dnd 5e – If a spell asks for targets, can I choose the same target multiple times?

Only when the spell says it

There are spells that can target multiple attacks on the same target, but use different languages. Instead of saying that you should select a number of targets, such a spell means that it generates a number of attacks (or strikes or missiles, etc.) and you then have to select a target for each attack. Some spells that use this language are magic missile. scorching beam, and Eldritch explosion, For example, here is the language that is used for magic missile::

You create three glowing arrows of magical power. Each arrow hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. An arrow deals 1d4 + 1 power damage to its target. The arrows all hit at the same time and you can tell them to hit one or more creatures.

Note that the spell is formulated to create the same number of arrows regardless of the number of targets selected. The last clause makes it clear that multiple arrows can be aimed at the same target, but even the first two sentences alone are enough to determine this.

As for your specific examples:

Neither Steel windfall Yet acid splashes can attack the same creature twice

The target clause for this spell is:

Pick up to five creatures you can see within range. Perform a melee attack on every target.

You first select the goals and then you can set them one Attack against any chosen target. If you select only a single target, you can only carry out a single attack. The same logic applies to acid splashes: When targeting a single creature, you are not targeting 2 creatures. Acid splashes every target only once.

Any other interpretation leads to absurd results

If you stipulated that effects like this could select the same target multiple times to stack multiple effects on that target, it would make the Hunter Ranger's whirlwind attack infinitely powerful:

You can use your action to perform a melee attack against any number of creatures within 5 feet of you, with a separate attack roll for each target.

Just choose to attack the same creature 1000 times. Any number is there, right? Better yet, choose each Creature within range 1000 times and instantly kill them all. This is clearly not a sensible decision. There are surely other ridiculous side cases like this if you allow multiple targets of the same creature this way.

James Carville asks the Democrats: "Do we want to be an ideological cult? Or do we want to have a majority instinct …?

After John Kerry's defeat in 2004, DNC chairman Howard Dean said the party had to take responsibility for "losing touch with its principles" and that "a long period of hard introspection" was the order of the day …

a few days after the election, the pop media were still very much under the influence of bill clinton and were terrified of the mistake in 2000. they told about "academic studies" that highlighted the geographic and demographic differences in the world voting results … TV experts, Hollywood celebrities and other permanent residents of the self-congratulating media bubble jumped on these stories and the whole thing "Red State / Blue State "was born …

What did the Democrats find after their "long period of introspection"? ….. too many stupid people from backward countries voted …..

when you consider that Jimmy C was the one who shaped "it's the economy, stupid" … and how low down on the list of priorities the economy as a whole represents the current faction running the DNC … me doubt that this generation it will have a much better "answer" than the last …

The question every Republican asks himself: will Limbaugh pay cash out of his own pocket for his treatment?

Here Limbaugh talks to William Shatner in 2009.

Shatner: If you have money, you will get medical care. If you have no money, it is more difficult.

Limbaugh: "If you have money, you will get a house on the beach. If you have no money, you will live in a bungalow somewhere."

Shatner: "Right, but we're talking about health care."

Limbaugh: "What's the difference?"

Shatner: "The difference is that it is health care, not a house or a bungalow."

Keep smoking these cigars, Republicans. There is no risk and Rush knows!

adb – Android asks me for USB debugging permission on one computer but not on another

I have two Ubuntu machines, a laptop and a tower. ADB works on the tower, but not on the laptop. I use the same Android device with the same on every device adbkey and adbkey.pub, ADB works on my tower – I can access the shell etc. However, the moment I connect the device to my laptop, I get the message "Allow USB debugging?". Popup on the Android device. This is a problem because this device is not standard hardware without a touch screen. So I can't click Yes. How can I fix this and get ADB up and running on my laptop?

Android 5.1.1 is running on the device.

java – Sonar asks you to "try-with-resources or close this" connection "in a" finally "clause."

