3 Search VPS in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Hi there
We need 3 VPS in Saudi Arabia, the servers must be in KSA, not just IP routing.
Server specification

CPU: 1 core
Ram: 1 GB
H.D.D .: 20 GB
IP: 1
Traffic: Not important
Operating system: Ubuntu
Location: Saudi Arabia (important)
unmanaged server and without control panel

Server usage: LAMP, DNS, CDN

Many thanks

Do you think the Iranian general was killed by Trump for making bad reviews of the Trump Hotel in Saudi Arabia?

Trump said he ordered on January 4 to kill the Iranian general for mob damage to the US Embassy in Baghdad on December 31, 2013. The idea is, if you hit a tough guy like him, he hits you back. BUT!! Iran then fired rockets at US troops at an air base on January 8, injuring 50 troops. Trump didn't do anything. On January 26, Iran hit our embassy in Baghdad with more rockets, and Trump did nothing. Trump looks inconsistent and weak if he can't respond to all of these other attacks. Where's the tough guy

Iran – trip to Saudi Arabia

I am currently booked to travel Dammam in Saudi Arabia, right next to the Persian Gulf and on the other side of Iran, this Friday. I am very concerned about the developments in Iran and Iraq in the past few days and the increasing tensions in the region.

Is there anyone in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia who can give a personal insight into the current situation in Saudi Arabia? I would like to find out from someone on site whether there are signs of dangers, threats or higher tensions in the region. Is it safe to travel now or is it better to cancel my trip?

Saudi Arabia Postcode – Forex Training

You can use this new manual to check the expiry date of iqama. The validity of Iqama is one of the main concerns of an emigrant living in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama expiration date is also mandatory when completing some application forms. Postcode of Saudi Arabia

Whatever your reason for being here, I'll show you simple methods to check the expiry date of your Iqama date.

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Request for a Schengen visa application from Saudi Arabia

Me, my wife and our son are residents (Iqama owners) in Saudi Arabia. My mother-in-law has a multiple-entry re-entry visa valid for 2 years and stays with us most days of the year. If we have to apply for a Schengen visa, can my mother-in-law also apply for a visa from Saudi Arabia? Or does she have to apply for the visa from our home country (India)? She will stay in Europe nearly to our travel date and therefore will not have enough time to return to her homeland to get the Schengen visa stamped.

Please respond so that we can plan our trip accordingly.

Customs and Immigration – Is my name on my spouse's passport enough to prove kinship and bring her to Saudi Arabia on a family visa?

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The peace in Saudi Arabia, which had to do with the price of oil in Iran, fell by 3%. The sale of gold as a safe haven collapsed by $ 30. Europe and the US hit new lows and pushed up the dollar.

currency outout

– US Dollar Index out

At the weekend, US President Trump signed a short-term grant. The US dollar had risen yesterday at the start of trading. In the afternoon, the market worried about the case of Trump's impeachment. On one occasion, selling pressure on the US dollar fell below the lowest price of the day, even though economic data for the eurozone was better than expected. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, however, was optimistic about the lost money, causing the euro to swell and collapse, driving the dollar higher. The resistance zone broke the day's highest price and saw a resale adjustment, while the New York Fed-Nowcast model boosted US GDP in the fourth quarter, pushing the dollar back up to the 99 level and eventually rising.out

MT4Analysis, from the daily level line chart, a spindle line of Changyang candlestick stepped back on the 5-day moving average, the euro continued to fall due to the continued loose European Central Bank, pushing the dollar to the 99 mark, the moving average is in several lines, short-term It entered the resistance zone on 3 September and the KD indicator entered a multi-party overheating trend and short-term attention showed a trend towards correction. Eurozone economic data yesterday was positive, but unexpectedly boosted the dollar's gains in the ECB speech, and Fed Evans mentioned that the US economy has weakened. Yes, if economic data does not push the dollar to a new high today, it has a great opportunity. Influenced by the speeches of European and American politicians the trend of recall.

currency outout

– EUR USD: out
At the weekend, Trump signed a short-term appropriation case: Yesterday, the US dollar rose early in the morning, leaving European and US companies behind. By the afternoon, the market was worried that Trump was in talks, causing the dollar to sell, which once led to a rise in Europe and the US, and then eurozone economic data was good. As expected, the European Central Bank was optimistic about the loose currency, which led to the euro being sold off the market again: in the evening, the German consumer price index fell below market expectations, causing Europe and the US to fall below the new low the year fell and the dollar resistance zone saw a sell-back. Only Europe and the US recovered to the 1.0900 level, but according to the New York Federal Reserve's Nowcast model: if US GDP rises in the fourth quarter, push the US dollar back up to 99 and let Europe and the US fall again in the latter case.out

MT4The daily line chart showed that a 5-minute moving average of the long-staple candlestick on a spindle line was blocked. Anticipating that the European Central Bank was optimistic about loose money, Europe and the United States fell below the new low price this year and the moving average fell sharply. The short-term return close to the falling support price, while the KD indicator has a negative bias that can drive recovery. Yesterday, Eurozone economic data did not accelerate the recovery in Europe and the United States. After looking at the European and American data released today, Europe and the United States proved to be resilient. Concerned that Fed officials have turned their views on the economy into pessimism and that the conditions for announcing the Brexit rights will bring about a recovery in Europe and the United States.

