Audience targeting the navigation with SharePoint Group

I want to hide specific navigation links on a communication site for viewers but keep them visible for owner.
I stumbled upon audience targeting and the possibility to use SharePoint Groups.

I then created a group called M365_Publisher on the site but I can’t select it in the target group box under the navigation link options.

Am I understanding target audience wrong or do I have to activate something else?

How can I increase the audience of my news channel on you tube?

Hi, everyone,

I created 2 onths ago a new you tube channel which is mostly about spaceweather but other topics as well.

At the moment of speaking I have like 173 subscribers which is very low, so I was wondering if there effective ways o increase my audience on you tube.

Don’t know anythking about advertising stuff so I thought I might as well ask the question here.

Here is an example of the content I post this is my last video:


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[FREE] 16,000 Tweets to Engage Your Audience | Proxies-free

(FREE) 16,000 Tweets to Engage Your Audience

Hi Gang,

Dug these up while roaming around this interwebs. These are not mine and they were purchased, so I wanted to share them with the BHW community. These are not top-notch quotes or strong open-ended questions. It is more of a mass pile of quotes, statements, jokes, proverbs, etc.

I mostly have very high quality pages, so I am refraining from using this – but I thought maybe some of you guys would be able to benefit from them.

Enjoy! It is a text file, so you know the deal.

Side tip: HootSuite now offers Bulk Upload for free. So you can throw 350 of these (per account) into your queue at a time.

HTML Code:

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Stop Instagram from limiting audience when sharing to Facebook

My normal flow when sharing a photo is to post it to my Instagram account (using the Android Instagram app), which automatically shares the photo to my Facebook account. (I share the photo as an Instagram “post”, not a “story”.)

At some point I had default post privacy on Facebook set to exclude a certain group of friends (call them “Bob” and “Mary”). Using my normal flow worked as expected…. when I posted a photo to Instagram, it shared the photo with Facebook, excluding Bob and Mary.

I now wish to stop that exclusion.

However, for the life of me, I can’t. There seems to be no way to remove the “exclusion group” entirely on Facebook. If I try to remove all the people from the group, it still retains the last one I try to remove. All I’ve managed to do is remove Bob and Mary from the “exclusion group” and replace them with 1 “friend” (call him “Dummy”) that I don’t really care about. So my “exclusion group” on Facebook now only includes one person, namely “Dummy”.

However, Instagram still somehow “remembers” Bob and Mary and excludes them when sharing with Facebook!

I’ve tried removing both the Facebook and Instagram accounts from my phone, as well as deleting the “app data” for both of them. When I reinstall, Bob and Mary are still excluded from new posts.

How can I fix this?

Multilingual Facebook page – audience restrictions

A multilingual Facebook page e.g. English and French can be liked and followed by English and French speakers but also by Turkish, Moroccan, Swedish, Finish… thus many other persons that have a different mother tongue but understand either English or French. The level of understanding of English or French for these non-native speakers can vary, nothing stops a person that has a poor level of English to like a Facebook page.

While posting on the Facebook page wall, since the link preview for translated post does still not work see
Facebook link preview in multilingual posts not working, the solution is to restrict the audience based on language and post once with the English link to your website and with audience restricted for language English, and then post a second post with the link to your website in French, and the audience restricted to French.

Would the Swedish, Finish, Turkish, etc. persons get to see that post in English? or in French?
My opinion is that they won’t see it.

Based on my research the Facebook language audience restriction will show one post to a user only if he/she can understand it, thus either based on the languages declared by that user in her/his Facebook account or based by the Browser language. My opinion is that very few people are setting the browser language, I know none that do that.

My question is, is there a way that I could target the Swedish Facebook users that liked the page, while not spamming the French users? I could add Swedish, but then I would need to add in the audience restriction Turkish, Bulgarian, Portuguese… all the languages in the world except for French, which I guess it is impossible?

Is there another way then creating an Facebook page for each language? and let’s say even if there would be Turkish Facebook fans there, I could still post in English because the French users will be on another Facebook page. I would prefer to avoid this solution, since I already have some thousands of likes… Thus is there any other solution that maybe I do not see.

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Know your audience inside out with Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS 1.8.0! | Proxies-free

1. Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS 1.8.0

We are more than overjoyed to bring you the news about the latest super-practical update to Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS. This is what the electrifying 1.8.0 version keeps in store for you:

  • Take a quick peek at all the users that are assigned to your client’s profile with the just-out List Of Users widget.
  • Hover over a client’s name and get the list of messages sent to them most recently showing up in front of your eyes thanks to Recent Emails addition.
  • Do not hesitate to enjoy all the comfort and convenience of arranging your widgets into one, two or three columns to use the available screen space to the utmost.

Last but not least, get yourself exposed to the fully-featured WHMCS V8.1 compatibility of Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS 1.8.0 and a bunch of other improvements that come along!

The full changelog impatiently waiting here to be inspected!

2. Since last week we have also rolled out the following updates:

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Sharepoint O365 web part access denied on web page after Target Audience is defined

I have a document library web part on a web page. Each item in the document library has unique permission so the login user can see the item only after he has been given permission.

Target audience has been applied on the web part. The login user is in the Target Audience SharePoint Group, which is mapped to user’s Azure group.

However, several users report they see Web Part Access Denied error when they login . I did some investigation and found the error goes away when an item is granted to the login user. Even the item is deleted later, the login user no longer see the access denied error.

It appears when the error appears when permission has never been granted to a document library item to the login user before. This causes confusion for many new users. Wondering if it is a Microsoft issue or anything can be done to remove the error?

❓ASK – Facebook safe way for target audience | Proxies-free

It is no longer a news that facebook is one of the best free way to attract target audience. There have been many complains that facebook blocks post with links.
The essence of putting links on our post is to drive traffic to our blog, website, products or services. But today I will show you how not to get your link banned.
I am sure by now, we all know how to use facebook to promote your products or website.
When a post with a link or links is posted many times. This will make facebook see it as spam. In other to prevent spam. Facebook will block the post, this result to your post not getting to your audience.
To make your post not banned by facebook. You need to observe your post. There are two ways to stop facebook from getting your post banned.
1. Few post per hour.
Whenever you are making a post that has link. Only make post not more than two in an hour. If the post is more, it will be seen as spam.

2. No link post.
This is very unique for it will give you the most target audience. When posting you don’t put your link, you will make your audience ask for it. For example, I want to promote an article about making money online. This will be my post “Do you know in just 24 hours, I made my first dollar doing what you do for fun. Want to know how, add me and send HOW as message “. This will make the reader eager to want to know how. When they send you a message, there you will send them the link.
Any question, I am here to help