Australian Dedicated Server $ 59.99 RECURRING ★ Xeon E3-1245v5 | 32GB ★ Best Price / Performance in Asia-Pac [OVH]

Australian Dedicated Server $ 59.99 RECURRING ★ Xeon E3-1245v5 | 32GB ★ Best Price / Performance in Asia-Pac [OVH] | Webhosting Talk

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  1. * Australian Dedicated Server $ 59.99 RECURRING ★ Xeon E3-1245v5 | 32GB ★ Best Price / Performance in Asia-Pac [OVH]

    Looking for the best value for money in Asia Pacific? Can you manage your own dedicated server and need root access?
    DO-32-APAC Dedicated Server is everything you need and delivered in just 120 seconds:

    • Limited quantities
    • Lifetime Offer (The price quoted is $ 59.99 or $ 72.99 per month)
    • Hosted in Australia (Sydney Datacenter)
    • All inclusive prices (DDoS protection, IPv4, traffic and more) (The tax will be charged after signing in the order process)
    • No blocking contracts
    • No setup fees

    Buy here

    DO-32-APAC Dedicated Server Specifications:

    • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245 v5 – 4c / 8t – 3.5 GHz / 3.9 GHz
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR4 2133 MHz
    • Hard Drives: SoftRAID 2x2TB (SATA Hard Drives Only)
    • Uplink: 5000 GB of traffic per month at 250 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth (1 Gbps port) or unlimited traffic upgrade
    • Downlink: 1 Gbps port – not measured
    • Lifetime Offer (The indicated price is recurring)
    • No blocking contracts
    • No setup fees

    Services and benefits included in the rental price of your server:

    • Anti-DDoS Pro:
    • 500 GB backup storage is offered (in our Canadian data center)
    • Root access to the server
    • User-friendly control panel
    • API
    • Over 90 operating systems and licenses
    • 1 IPv4 included. Add additional IP addresses (up to 256) for a one-time fee of $ 3 / IPv4.
    • IPv6 / 64 (native) included
    • Sales support and technical support around the clock

    Test the OVH network performance

    Datacenter: Sydney, Australia:

    About OVH

    OVH is a global cloud provider offering innovative products and services with a focus on private, public and hybrid cloud, and bare metal (dedicated servers).
    Founded in 1999, the OVH Group manages and operates 28 data centers on four continents, has its own global fiber-optic network, and has complete control of the supply chain (from server manufacturing to in-house infrastructure maintenance to the Internet). OVH provides companies with a benchmark of value and performance in the industry.

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Australian Citizens – Will my Spanish Youth Mobility Visa automatically become a tourist visa when it expires? or do i need a new stamp?

So I come with my Youth Mobility Visa at the end of my stay in Spain. Now I've just married my partner and we have an appointment to get my residency card here, but it's after the expiration date of my visa. As an Australian, I get a 90-day tourist visa. Do I have to leave the country and get another entry stamp? or if my visa expired or I just go on the 90-day tourist visa?

Thanks for your help

The Australian economy is sinking – discussions & help

website-australian-economy.jpg "class =" ipsImage "height =" 390 "src =" "width = "1000" /></p>
<p style=

Australia recently recorded its 104th consecutive quarter without recession, breaking the Dutch record. This prompted the Australian Treasurer, Scott Morrison, to claim that the economy was "surprisingly good". His statement is reminiscent of that old joke. How can you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving.

Australia's economy is not in good shape. The growth is based on demand for commodities such as coal and steel from China and investment in an overly inflated real estate market. These dual dependencies are brutally suspended.

The exact timing and impact of Australia's economic development are unknown. However, the exact date and exact altitude are not necessary to exploit the collapse as a trader. The circumstances that make an economic crash inevitable are already there, and it is far better to be five months earlier than five minutes late for such an opportunity.

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[Quantum Core] Australian VPS Host – NVMe Memory – 1 GB Link – From $ 5 / m – 50% off the bill

about us
Quantum Core is 100% owned and operated in Australia. The team behind Quantum Core has more than 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry.

Our servers have a 1 GB connection, Intel GoldLake CPUs with clock speeds of 3.4 GHz and are pure NVMe memory.

