Ethiopian airlines asked to pay $ 3500 for refusing entry to Indonesia

Whether (and how much) the airline can charge depends on the contract between the passenger and the airline. As a rule, it is contractually stipulated in the fine print that the passenger has to bear the costs if the entry is denied and the Destination Country forces the airline to transport the passenger back.

The obligation to audit the incoming securities is also laid down in the contract. In general, this states that the airline can Refuse entry if the papers are defective but the airline is not held responsible if it carries the passenger but refuses entry.

Blockchain – Bitcoin I was asked to send money for a private key

Hello, I was asked to send money for funds that are not expendable to get a private key to unlock. He comes from Bitcoin investments. How sure is that because I'm worried I will not get the payment. It's currently in my blockchain wallet account, displaying the credit as ineligible until unlocked with a private key

dual citizenship – was there any case of applying for a visa ever in a case where a embassy was asked to prove their right of residence in the current country?

I think I've heard cases where a Chinese citizen living in the US was trying to extend his passport. He was asked for proof of why he was resident in the US because his expiring Chinese passport did not contain a US visa (the person was a US dual citizen) citizen).

Well, has such a thing ever happened when a person applied for a visa for another country and instead received a similar request to justify what legal basis they are in the current country?

To give an example, what I mean when a Chinese citizen living in the US has sent his Chinese passport (without a US visa) to apply for a tourist visa, for example, at an Australian, Russian, Polish, etc. embassy. Just one example, you do not have to be a Chinese citizen or one of the countries mentioned and try to see if this is possible / has happened.

What did Trump do wrong when he asked China to investigate Biden?

absolutely nothing.
All we can do is find out that Hunter Biden's dual-use military technology has helped China get it under control.

China's acquisition of Henniges Automotive – a former US-based company developing dual-use technologies for military applications – by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), a state-owned Chinese military company. AVIC acquired Henniges in 2015 with a share of 51 percent. The remaining 49 percent were bought by Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a private equity firm founded by Hunter Biden, and funded by the Chinese government for $ 1.5 billion through the Bank of China.

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Indian Citizens – Transit through Heathrow – Questions asked?

If your flights are booked as a booking, you do not transfer overnight and your luggage is checked through to the US, you should not have to go through immigration to the UK at all, so it is very unlikely that you will even see a UK official immigration.

Your airline will check if you are authorized to transit through the UK (a US visa means you are ready to use), but will not ask you about your immigration history.

Trump admitted that he had asked the Prime Minister of Ukraine to investigate Biden, and that he then released the $ 250 million it holds in his hands.

If he did that, it's not normal at all.

If there's a criminal investigation of the BIdens, fine with me, do it. About official channels. Incidentally, this does not mean that the POTUS blackmail other countries to comply.

django – I asked Axios for form data, but I received a 400 response to a bad request

I would like to request Django from Nuxt. I requested Axios for form data and received 400 incorrect request responses.

I tried to change the headings

  methods: {
    async submitPost() { = "1"; = "123"; = "1"
      const config = {
        headers: { "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data" }
      const formData = new FormData();
      for (let data in {
      try {
        for (var key of formData.entries()) {
          console.log(key(0) + ", " + key(1));
        let response = await this.$axios.$post("/posts/", formData, config);
      } catch (e) {
      this.dialog = false;

wordpress layout while native push notification is asked

How do I create a layout that only appears while displaying the browser's push notification? Code below