In Trump's America, healthcare workers carry garbage bags to protect themselves. Aren't you ashamed?

Hospitals are responsible for their PPE. Governors are responsible for the readiness of their states. The CDC provides guidelines for healthcare workers. Governor Cuomo of New York should take some responsibility for the terrible health conditions in his state, rather than blaming others.

The news that the pandemic was coming was public information. Everyone got the same information. It was never a secret. Stupid people act like Trump is the only responsible person. Every member of the authority should equally share responsibility.

If women prefer mostly "bad guys," is it then something to be ashamed of being nice as a man? ?

You can still be a nice man, many women appreciate nice men, so do not worry if you're trying to turn yourself into something you're not. that's worse, it's good to have a variety of different people with different personalities.

but just respect that different women like different things. So, if you personally prefer more of a bad ss, please respect that and continue

[Article] 5 bitcoin questions that you are ashamed of – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Today Bitcoin is on everyone's lips: bloggers, media, webmasters and investors check this digital currency, Read the five Bitcoin questions that many are ashamed to ask about this new kid in the blockade.

1. What are bitcoins?

Bitcoin is definitely an open offer, a peer-to-peer payment network and digital currency called a cryptocurrency, It is not managed by a central entity, such as a bank, but by a distributed network of computer systems that receive the blockchain. Learn more about the Blockchain and the fintech industry.

The blockchain tracks and logs all bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin is definitely an emerging payment instrument that can be used to buy goods and solutions online in addition to some retail stores.

Bitcoin differs from these and other payment networks in two main ways.

First, Bitcoin is decentralized. For for-profit companies, the Visa and Paypal networks are personalized and handled to the benefit of their respective shareholders. Nobody owns or controls the Bitcoin network, It has a peer-to-peer structure with a huge variety of computer systems that are more than just the Web working together to perform Bitcoin transactions.

The second factor that tends to distinguish Bitcoin is the fact that it comes with its personal digital currency. Paypal and Visa carry out transactions in standard currencies such as the US dollar. However, the Bitcoin network is performing transactions within a new monetary unit, also referred to as bitcoin.

2. Who produced Bitcoin?

This is a question that nobody can answer for sure at the moment, but there are rumors about it. Bitcoin was created by a person posing as "Satoshi Nakamoto, "While the name sounds Japanese, Bitcoin creator no individual information is given.

He worked with other early Bitcoin fans through online forums, but never met other members of the Bitcoin neighborhood. Then, as of 2010, he steadily reduced his involvement in improving the currency. His final acknowledged message came in 2011.

We do not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but we understand that if he ever appears, he will probably be a very rich man. Millions of Bitcoins were made in the first two years of the currency, and Satoshi most likely has a large selection of a large number of them. For today's costs, he could be more than a millionaire.

Before leaving the scene, Nakamoto handed his torch to a moderate developer named Gavin Andressen, who is currently the main developer of the project. Andressen is now working under the auspices of the Bitcoin Foundation, the anarchist of the Bitcoin neighborhood, who comes closest to an official public face.

3. What is a bitcoin address?

ON Bitcoin adder is really important a 34 character that looks like this: 1AYj46EvNVruodqrkfeW7MXk5wgk67rQFt. The address allows bitcoins to be transferred from one address to another. ON Bitcoin wallet is made using public-key cryptography, the wallet-important public is used because the wallet address can be securely shared with other parties.

The private key from the wallet should be kept secret and confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone. New Bitcoin addresses may be generated by an Internet wallet provider or possibly a paper purses provider.

4. Is Bitcoin anonymous?

Transferring bitcoins can be done with a slightly higher level of privacy. However, transaction details such as the creation of your Bitcoin, the wallet details, and the way you have transferred Bitcoins for your wallet can be stored in the grid.

5. How do I get bitcoins?

You will find a number of options to get some bitcoins. One choice would be to mine them yourself, but that's not a good choice for newbies. For all others, it would be best to buy them in a standard currency. Stock-exchange-recognized Internet sites allow you to trade bitcoins with other customers for standard currencies. Much more practical are companies like Coinbase, which withdraw money from your bank account and convert it into Bitcoins at the current market price. A few Bitcoin ATMs show up exchanging paper money for bitcoins.

6. How should I buy my bitcoins? (Bonus :))

When it comes to choosing the best way to buy your bitcoins, comfort and safety are essential.

Bitcoins are stored in "wallets". These are just files that contain encryption keys or secret codes that you can use to transfer your bitcoins to others. You will find a number of choices. I would buy them myself and certainly use one of the Bitcoin applications that are accessible to Mac, computers and Android.

An Internet wallet provider is really a much more convenient mechanism for storing your bitcoins, but it can be subject to security risks. The safest way to buy Bitcoins is probably a paper wallet. However, keep your wallet in a safe and secure place.

I hope that this first question, which has been answered, what Bitcoin is and how it can be used, gives you clear thoughts on what BitCoin is, how it can be used, and whether it is something that you want to be involved with. Use the comment form to add your own questions and our Bitcoin expert will answer you quickly. Even if you have other questions about Bitcoin, post it in Bitcoin Discussion Forum

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