Should I add my index after or before filling the table (MySQL Aurora)?

I know this has been asked in the past, but sometimes things change over time and I wanted to check it again.

I have a table with about 9 billion lines. Should I add the index before or after inserting the data? I use Aurora. Is it important if I add more than one index?

All I know is that you should do this after insertion, but one of my colleagues insists that it is faster to do it on the insertion.

hdr – What is the optimal resolution setting for sending raw photos from Capture One to Aurora?

I am trying to send a group of raw photos from Capture One to Aurora to make an HDR image.

A dialog will be displayed when I do this

Enter image description here

I think most of the options are fine with the exception of "resolution": I am not sure if "300 px / in" is the right value. The original resolution of the original images is not clear to me (I use a Fujifilm xt-20). I do not want to pass RAW files to Aurora at a lower resolution.

What is the optimal value for the Resolution field in this case?

amazon web services – Connect to the Aurora RDS MySQL instance through AWS Direct Connect

We have created an Aurora RDS MySQL instance in the us-east-1 region, which is publicly available as No. The RDS instance resides in our VPC, which is also connected to VGW for Direct Connect for the private subnets.

According to documentation, we have created a Route 53 inbound resolver with the two private subnets and configured our internal DNS servers with the IP addresses of the incoming R53 endpoint and a custom domain name as, Our VPC uses "DHCP Options Set", which contains the IP addresses of our internal DNS servers. (According to this document)

Then we created a private hosted Route53 zone with a CNAME record named and the value set for the Aurora RDS endpoint, i.,

The above setup worked well and when did we do it nslookup The canonical name is displayed as the RDS endpoint and the address as the private ENI IP address of the RDS instance. So the search works. Our lambda functions added to the VPC can also connect to the RDS instance Endpoint. However, it can not connect to the database via MySQL Workbench or a MySQL Client from our corporate network (developer laptops or servers).

If we turn public accessibility to "on", this works as expected, but is there any way to connect to a non-public Aurora RDS instance through Direct Connect? I would imagine that one of the benefits of Direct Connect is having access to resources in the VPC from our local network.

amazon web services – Cross-region Aurora MySQL replicas fail with views / procedures / functions

When I set up cross-region replication with Amazon Aurora-mysql (1.x platform, 5.6 engine version), this works fine until I create a view, function or procedure in the master and the slave encounters an error and replication ends until I call CALL mysql.rds_skip_repl_error;, The error is:

[ERROR]    Slave SQL: Error & # 39; access denied; Upon request, you will need at least one of the SUPER privileges for this operation. Default database: & # 39; mydatabasename & # 39 ;. Query: & # 39; CREATE DEFINER = `myusername` @`% `PROCEDURE` MyProcedureName` ... (SNIP SQL HERE) & # 39;
2019-05-09 02:29:10 8118 [Warning] Slave: Access denied; You need at least one of the SUPER privileges for this process. Error_code: 1227
2019-05-09 02:29:10 8118 [Warning] Slave: Access denied; You need at least one of the SUPER privileges for this process. Error_code: 1227
2019-05-09 02:29:10 8118 [ERROR] Error while executing the query, slave SQL thread aborted. Fix the problem and restart the slave SQL thread with "SLAVE START". We stopped at the log & # 39; mysql-bin-changelog.000016 & # 39; Position 24293051

This is because the slave is doing the replication as rdsrepladmin User, but when I create my procedure on Master, I am logged in as my username, I can not set DEFINER to anything else because Aurora does not give me SUPER authority (which you will need to create a view / procedure / function as another user).

I also do not seem to be able to ignore views / procedures / functions as part of the replications.

Is there a way out except to call? CALL mysql.rds_skip_repl_error; on the slave, I have to tap each time a view / proc / function?

mysql – RDS Aurora Serverless "Parameter Groups"

I have a RDS Aurora Serverless MySQL cluster and I am trying to change a MySQL setting (Connection timeout). Normally, you would use a parameter group to set the value in the DB instance. However, since this is without a server, all instances are managed by AWS. So it seems that I can only configure the cluster.

Is there a way to set the parameter set used by instances created by AWS?