❕NEWS – Miami Pharmacy Accepts Bitcoin From Conference Attendees for COVID Tests | Proxies-free

Earlier before the recent or just concluded Bitcoin conference held in Miami , the progressive health care pharmacy in Miami announced it willingness to accept payment for covid test in Bitcoin from the participants considering that the participants could be up to 50,000 people.

What do you think of this move?.

Create a task with multiple attendees to create multiple tasks per attendee

Here is a desirable case. During new task creation, a user can include many attendees (‘Assigned to’). But clicking on ‘Save’ button should trigger multiple tasks creation (one per attendee). All tasks should be identical.
In general, I see two ways:

  1. include jquery into NewForm to change ‘Save’ button function;
  2. create a workflow.
    The questions are:
  • is it possible?
  • which way would work better?
  • any particular solutions?
    Here’s a similar question I guess: Save and Submit functionality in new form of SharePoint online list
    And here: Create multiple tasks from one single task

Plugins – Allow users / attendees to change their chosen event on the website itself using the event calendar

My customer wants their users to change which event they attend and pay a small fee.

For example, go to the website and click on "Reschedule". They fill out their email address and see a list of events they have signed up for (using The Event Calendar Pro). They select the event they want to change and the alternative event they want to attend. Then you pay for the rescheduling and you're done!

Do you know how you can make this rescheduling possible?

Thanks a lot,