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Hi Guys! Everyone probably knows the problem in social networks so that authors can not find their target audience. I'm talking about a subscription system. If you do not have subscribers, you can not even distribute cool content. Unless, of course, someone with a large subscriber base will not post again. And they are in no hurry to change because they want you to buy ads.

And I had an idea! What if the content is simply distributed to random people in their interest? If a person is randomly received as a post, that post is sent to another group of random users at the same time and so on.

The idea was so much in my head that I brought together a group of like-minded people and we developed the Carusel app. It gives every author the same opportunity to spread content, and readers to find new interests.

Do you think that this application can be useful to authors and readers? We appreciate your feedback. And in your opinion, what are the main problems of social networks?


P.S. Of course we understand how important it is to follow. It is available in the app so that readers do not lose the author.

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Similar market audience on FB


I am not sure if this has been discussed before. I have been marketing on Facebook for the past 2 to 3 years. Lately, I have read and viewed Youtube to find the best methods for targeting people.

Today I was fascinated by some sponsored ads when I regularly visited FB.

I've seen a few sponsored promotional products that are 100 percent like those of the past few days on various shopping websites (eg Lazada, Shoppee, Ebay, Aliexpress).

How does it work? What options do I need to select in the Facebook Ad Manager to get something like that? Remarketing directly from the competitor's website is not possible, right?

Constructive answers would be very grateful.

Many thanks

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