Wi-Fi – Strange apps for my WiFi data usage. I wonder if this is the problem that my phone is very slow and overheated. Does anyone have them too?

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health.app – steps for fitness apps are not recorded in Apple Health

I logged a run with Under Armor Record (I have repeated this with other third party apps). While Apple Health correctly logged the calories of the run under "Active Energy" and the time under "Workouts", the number of steps under "Steps" was not recorded.

I see that RECORD is a data source under "Data Sources & Access", but STEPS only shows:

  1. I can enter it manually with "Add data"
  2. Different applications can READ data (including "record")
  3. Only the iPhone is listed under DATA SOURCES.

So … does Apple expect me to manually enter steps I've already entered in another app? This is not very user-friendly and seems unApple-like.

In addition, Health "Data Sources" shows access to "Record" WRITE access to:

  • Active energy
  • Sleep Testing
  • Weight
  • workouts

And READ access to:

  • pulse beat
  • Sleep Testing
  • steps
  • Walking + running route

Which option can I use to perform / write / access steps?

How to delete system apps from standard ROM before blinking in Windows

I want to remove apps from the standard ROM.

The tool I use is "MTK extractor".

I unpacked system.img with the MTK Exractor Tool, after unpacking I received the "system" folder.

A YouTube tutorial told me that if I want to remove system apps, I just have to delete apps from the system / app folder.

I deleted browser.apk (built-in browser), drive, Google Sheet, Doc. And repacked the system folder.

I have the system.img file again.

I flashed it with the SP Flash Tool.

But now when I turned on my phone, it stuck to the phone logo and didn't turn on.

Please guide me through removing system apps from the standard ROM. I also want to add some additional apps like Messenger to the standard ROM. How to add custom apps to standard ROM

Development process – How can Azure Logic Apps be properly deployed through ARM with connected resources?

Sorry if my question is trivial, but I'm new to DevOps.

I want to design a smooth pipeline for deploying LogicApps together with ServiceBus and AzureStorage. Developers commit the code and, ideally, it should be automatically deployed to Azure after each commit.

I know that Visual Studio generates an ARM template for LogicApps. When developers write their LogicApps, ARM templates are automatically provided for deployment.

But what about connected resources? Should I ask them to write ARM templates to also create ServiceBus & AzureStorage?

CRUD is possible in Google spreadsheets using the Google Apps script

At work, we use a Google spreadsheet with more than 20,000 rows that grows every day. We use it as a database. We don't know how to convert them to a database. And it is very slow. I would like to know if I can use the Google Apps script to create queries and specific rows in the table, in this case the entire row with all columns. I saw some tutorials in English on YouTube and even saw an example of CRUD, but in the example there I brought the whole table with me when searching and only needed one line per consultation. My English is bad, I would like tips on how to proceed, what to learn, I cannot program well. Thank you

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dnd 5e – How do the different DND-5e character sheet apps compare?

I think about my players using apps to keep an eye on their characters as they're kind of new. How do the available character sheet apps compare in terms of:

  • Additional source books must be purchased in the app
  • Poor performance or user interface
  • Bad mobile apps in general
  • Doesn't support iOS or Android
  • Everything else relevant
  • Allow the DM to display drawing sheets

Top tips and tricks for hiring developers of mobile apps

The rapid progress in the development of mobile apps has led to massive demand for Mobile app developer, Entrepreneurs are looking for competent and reliable developers in every corner who can meet their growing business needs.

If you as an entrepreneur are trying to find the right development team, you've come to the right place! This article explains the pros and cons of trying to hire mobile app developers.

First the !

Here are some things to consider when working with a development team.


Be sure to check out the company's portfolio. This will help you get an idea of ​​their accomplishments. A portfolio is nothing more than a representation of the efficiency and experience of the company. With the help of a portfolio, you can easily carry out a SWOT analysis. For those who don't know what SWOT is, it represents strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. With a SWOT analysis, you can decide whether the company is suitable for app development or not.


ROI stands for Return On Investment. It is used to measure the profit or loss of an investment. There are usually three types of ROI: simple, efficiency, and risk aversion. You need to consider all of these types to assess efficiency.


One of the main goals of an entrepreneur is to grow the business to get the maximum possible turnover. As the business grows, so do the requirements. The development team should be able to manage this growth and deliver unmatched services without compromising on quality.


Every company must have its ups and downs in the course of its existence. There will be fluctuations in performance and in the customer base. One of the main disadvantages is that in most cases these fluctuations are unpredictable. In order to survive in the industry, the development team should be able to act spontaneously and find flawless solutions.


"Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you!“Although it is important to follow emerging trends, the company should actively set the trends in the industry to be unique. This will improve the standards of the business and increase the influencing factor.


White label solutions have been a hot topic in the city lately. Although they are very useful, what good is it to develop the exact same product that is already on the market? Even if your development team tries to use the existing app, they should spice it up with their creativity and innovation. This helps your company to stay one step ahead of the crowding-out competition in the industry.

