python – Problem With Enemy Bullets Attacking The Player Pygame

I am trying to make my enemy bullets attack the player but it only attack its x and y how could I make it curve instead of zigzagging VIDEO the bullets only attack the y axis and it wont curve or go to the player only attacks 2 positions

this goes on my main loop and appends projectiles

         for shootss in shootsright:

                if shootss.x < 500 and shootss.x > 0:

                    if enemyshoots1.x < playerman.x:

                        shootss.x +=  5
                        shootss.x -= 5
                if shootss.y < 500 and shootss.y >0:
                    if enemyshoots1.y < playerman.y:
                        shootss.y += 5
                        shootss.y -= 5

            if len(shootsright) < 2:
                    shootsright.append(Bools(round(enemyshoots1.x+enemyshoots1.width-107),round(enemyshoots1.y + enemyshoots1.height-50),(0,0,0)))
                # projectile class for each of the bullets

my enemy bullets class

    # enemys bullets
    ksud = pygame.image.load("heart.png")
    class Bools(object):
       def __init__(self, x, y,color):
           self.x = x
           self.y = y
           self.ksud = pygame.image.load("heart.png")
           self.hitbox  = self.ksud.get_rect()
           self.rect  = self.ksud.get_rect()
           self.rect.topleft = (self.x,self.y)
           self.speed = 10
           self.color = color
           self.hitbox = (self.x + 57, self.y + 33, 29, 52) # NEW
       def draw(self, window):
            self.rect.topleft = (self.x,self.y)
            player_rect = self.ksud.get_rect(center = 
            player_rect.centerx += 0 # 10 is just an example
            player_rect.centery += 0 # 15 is just an example
            window.blit(self.ksud, player_rect)
            self.hitbox = (self.x + 97, self.y + 33, 10, 10) # NEW

c – Does syn flooding affect attacking machine?

I am a beginner in pen testing. I tried syn flooding port 80 of victim but intrestingly attacking machine froze few mins after the attack. I tried it twice and both the times attacking machine froze.Why did it happen? Also I want to know if this has something to do with ram(my attacking machine has 4gb ram)?

I used libnet to code the syn flooding program. Attacking machine is Kali linux(inside virtual box). I targeted my mobile on port 80

    int main()
      libnet_t *l;
      char errbuf(LIBNET_ERRBUF_SIZE),des_str(16);
      u_char packet()="HELLO";
      u_int32_t des_addr;
      int des_port,i=0;
      int bytes;
      printf("Enter destination IP and port : n");
        printf("Error intialising libnet : %sn",errbuf);
      printf("SYN FLOODING port %d",des_port);
          printf("Error building tcp : %sn",libnet_geterror(l));
          printf("Error building ip : %sn",libnet_geterror(l));
          printf("Error writing packet : %sn",libnet_geterror(l));
          printf("Packet %d : %d bytes writtenn",i++,bytes);

dnd 5e – Does attacking from your echo knight while hidden give you advantage or reveal your position?

When you have hidden from a creature, that creature can’t see you. Even though they can see your echo, the echo isn’t you, it’s just a magical, translucent grey image. Since you cannot be seen, you are an Unseen Attacker:

When a creature can’t see you, you have advantage on attack rolls against it. If you are hidden–both unseen and unheard–when you make an attack, you give away your location when the attack hits or misses.

Narratively, this advantage simulates the difficulty in predicting the attack. This doesn’t seem too strange, but it is unusual that your position will be given away. Normally if you make an attack from hiding, the enemy will be able to figure out where the attack came from. In this case there doesn’t seem to be any way to know, so it doesn’t feel right that your location is revealed.

Echo Knight requires DM rulings

As strange as it may be, those are the rules as written. The Echo Knight is a class with many problems, so you can expect your DM will have to make rulings so that everything makes sense.

Spam – Who should prevent spammers from attacking Mailenable with external domain names?

We have a problem with our Mailenable, in which the MTA is activated in the MXSCAN software. Everything worked perfectly. Today, however, we found that we can only send emails but cannot receive them. We checked the logs in MxScan message logs when a stranger with an external IP and post office (null) and sender email (not from local domains) tries to send random emails every millisecond, and of course are blocked, we have blocked the IP for the incoming firewall rules as well, but still no impact that makes our mail activation so busy.Log screenshot

dnd 5e – Add your skill bonus when attacking with the Sunblade, when you're only familiar with short swords?

