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tls – What is the benefit of public Certificate Authority when using SSL mutual authentication?

In terms of SSL Mutual Authentication a self signed CA and a public CA provide the same functionality, is that assumption correct?


Meaning the client will be able to communicate with the server only if both of them have the certificates issued by the same CA and the server has access to the CA, right?

No. The role of the CA is to attest that an entity holding a certificate is entitled to have it. It makes sure that nobody can get a certificate for Google, except Google. That’s why a CA exists.

The CA certificate is usually shipped with your OS and your browser. After receiving any certificate, the TLS libraries will check (unless told no to check) if the certificate was issued by a trusted CA, if it’s expired or revoked, and here ends the CA involvement.

Mutual authentication does not depend on a CA at all. Does not matter if a certificate is self-signed, issued by a private CA or a public one. It only depends on the certificates. If I create a certificate myself on my computer, ship it to you and you configure your server to talk to me, it’s done.

So in this situation, the man-in-the-middle attack is only possible of the attacker has access to the self-signed CA, correct?

No, a MitM attack can only be conducted if someone steals the private key of both the certificates (client AND server). If they steal the client’s certificate, they can impersonate the client to the server, but not the other way around.

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tls – How do I generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to create a restricted CA (Certificate Authority) with LibreSSL?

In connection with this (too broad) question: How do I implement my PKI?

I have a self-signed certification body (ca0)

I want to create a certification body (ca1) with limited power derived from this first CA.
ca1 should only be able to sign certificates for *.foo.com and for foo.com.

From this question I found that the Name Constraints Expansion is probably what I want.

The key to ca1 already exists and is ca1.foo.key.pem.

I already have an incomplete command to create the request:

libressl req -new -sha512 -key ca1.foo.key.pem -out ca1.foo.csr.pem

What should I add to this line to limit ca1's performance?

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