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I applied for an Australian tourist visa and paid the fee. While waiting for a permit, I learned that I can only apply for a transit visa, as I only stay here for 2.5 days from a cruise. I received both permission for tourists and transit, and then called to cancel my tourist before my trip, and the fee was refunded to my credit card. I think I can use the transit visa. After 3 months I was sent an australian visa by e-mail that I have to pay back for the tourist visa I used because they said that my transit was stopped automatically because they had agreed to my tourist.

My question is, can I just ignore that and not pay, or will I get in trouble here in the US where I live? They said if I did not pay, it would go to the debtor department at their national headquarters and have a debt to the Commonwealth. What happens if I do not do it and do not intend to return there?

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Lost passport with australian visa

You must apply for a new passport and then contact the Australian Embassy / Consulate to obtain a replacement visa.

The Australian Government can not replace foreign visas for you if you replace your passport. If you have a visa in your passport, you must go to the nearest embassy or consulate in the country to inquire about applying for a replacement.


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Malaysia Transit Visa for Australian PR with the passport of Bangladesh

We travel from Melbourne through Airasia to Cambodia. We have 15 hours stopover in KLI2.

We are an Australian citizen and holder of a passport from Bangladesh.

We received our tourist visa for Cambodia. We spend the night at night, so we want to stay outside the airport. should we be entitled to the transit pass?

If not, how is the procedure to obtain a transit visa for Malaysia.

thank you in advance