Fasboot Devices not getting attached XIAOMI MI A3

I have the Xiaomi Mi A3 and I’m currently on both phone and PC latest stock update. I am using Windows 10 20H2 and I have tried everything – but still don’t get it.

I tried another Mi A3 and it got attached normally. I’ve tried installing all kind of drivers and different ports, nothing. When suddenly it worked and I installed the stock ROM – but because the stock ROM is kinda laggy and ugly I want to change it. But I can’t because I am also on stock recovery and I can’t install another recovery because my device isn’t recognized in fastboot mode.

My device is recognized in adb mode and in edl mode as well, only not in fastboot.

ssh – Google Cloud Instance Crashed – Same Attached Disk Crashes another instance when attached as secondary (unmounted)

I have a GCP instance that is micro, and I suspect it ran out of memory,
It crashed and does not let me SSH into it, even through the web console on GCP.

I create a new bootable instance and enter it OK, but when I attach the “broken” disk to this instance as a secondary attached Disk after the working bootable, the new instance does not boot, and gives the same error as the other that broke.

Any ideas how I can restore / recover the broken disk?

macos – What is the exact equivalent of this netsh Windows command for MAC? The command is attached in the body

I want to block all networks from my PC with admin access and make it so that the user cannot reverse the changes. I will use admin access to only white list certain networks that will be visible to the user and all other WiFi networks are blocked. I am blocking all connections in Windows with the following command. Since I am just starting out with MAC, any help in this regard is appreciated.

netsh wlan add filter permission=denyall networktype=infrastructure

scripting – Same script attached across all scenes but Button press does not work in some of the scenes as intended in Unity,

I have 4 scenes in my Unity Project. And in each scene I have identical sliders, what I want to do when Advance_Trial is called via a button press, the sliders’ value resets to 0. However, this only works for two of the scenes. For remaining two it doesnt work, I checked if Advance_Trial is attached to the button gameobject which calls it and it is (in all scenes). There are no errors messages in the console either.
How do I correct it?

Also, when the else portion is executed the sliders are not inactive meaning, the sliders are still visible. This happens for the same two scenes for which the sliders do not reset.

Am I missing something? Or do I need to check something in individual scenes?

Please see my code below.

public Slider() sliders;
    public void Start()
            sliders = FindObjectsOfType<Slider>() as Slider();
            for (int s = 0; s < sliders.Length; s++) //Resets the sliders
     public void Advance_Trial()
            for (int s = 0; s < sliders.Length; s++)
                sliders(s).value = 0;
            int stimIndex = UnityEngine.Random.Range(0, signals.Count + 1);
            string text = stimIndex.ToString();
            byte() data5 = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(text);
            client.Send(data5, data5.Length, remoteEndPoint);
            Debug.Log("<color=yellow>Signal played is:</color>" + stimIndex);
            Debug.Log("<color=magenta>NUMBER sent to MAX is:</color>" + text);
            Debug.Log("<color=magenta>Index removed was :</color>" + signals(stimIndex));
            if (signals.Count > index)
                Debug.Log("<color=orange>Yay! Keep Listening!</color>");
                Debug.Log("<color=green>All Trials finished</color>");
                for (int s = 0; s < sliders.Length; s++)

network attached storage – Does the new/old Drive needs to be clean/formatted before inserting into raid?

we have serval QNAP-Nas Systems which runs all for itself in a Raid 10 (Simple).

So now we bought new drives for one nas and replaced them easily. Now we want to take the old ones out of it and give them to the next nas, since these drives are bigger.

Since i am new to raid, i am asking if it will get any problem if i do the same to the next nas or will it regonize another raid? (Or Show it as corrupted, or even rebuild the wrong data?) Do i need to clean the drives before inserting them?

What image will I get if I attached a DSLR lens to an iPhone sensor?

The new imagined lens would appear zoomed (with say a 28 mm lens instead of 4 mm, which would be around 7x zoom, which is a real actual zoom by the longer lens). And it will be a lot of pixels, but it will still be a very small “cropped” image of tiny area, with crop factor of about 6x. So it would have to be greatly enlarged about 6x more just to view it at the same regular viewing size as full frame would need.

And enlarging 6x more reduces the viewing dpi to 1/6 dpi. The full frame image would have to be enlarged about 9x to view 8×10 inch size, so this tiny sensor has to be enlarged about 9×6 = 54x to view 8×10 inch size at 1/6 the dpi.

If using the same lens, the APS-C “appears” zoomed compared to the full frame image, but it is just an illusion. The lens image (from the same lens) is of course exactly the same image (just cropped smaller). It only appears zoomed after it has to be enlarged 1.5 or 1.6x more to view it at the same viewing size as the full frame. This extra enlargement fools us and the smaller camera costs less, and we like it, but the full frame image outperforms it, which is why you see the pros at the football sidelines using very long lenses on full frame bodies.

You can also simply zoom any existing image in the photo editor to see the same enlargement illusion, but enlargement costs dpi.

yahoo mail – Someone attached themselves through messenger to my private email pdf to receive?

Someone attached themselves directly to my private email message to receive a copy of my pdf form on their messenger, when messenger shows they are not a contact to send to or receive? I did not do this. Don’t know how it’s possible for a supposedly listed messenger contact that’s not active at all to get into my private email message, attach themselves to the pdf to then receive a direct copy? This was a secure email from a private bank!! Please tell me how this was possible? Ty.

Output all terms in a custom taxonomy and add a “active” class only to the ones attached to the current post

I want to output all the terms in my custom taxonomy and at the same time add a class to any of these that are attached to the current post.

I’ve used get_terms() to show all the terms in the taxonomy but I can’t work out how to check if the term in the loop is active.

$terms = get_terms( array(
    'taxonomy' => 'package',
    'hide_empty' => false
) );

if (!empty($terms) && ! is_wp_error( $terms )) {
  echo '<ul>';
  foreach ($terms as $term) {
    echo '<li>' . $term->name . '</li>';
  echo '</ul>';  

air travel – Looking for anecdotal stories of checking a desktop gaming computer with cooler still attached to CPU. Was yours damaged or just fine?

An acquaintance is moving overseas, taking their gaming computer in a hard luggage case with the Styrofoam from the original case box around it. I think it will be perfectly safe – it keeps all the sides away from the edges of the suitcase. The oversize GPU has been removed and will be carried on, but they are reluctant to remove the cooler, as they had help from others building the computer, and they are concerned of their skill level in re-attaching it properly.

I see plenty of advice against leaving the large cooler and fans attached. But I cannot find specific stories of individuals who had theirs damaged, or individuals who left the larger cooler attached, checked it through, and all was fine. Anybody wishing to share their personal experience doing this would be appreciated!