Quantum Core servers are located in Equinix data centers in Sydney.

Our ping / tracert IP is

Use the code "LETSGO" for 50% off your first bill.


Linux server:

QuBit-1 $ 5 / monthly
1 GB of memory
30 GB NVME storage space
1TB premium bandwidth
1 core 3.4 GHz

QuBit-2 $ 10 / monthly
2 GB of memory
45 GB NVME storage space
1.5TB premium bandwidth
1 core 3.4 GHz

QuBit-3 $ 20 / monthly
4 GB of memory
70 GB NVME storage space
2TB premium bandwidth
2 core 3.4 GHz

QuBit-4 $ 40 / Monthly
8 GB of memory
100 GB NVME storage space
3 TB premium bandwidth
4 core 3.4 GHz

QuBit-5 $ 80 / Monthly
16 GB of memory
220 GB NVME storage space
5TB premium bandwidth
6 core 3.4 GHz

Windows Server:

Windows-1 $ 15 / monthly
1 GB of memory
50 GB of NVME storage space
1TB premium bandwidth
1 core 3.4 GHz

Windows 2 $ 30 / Monthly
2 GB of memory
75 GB NVME storage space
1.5TB premium bandwidth
2 core 3.4 GHz

Windows 3 $ 50 / month
4 GB of memory
100 GB NVME storage space
2TB premium bandwidth
2 core 3.4 GHz

Windows 4 $ 100 / month
8 GB of memory
200 GB of NVME storage space
2.5 TB premium bandwidth
4 core 3.4 GHz

Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal

Questions or concerns? Visit the live chat on our website or send an email to

Web server – An Australian web server can host 3-5 different websites

I need an Australian web server that can host 3-5 different websites.
I currently have 3 websites for hosting (possibly later 5)
Prefer that each website has a different login for the web server
Budget about 10 AUD per month
Prefer ASP.NET
Do you need a mail server so that my websites can send emails.

Could someone recommend a good webserver that is capable of doing that?


Many Thanks!

australia – australian tourist visa

I applied for an Australian tourist visa and paid the fee. While waiting for a permit, I learned that I can only apply for a transit visa, as I only stay here for 2.5 days from a cruise. I received both permission for tourists and transit, and then called to cancel my tourist before my trip, and the fee was refunded to my credit card. I think I can use the transit visa. After 3 months I was sent an australian visa by e-mail that I have to pay back for the tourist visa I used because they said that my transit was stopped automatically because they had agreed to my tourist.

My question is, can I just ignore that and not pay, or will I get in trouble here in the US where I live? They said if I did not pay, it would go to the debtor department at their national headquarters and have a debt to the Commonwealth. What happens if I do not do it and do not intend to return there?

Australian Shared Hosting ing $ 5 AUD / month ✅ Money Back Guarantee ✅ Softaculous / Wordpres ✅ OBBLE

Obble hosting offers Australian based hosting – usage Sydney OVH server
We are not a reseller
First and foremost B2B solutions, but affordable prices and personalized support.

Promotion code: WHT50 for 50% off the full price


– Free SSL certificate
– Money back guarantee (30 days)
– cpanel
– Softaculous
– Free cPanel migration from host to host
– Regular backups with a retention period of 7 days
– Email / MySQL

Starter – 5 AUD / month (2.50 USD with WHT50)
– 10 GB of storage space
– Unlimited bandwidth
– 5 emails
– 2 databases
– 1 website / hosted domain

middle – 10 AUD / month (5 USD with WHT50)
– 100 GB of storage space
– Unlimited bandwidth
– 15 emails
– 5 databases
– 2 websites / hosted domains

Unlimited – 15 AUD / month (7.50 USD with WHT50)
– Unlimited space
– Unlimited bandwidth
– Unlimited emails
– unlimited databases
– 5 websites / hosted domains

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions.

Australian Dedicated Server | Web Hosting Talk


Can someone recommend a decent AUS dedicated server provider? I have a server in the US and I do not have any problems with the DC, but I've been told that it affects the speed of the site and in turn affects Google's ranking (I'm not an expert on this topic). All my viewers are from Melbourne. So I'm looking for an AUS server. Suggestions and help would be very grateful.

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