Is it true, the longer Democrats Trump investigate, the more they harm his reputation and re-election opportunities.

In that case, I would say no.

The Russia agreement has proven to be wrong. This was not only mistaken for an independent investigator; Mueller, but also the House, the Senate, the FBI, the DOJ, and 19 Mueller handpicked prosecutors, all of whom hated Trump and one of them was the Clinton Foundation lawyer. Not to mention 20 plus FBI and DOJ officials?

Anything the media or ship, Nadler, Swalwell or the rest of them do in support of this story, now that people know it was BS – liberals will believe what they want, cons, believe what they want. It's the middle-ground people who were undecided, and now that they know the truth, they see that it was all dizziness at first. That does not hurt Trump, it helps him.

To complain about how much you do not like the POTUS, any POTUS, is one thing. Everybody does it. Trying to continue with false accusations as if they had not already been wronged is something else. In the real world, this is called prosecutorial misconduct or malicious prosecution.


What does it mean if a social insurance disability lawyer says you are not disabled?

We can not accept your case, does not mean that you think you are not necessarily disabled.

With so many deadbeats trying to fraudulently collect disabilities, they may not have time for more cases.

How about publishing some general information about your issues for an opinion on your eligibility?


Why do republicans behave as if they did not want to read the entire Müller report?

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