I am asked for a password in my Bitcoin.com wallet to confirm the never set up shipping. So I'm crappy or file a class action lawsuit?

If you really never set a PIN and obvious things like "0000" don't work, this can be a bug in the app software. You can report the bug at https://github.com/bitcoin-com/wallet/issues and provide all details about your activities. You may have suggestions on what to do, but there may or may not be a workaround.

I suggest that you avoid expressing anger, frustration, or legal threats in your bug report. The developers probably want to fix the bug and prefer to work with people who seem motivated and cooperative. If it seems difficult to work with you, they won't want to, and you can't force or intimidate them.

You can try erasing or resetting the app and restoring it using the 12-word recovery phrase you created when you first installed the wallet. It should also be possible to use the recovery phrase to access your coins through other wallet software.

If you haven't saved the recovery phrase or lost it, you may have just learned an expensive lesson about the importance of backups. Software errors are just one of the many things that can go wrong when using Bitcoin. You can also lose or damage your device, have coins stolen by malware, etc. These are the risks you take, and backups are one of the prudent ways to mitigate those risks. (Setting a PIN is different.)

To decide whether to file a lawsuit, you need to consult a lawyer who is familiar with consumer law in your jurisdiction. Personally, I doubt that you would be successful. It is likely that the terms of use of the app have been carefully written by Bitcoin.com lawyers to protect them from legal liability in the event of software errors. In general, when using free software, you should assume that this is at your own risk and that no one will compensate you if something goes wrong.

Notifications – How do I grant permissions to applications in Catalina that have not asked for them?

I used Fluid to create a Gmail app that shows my unread email count in the dock. After upgrading to Catalina, the app no ​​longer displays a badge in the dock, and I think that's because it doesn't have permission to do so. However, when I go into the notification settings, neither Fluid nor my Gmail app is shown, so I cannot give them permission through the user interface

I reported this to Fluid's maintainer, but is there any other way to grant these permissions while I'm waiting? Maybe there is a command that I can run from the terminal or a list that I can edit to give my app permission to display badges on its icon?

I don't have a password on my Mac, but when I try to uninstall software, I'm asked for a password that doesn't exist

I have a Mac setup to run music programs. It works well and because I hate having to enter passwords, I don't have any on it. No problems here and whenever I installed programs, I asked for the password. I just hit enter and no problem was installed. Now, however, I'm trying to uninstall a program and when I do, a terminal screen pops up asking for a password … I press Enter because there is no password on the computer and it says that wrong again is asked for the password and does this 3 times before it closes because I didn't enter the password. The problem is that there is no password. How can you skip this stupid loop into nowhere?

Programming Languages ​​- Could someone from the fields of computer science, cyber security or IT help answer these frequently asked questions about the changing field of online security?

I am writing an English essay on the discord communities of computing and security and I wanted some honest and legitimate answers to the following questions. Do not be afraid to speak openly in the colloquial language or in the lexicon of your specialist area. These are pretty open questions. The more detailed you are with your own experience and work, the better the content of this essay will be. Thank you so much!

1.] In the past, Trojans and various other types of viruses that came from your own email on a desktop were the most common types of malware. Given the amount of time since those days, the game has changed. Nowadays, the ways to violate a user's data have changed drastically. What are the most common methods an average person should know today?

2.] Nowadays smartphones are perhaps the most widespread and integrated mode of PCs. To what extent has cyber security changed fundamentally with these devices? How are they easier to break through and how are they more difficult?

3.] Big data breaches like the remarkable examples at Sony and Marriott have resulted in sensitive data being compromised by users from all over the world. What risks do users take when they register their information online? How much trust can these organizations be given in collecting data and what steps can a user take to protect themselves?

4.] Phishing attempts are often successful in which a user gives an attacker his password and his personal data. How can a user guarantee that they will not work with a shameful attacker when they need IT support?

5.] Third-party software is an extremely common form of malware infection of a user device. How can a user know that the downloaded material is safe because the downloading of apps and software is done by almost everyone on any device? What checks can someone do on their devices to make sure they're malware-free?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did Trump attack a reporter just because he asked a question?

What an awkward, angry sociopath. He couldn't answer the damn question and resorted to personal insults. I'm tired of him and his delusional supporters of white trash.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIwMCGJspmc&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0Sdt4agW0L3amuQYpO8UoQA0IZAvhT-fNv-zOjf4btbBHWHyhIb0kt_CI He denies the number of deaths. He is mad. "I was always right." I mean seriously? He is dangerously narcissistic and ruthless.

vmware – After setting to install the bundle file, I was asked to accept the agreement

After setting to install the bundle file, I was asked to accept the agreement. However, I am not sure if I cannot exit the instruction page after this step. Please support me in this


sudo ./VMware-Horizon-Client-5.3.0-15208949.x64.bundle
[sudo] password for Rajkumar:
Extract VMware Installer … done.
You must accept the VMware Horizon Client End User License Agreement
keep going. Press Enter to continue.

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Air travel – Passengers with babies are asked to move across the aisle

During a domestic flight in India, we (my wife and I) were in seats 7E and 7F (configuration 3-3) and the rest of the seats in the row were occupied by a family that had a baby with someone on 7B

The stewardess said that the baby could not be on the side and asked us to change seats so that we are now on 7A and 7B and the baby on 7E.

We had no opportunity to ask what the reason was. What could have been the reason that the baby was not allowed on one side of the aisle?