Women who will you choose? An ugly alpha man with no money or a handsome beta guy with a lot of money?

The rise of the beta man

The alpha male, the iconic bad boy, has been making girls' hearts beat faster for years. But lately, despite all her breasts, seeking attention, in her face behavior, her attraction has diminished. The beta male, the shy little nerd, moved in on the territory of alpha males. Whether you turn on the TV, watch the tabloids, or go to a movie, you will notice this great shift in the male hierarchy. Shows like the Big Bang theory are the epitome of a nerd who starts to climb up. They are now in the center of the show and do not take the Alpha Man in the background. In fact, the alpha male in these shows is often portrayed as a "villain" or a bully. Dr. Reid on the TV show Criminal Minds is a genius and a real nerd, but he's also running around shooting some legitimate bad guys. Introverts like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg take over the business world and replace demanding, loud, powerful alpha males like Donald Trump. But what is behind this dramatic shift? What causes the case of the infamous alpha male and lets the shy, nerd-like beta male take her place? There are several social movements that have slowly led the beta male to the top. The shift in the male hierarchy can be traced back to evolutionary beta traits that contribute to their current dominance in society, the promotion of women's equality, the continued acceptance of homosexuals, and the main movement to prevent bullying.


How do Republicans propose people who get medical care if they can not afford it?

Just wait for people to know that Trump has compensated Obamacare to kill him. Trump is also trying to cut veterans' pensions. Putin's puppet wants to spend this money on his pet projects and even greater tax breaks for the rich.

It is the capitalist way to eliminate anyone who is unable to work, to be old or unqualified.


[ Other – Politics & Government ] Open Question: Gunman Gary Martin leaves five dead in Illinois, will revenge grow and create a civilized society within the next decade?

Should the personal nuclear grenade become compulsory, and anyone caught, serve life in prison

Do not kill the nuclear grenade!
Weapons do not kill!

OMG, somebody stops turning the planet, I want to get out. Here Trump has tweeted about each of the 62 mass shootings of his presidency

Trump has just decided on a legal failure when he declared the emergency, but said "I did not need that."?

He did not "need" to do this.

The Congress has already made a PART of it and it was a concluded agreement that they had continued under each other President what they had started.

USCBP and the data show how impressively effective our parts are, which means the rest are likely to be so effective.

The only excuse for this stonemason is: "Make Orange Man look like that, so bath"


If Ann Coulter says the only national emergency is that Trump is an idiot, will she finally have common sense?

She's right that Trump is an idiot but wrong about her not being.

Her testimony is based on the claim that Trump really does not want a wall, that he proposed it that way ("national emergency"), so that she would be denied and denied.


[ Tata ] Open Question: Do people know that prayer works and that prayer solves problems?

Did not fit. Creep Mandela effect creepy. The President's Day is no longer the 22nd of January, now the 18th of February. A real national emergency. Or it was always the 18th of February and it was illusory on the 22nd of January. ,

Why should not the border wall be built?

Because it is a huge waste of money and already proved that she has no chance to work.

More than half of the illegal immigrants in the United States had legal visas and legal border crossings and survived their visa requirements. You can not do anything with a wall.

Most drugs also come to legal border crossings, hidden in trucks, containers, trains, etc. Once again, a wall is useless.

Now fencing can help in areas with populations nearby, and such fences are already in operation, and in all areas have been around for many decades. Because people live where people actually live, locals can work for CBP and respond to intersections in a short time.

This is NOT possible with a wall in the desert areas, far from where anyone can live on both sides of the border. Put a fence or a wall there (This is also a variety of other topics, such as terrain, property or land of trunks, etc.) and without the possibility that CBP will get there in less than an hour, this would be a wall She just a five-minute speed threshold, which is defeated by a ladder that is five feet longer than the wall.

To fix this, camps for CBP workers would now have to be built and stationed there, about every 1,000 meters. But for more than 800 miles of such areas, you need about 4,000 towers with lights and phones and everything else. Just putting one person in each tower would cost around $ 400,000,000 a year. But since a person can not fill such a post alone 24/7/365, each tower would require at least ten shifts. Now these costs alone are $ 4 billion a year. But wait, where are these people going to be housed outside? So you have to build camps along the border, wait and deliver, so that the tower staff can eat and sleep somewhere. Billions more.

The wall is an EASY solution to a complex problem. Such SIMPLE solutions have a different name: error.

Oh, and without the wall of The Cheeto, such intersections have already dropped 75% since 2000.


Why is not Trump just picking up the congress? You are worthless and the president is the ONLY one who protects us?

Oh man. How great would that be, right?

I do not know, I'm just happy that he digs his own grave. I will not beat it up by hoping it'll throw its whole party in there and cover it in cement, right ???

But it is a nice look. Many Thanks!