I want to have a clean project. So I used sonar to detect possible defects …

The following method asks Sonar: Use try-with-resources or close this "Connection" in a "finally" clause.,

private Connection createConnection() throws JMSException {
    MQConnectionFactory mqCF = new MQConnectionFactory();

    Connection connection = mqCF.createConnection(...);

    return connection;

Can you explain what I did wrong and how to avoid sonar reporting? Thank you very much.

Tipping – If a restaurant manager asks you to tip more, is it fair to give 0?

On my relative's birthday, I made a reservation for 5 people in a Chinese restaurant in Toronto at 7:00 p.m. We all arrived on time at 7pm but were asked to wait. At 7:14 a.m. we saw four Asians arriving – no doubt behind us – and the hostess waved them in and seated them. I became suspicious but said nothing – I don't want to ruin my birthday. At 7:17 p.m. I saw six Asians arrive and the hostess also prioritized them. Then I asked her and she said that she was V.I.P. She apologized, but said that our table will be ready. At 7:23 p.m. she apologized again and sat with us.

After we had taken a seat, we ordered the courses Yellow Grouper (receipt with the label "Garoupa" ???) and Alaskan King Crab. But three different waiters made us order the Boston Lobster course. They kept saying

Wow you love chinese food! You finish almost everything! You will love it fresh from Boston lobsters! You can pack when you are not done and can enjoy at home! Then you don't need to cook on vacation!

One of us raised our voices and asked them to abstain, and they stopped.

The subtotal for the meal was $ 400. The total after 13% tax in Ontario ($ 52) was $ 452. At first, I remained a mother who moved on the line and fished lobster badger – but I didn't like her and tipped $ 20 (5% of the food amount) and paid by credit card. Then the waiter asked us to wait because there was a "problem". He went with my credit card and the machine.

After 10 minutes the manager comes in a black suit. The manager asks me to pay at least 15% of the total after-tax amount ($ 68). Then we all got to the point of bumping and upselling, but she said this was a business policy common in Chinese restaurants. She asked if this was the first Chinese restaurant we went to. I answered no and kept my position. My friend told me to stay firm and not tip.

Then the manager said she knows I work at a large bank and if I don't pay the $ 68 she'll complain that I abuse the restaurant staff and is unprofessional. No doubt I didn't tell her where I work. In these 10 minutes, they must have googled my name from my credit card and found my information. My girlfriend gave in and paid the $ 68. She didn't want the restaurant staff to stare at or insult us when we left.

Can I tip 0 in the future? Or is that too unreasonable – do I still have to pay a small tip of 5%?

OpenVPN asks for a client certificate, where it shouldn't be

I imported the client configuration file into officially OpenVPN client for Android.

The configuration file contains a CA certificate, but no client certificate or key. That's fine because I have auth-user-pass Directive in it.

But when I try to connect, a window appears saying:

Select certificate

This profile does not contain a client certificate. Continue the connection
without a certificate or choose from the Android keychain?

If I want to continue, the connection will be made, but this window will appear every time I want to connect.

The same profile also works under Windows (official OpenVPN user interface) and VPN Client Pro (unofficial client from the Play Store).

Why is a client certificate searched when the authentication method is user + pass?

Thank you very much.

Network SSH asks for user password when connecting through a port

I tunneled a computer C SSH reverse to server B on port X.

Now I want to connect Computer A to Computer C via B on port X.

When I do normal SSH from Computer A to B as:


It connects well.

But when I connect to port X as:

ssh -i KEYA B_USER@B_IP -p X

It asks for the user password. But I don't have a password for User B and then it says:
B_IP interrupt received at PORT X: Too many authentication errors.

I can't find a solution to this problem. Hours have passed since I scratched my head. Please help. Thank you very much.

18.04 – systemctl suspend suddenly asks twice for confirmation of the password

Until yesterday, whenever I use the command systemctl suspendMy computer used to sleep quite well. I'm not sure what happened today when I issued the order. I get a screen asking for my password: & # 39; AUTHENTICATING FOR org.freedesktop.login1.set-wall-message & # 39 ;.

Picture attached here