" is part of "RAM"? Or what is the difference? There are two different possibilities, so there must be a difference, I think.

RAM is the amount of memory in main memory used by running processes. Similar to the memory used in desktops and laptops.

Cached data includes files, pictures, scripts, and other media files that are stored by a website or app on your device. The data is stored on your devices in a reserved area so that information is already available the next time you visit the app or website.

I would like to know if it is perfectly okay to delete these two things (RAM + Cache) from time to time (& for all apps)? I know that deleting the cache has no negative impact, as I sometimes deleted the cache of apps. But I never deleted any RAM data. And the thing is, the setting says "… for ALL apps." So apps like "contacts", "calendars" or other system-relevant apps are included. I am not sure if you can also clear RAM / Cache of this type of apps?

It is not a problem if you clear cache and RAM. In fact, you should do this regularly to keep your phone efficient. Even after clearing the memory, some processes are restarted. So ignore her. Otherwise, all processes that are currently unused would be stopped.

Web Application – How do I configure Azure Web Apps to have the only access through CloudFlare?

I have a Web Apps (Linux) application on Azure and I've added a custom domain that I've protected with CloudFlare.

I added Azure Security Center to my subscription.

At the moment you can either access the application

  1. directly via or
  2. via, which is protected by CloudFlare

How do I configure the Azure portal to have the only access to my web application through CloudFlare?

One idea I had was to add an Azure firewall and set a whitelist for the CloudFlare IP addresses, but I was wondering if there was an easier way (and I'm not sure how I got them should configure).

macos – Third-party apps do not appear in the list of available sharing menu extensions

I've got a bunch of apps on my Mac for which sharing is possible. However, when I open the extensions panel, only the first-party apps are listed:

System settings for extensions

I found this command on Apple's support website, which looked promising, but I tried it and it did not work.

Does anyone know of any other command or troubleshooting step that I can try to get this done without reformatting the machine?

I'm with Catalina now, but that's a problem since I first set up this laptop with Mojave when he was new. – Multiple Chrome shortcut apps from the same domain?

In Chrome (for Mac), you can turn any Web site into a stand-alone Web application (a.k.a. Site Specific Browser) by clicking and then selecting the three stacked dots in the top-right corner of the window create link of the More tools Menu:

create link

This is very handy for creating a standalone webmail client or web calendar. That's what I'm trying to do. I've created a shortcut app for Outlook Mail through this URL:

Now, if I'm trying to create a separate shortcut app for the Outlook calendar at this URL:

The original Outlook Mail Link app is only rewritten to become the Outlook Calendar. I assume that both are from the same domain and subdomain.

Is there a way to get around this? Is it possible to have two separate shortcut apps from the same domain?

Ads for docked Ubuntu / Gnome apps

For example, if I use a link from Slack Conversation, the default browser will open a new tab / window. But on the app display, this browser looks like another window from Slack or another source app and that's annoying. Why is not it an ad for the browser? Can I change this into appropriate behavior?

I use 19.10.

LG G5 – LG G5 apps / services crash. , , Hardware problem?

In the past few weeks, my LG G5 has restarted unexpectedly, apps crashed, and I received messages like "Sorry, Bluetooth stopped," but for just about every app / service. In addition, the phone got stuck on the starter loops, making the removal of the battery the only solution for the reboot.

I tried to reboot the phone, reset the network connections, and even reset the factory settings twice, which does not help. Even after the factory reset, before I set up my Gmail account, I get the message "Google Play Services crashes all the time" and then "Google Duo crashes again and again", so I do not even do an internet search These messages can appear every 1 second. When I am doing some memory intensive, the phone restarts, which asks me if it is a hardware issue with the memory.

I've owned the phone for less than a year (it's a refurbished device that was replaced under a third-party warranty that I bought the first time I wrote over Costco's phone). Otherwise, the phone is in great shape. I'm not sure if it's time to buy a new phone. Any ideas?

Many thanks.