Customer service

This is another important responsibility of the developers. You shouldn't hesitate or hesitate when it comes to supporting customers. Make sure you choose a development company that is ready to provide 24/7 support to its customers.

Cross-platform development

The development of cross-platform apps is helpful in many ways. Development costs are reduced. The TTM (Time To Market) is shortened. The resources used are less. While you have to invest relatively more in developing native apps. In addition, cross-platform compatibility improves the app's marketability.

Team size

This is another very important factor. The size of the team not only affects the development costs, but also the efficiency and productivity of the team. If the project is very simple, a small team would do it. For a challenging project, however, the team size should be considerably large. This enables the workload to be shared among the team members and the project to be delivered within the expected duration.

Communication and presentation

In addition to the development skills, the team should also have excellent communication and presentation skills. You should be able to explain the services they offer, development costs, taxes, agreements, policies, etc. This helps to avoid errors or financial losses due to communication gaps.

Now the !

The following are some of the aspects that most entrepreneurs make mistakes.

cost analysis

As an entrepreneur, it is acceptable to have a budget. However, never choose a company based solely on the cost of building a mobile app. If you compromise on quality to lower the price, the mistakes can empty your pockets after you start. Therefore, you should never be satisfied with less than your expectations. Never forget that development costs are directly proportional to the experience of the team and the quality of the services offered.


The company should have sufficient documentation. You should have your rules and regulations on paper. They must also have the necessary certificates that demonstrate that they are able and legally authorized to offer app development services. Avoid signing a contract with a company that does not have the required documents.


Never close a business without knowing its policies. Also, don't forget that company policies vary depending on your geographic location. So avoid following your instincts. Rather ask for their guidelines. For example, do you have a proper maintenance policy? If this is not the case, you may not receive support after the start! What are the guidelines for submitting the app in the app store? Will they guide you to start the app?

Confidentiality agreement (NDA)

An NDA ensures the security and confidentiality of your data. The development team must sign an NDA. Never skip this step for any reason.

Plan the start

Do not hurry up at launch to cut costs or get in front of your competitors. Give the team enough time to complete the project. This helps the development team to avoid mistakes due to haste.

App design

The design shouldn't make the app content look awkward. Avoid colors that are too light or too matt. Using the same design as the website counterpart is a big NO! The app's design and layout should be mobile friendly to maximize the user experience.

Domain expertise

The development team must have extensive expertise. Also select the team that has experience in the required domain. For example, if you want to develop a mobile app, do not contact a web app developer, but a mobile app developer just because they are developers and have less development fees. You may not be ready to solve most of the challenges you may face on your way.

Wrap up!

This article covered almost all of the tips you need to consider when looking for a good Development company for mobile apps. Talk to the development team before starting the project. You can also get a free quote. This helps you with the comparative analysis.

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Google Apps Script – Remove the timestamp from the date

I am new to Google App Scripts.

I'm trying to email a date based on spreadsheet data, but it ends up being sent with a long timestamp.

Sun 23.02.202000 00:00:00 GMT-0000 (GMT)

I just want to see

Sun 23 Feb 2020.

Here is the code I wrote when I made a mistake.

var m_nameCol = 1;
var m_dateCol = 2;
var m_daysCol = 3;

var m_dataRow = 2;

var m_activeSpreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Dates");
var m_dataRows = m_activeSpreadsheet.getLastRow() - 1;

var m_nameRange = m_activeSpreadsheet.getRange(m_dataRow, m_nameCol, m_dataRows, 1);
var m_names = m_nameRange.getValues();

var m_dateRange = m_activeSpreadsheet.getRange(m_dataRow, m_dateCol, m_dataRows, 1);
var m_dates = m_dateRange.getValues();

var m_daysRange = m_activeSpreadsheet.getRange(m_dataRow, m_daysCol, m_dataRows, 1);
var m_days = m_daysRange.getValues();


function daysUntil() 
  for(var i=0; i < m_days.length; i++)
    if(m_days(i) <= 7)
      sendEmail('Upcoming Event', 'Event for ' + m_names(i) + ' on ' + m_dates(i) + ' in ' + m_days(i) + ' days');

function sendEmail(_subject, _message) 
  var m_emailAddress = Session.getActiveUser().getEmail();

  MailApp.sendEmail(m_emailAddress, _subject, _message);

Thanks in advance for your help.

Operating systems – Android Apps IPC while navigating the activity

While navigating activities in an Android app by clicking the Back button, the current activity is stopped, the previous one is restarted and continued, and the former is stopped. How does the activity manager service know that it publishes them in order on the main thread looper?
How does the main thread communicate with the activity manager service?

I want to know more about where this actually happens in the source code. I tried to examine ActivityThread, ActivityManager, etc., but I didn't understand where in this scenario the communication from the main thread to the Activity Manager service took place.