Ignore the last statement about long sword knowledge

This is a small guess, but I'm pretty sure that the last additional statement about longsword competence is a side effect of how D&D Beyond works. If you make a magic weapon or armor, you to have to indicate a type of weapon or armor on which your item is based.

An additional sentence is then automatically added to the description that specifies the basic qualification rules or appearance.

This is actually a problem for items that specify special properties in the description that override general qualifications or appearance. The Sun Blade is an example of where you are familiar with long or short swords. (And I found the problem myself when creating homebrew articles!)

The same article in the Dungeon Master’s Guide Book (page 205-206) does Not Do you have this extra sentence that proves that this last sentence is just a "D&D Beyond Implementation problem".

@Someone_Evil provided this link to the Sun Blade in the DMG compendium for comparison. The second part you quoted is not included. that is copied directly from the entry for the regular longsword.

Why is the media attacking hydroxychloriquin?

Nobody "attacks hydroxychloroquine". They criticize the shameless advertising of an unproven drug (with some cardiac side effects) in the Pres and FOX news.

If I died and my doctor thought it was worth a try – I would try. But hyping it as a miracle cure is shameless.

In the meantime, I am not taking any medical advice from Hannity, Fox n & # 39; Friends, or Trump.

Scout 1e – Does attacking with a magically enhanced weapon count as a magical attack?

Your weapon is still a physical object that physically hits the golem and does a certain amount of physical damage (bludgeoning, piercing, and / or slashing). That doesn't just change because the weapon is Likewise magical and causes magical electricity damage. Though the meat golem is immune to magic, it does physical damage to your weapon.

Incidentally, this also includes the weapon upgrade bonus. Improvement bonuses improve the weapons (make them sharper or harder or whatever), they do no direct magic damage. So if you have one +1 longsword 1d8 + 1 is spent (plus any other bonuses you have like Strength).

The big question is primarily about your power damage and “Golem immunity to magic”. Immunity to magic doesn't really make you immune to magic. It's more of an infinite magic resistance. Things that ignore spell resistance – SR: No spells and spell-like abilities, or magic that isn't spells or spell-like abilities – ignore it completely.

A meat golem is immune to spells or spell-like abilities that enable spell resistance.

So even though the power damage to a magic weapon is Magic, it is not a spell or a spell-like ability and is not hindered by spell resistance – which means there would be no problem with the golem's immunity to magic. That is clear.

But then we come to these key points about cold or fire damage and electricity damage. Their attack does magic electricity damage, which seems to mean that this function should still be triggered even if it isn't blocked by the meat golem's immunity to magic. What The Medium is somehow controversial: if you are strictly literal, it would mean that you are causing electricity damage, and then the Golem is un-slowed down and healed for a bit of this damage. Although the healing is based on "damage the attack would do" Otherwise Deal ”, which could mean that magic electricity damage does no harm to a meat golem, even if it comes from something that is not a spell or non-spell-like ability, or that a form of magic electricity damage is not blocked does no healing.

You have to ask your GM about it.

dnd 5e – Can a drunken master monk spend a ki point to perform a series of punches, but use the disengagement part to get to another target before attacking it?

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dnd 5e – Are enemies still attacking you after Feeblemind's save fails?

The exact behavior depends on the DM, but you can attack enemies very well.

If the score fails, the creature's intelligence and charisma points become 1. The creature cannot cast spells, activate magical items, understand language, or communicate in an understandable way. However, the creature can identify its friends, follow them, and even protect them.

The rules do not specify the exact behavior of the target creature, and assuming that the target is an NPC controlled by the DM, they have the final say in what the creature does.

That is, nonsense lowers the target's intelligence score to 1, which is comparable to many creatures. For this reason, I would say that it is reasonable for the target to act similarly to an animal or a beast in a given scenario, including protecting its friends (as mentioned by magic) and attack or run away from enemies it is perceived as a threat.