currency outout

– Gold: out
In the US, the US short-term adoption case was signed, and yesterday morning Saudi Arabia called for peaceful dealings with Iran to avoid military intervention. In early trading, pressure on gold sales eased, shocking $ 1,490. In the afternoon, the European Central Bank caused optimism over loose money. The upward trend of the US dollar also led to a renewed fall in the price of gold: it was shocked at 1480 US dollars at night, but was defeated by the Nowcast model of the New York Federal Reserve: GDP increase the US in the fourth quarter, causing the US dollar and US equities to rise and sell gold. The market fell $ 20, and after midnight, after US stock market correction, there was a $ 1,470 supply station, and the market was still down $ 25.out

MT4The daily line graph indicates that a 5-day moving average has been blocked for the long-stacked plug holder of a spindle line. There was no military attack in Saudi Arabia and the US economy was optimistic, expecting the US dollar to benefit and gold to fall below the 60-day moving average. Up to two months above the volatility trend of $ 1,500, from the highs in August and September, representing the empty square head and shoulders, gold, which has fallen under the support of the cut, will continue the great opportunity of making the decline continue. Today, we pay attention to the shock caused by the release of European and American production data: If Brexit has no power or the Fed officials are closed, the market's safe-haven funds will regain their recovery, the floating 5-day However, the average can not break through and continue the empty trend.

currency outout

– GBP / USD:
The British pound against the US dollar was driven by the US dollar yesterday. It was in shock and fell in the morning. At noon, the German Foreign Minister was postponed again so as not to rule out the Brexit period. It once led to a recovery of the pound. In the afternoon, the UK Chancellor planned to make it at 10 am There was no agreement on the Brexit strategy on 31 March, and there was still confidence to reach an agreement with the European Union on the completion of Brexit on 31 October , which led to a shock in the US and then came under pressure in the resistance zone. The resistance zone in US dollars was adjusted in the evening. The US pound was boosted by speculative funds, rising 57 points. As the US dollar rose again, the pound fell from its selling price, falling 76 points below the 1.2300 mark. It recovered at midnight at 1.2300. At the end of the game, the price rose slightly.out

MT4Analysis, from the daily level line chart, a long shadow on the short-term candlestick 鞥 鞥 high 5-day average was blocked, the dollar fell again below the 60-day average, nearly two days to 1.2300 shock consolidation The short sliding Average has a dead cross under the curve. If he does not stand at the 1.2300 mark today, the big opportunity to sell and sell again will seem. Today we are watching for the announcement of the manufacturing index and the UK's detailed proposal for Brexit rights. If the British Prime Minister wishes to keep the content of the old case, the pound could extend its decline.

currency outout

– USD / JPY out

USD / JPY moved below 108 yen yesterday at the start of trading. Around noon, the US dollar gave way. In the afternoon, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: The Japanese economy is recovering moderately, causing the US and Japan to fall below the lowest price of the day. The strong US dollar led the uptrend, the US dollar leveled off in the evening while the US and Japan touched the Yen 108 and sales fell. Then the New York Fed's Nowcast model: US GDP rising in the fourth quarter, leading to a renewed rise in the US dollar, while the US and Japan speculate on funds. The replenishment of the empty bows of the market led to a breakthrough of 108 yen. After midnight, the price was around the high point of the last Friday and the market had little gains.out

MT4From the daily trading curve, a spinning hammer-line short candlestick to a 5-day moving average, the dollar rose and the Bank of Japan lost its currency, causing the US and Japan to continue rising, and the short-term moving averages showed an upward trend The 60-day moving average showed a downward movement and reached resistance levels on 19 September for a short time. It is noted that the high resistance zone could be under pressure. At the beginning of today's trading, Japan announced that the unemployment rate was better than expected, but was driven by the upward movement of the US dollar, taking into account the production data released by Europe and the US and Fed officials' views on the economy in the evening.

Forex – Crude Oil:
In the United States, last Saturday, the number of holes went down, causing gaps to open early. However, Saudi Arabia said that peace with Iran was apparently below the $ 56 mark to avoid military action and that the European market continued to sell in the afternoon to return to the $ 55 mark. In the evening, US equities rose a hundred points, and then the resistance zone was again under pressure to return to around $ 55. After falling from a high, US oil prices tumbled and sold off, falling back to the $ 54 mark. There was a decline of 3%.out

MT4Analysis, from the daily level line chart, a long candlestick touched the 5-day moving average blocked, after Saudi Arabia said, to avoid the military action with Iran, the price of oil continued to rise, below the previous 3 days of the next shadow line to sell to buy In addition to supporting the bullish trend line in August, oil prices have fallen back to the downtrend line, which was linked to this year's highs, and have returned to the blank side. After Saudi Arabia resumed its production capacity, the price of oil returned to near the price gap, and in recent weeks production data has been affected by the trade war. The odds pushed oil prices back again.



MT4Click here to see the information.

Saudi Arabia on its way to introducing e-visas

For those who do not yet know, Saudi Arabia, known for its inaccessibility, has just a few days ago introduced a new e-Visa system for a handful of countries, including the entire Schengen area, the US and Australia it can do so without a fight.

Regarding the question, it was not specific whether or not I could do Umrah with this type of visa, so can Umrah be done with it?