AutoComplete – Can I use the AutoComplete field in the iOS Mail app?

In the iOS built-in Mail app, the New Message view has a text box for your recipient's email address. When you start typing, a drop-down menu will appear with suggestions. There's also a plus button in the text box that opens a rich dialog box with a list of your contacts, a title, and a search box as you type.

Is this a built-in component that I could use? Or do I have to find one / do it myself?

(If it helps, I'll use Expo to build my app, but I'm glad about answers that are not directly related because they give me more things for Google).

Autocomplete – Google Chrome automatically completes the search results above the URLs

After updating Chrome, I noticed that typing the first letter of a frequently visited website like & # 39; t & # 39; for Twitter the Twitter URL is no longer automatically completed, but a random Google search result is automatically completed, which I searched for Once.

Even if I visited a page several thousand times, the Google page is still the first suggestion. No new search results are suggested, but terms I've searched for before. But sure, a URL I visit every day should be above a google result I only accessed once.

Can I fix this somehow? I know how to manually delete individual autocomplete suggestions, but I do not need to do this any further.

html – input changes my style with autocomplete

I have created a registration form and if the input is completed automatically, I change the style:

                enter-enter {
Display: Flex;
Justification content: middle;
Margin: 0 car 15% -107.5%;
Width: 300%;
Limit: 0;
Outline: 0;
Background color: # 151515;
Edge radius: 100px;
Height: 50px;
Upholstery: 0 20px;
Font family: & # 39; sroboto & # 39 ;, sans serif;
Font size: 20px;
Color: # 505050;



I tried to use autocomplete: off, but it did not work on Google Chrome, it also kills flies with cannon fire, and I would prefer to use a different method.

magento2 – Juery Ui & Autocomplete bug

Replace your code with the following code:

var stateArr = ;
], Function ($) {
jQuery (function () {
document.getElementById (& # 39; project & # 39;). elements[i];
var availableTags = stateArr;
document.getElementById (zip code) .autocomplete ({
// jQuery ("#postcode") .autocomplete ({
Source: availableTags,
minLength: 3
$ ("ui-autocomplete"). appendTo ($ ("# input-postcode-container"));

Check this for more information: devdocs

8 – Using an entity reference to autocomplete in web form to retrieve the user e-mail

I've created an Entity References autocompletion field that looks up a user (not the current user) who is working properly. I can search for and select a user by name.
but I want to capture that E-mail I tried to use a calculated branch field

{{}} Data.newfield 

but that only gives me the ID of the user I tried {{}} and {{data.newfield.mail}}

I tried to use a view in the entity reference Autocomplete, which also contains the name and the email address. I still can only see the name and ID of the user.

Rails – Autocomplete Typeahead and updating a scrollable TextBox in real time

I use the gemstone "typeahead" along with search and elastic search in a rail project, and have an HTML page setup where the user can enter information in a text box. In the control, I have defined an autocomplete method that is invoked each time the user types a character into the text box. On this HTML page, I also want to place a scrollable text box under the text box. This scrollable text box displays search results based on the words entered by the user. The user can scroll through the list and select a record that satisfies his search. I use the autocomplete method (which is invoked each time the user types a character in the text box) to retrieve information from the database based on the words or characters that the user has previously entered.

I know that the Typeahead gem (with Searchkick) can also display results, but I use this to display hints for every word typed by the user and not to search for results from several words entered in that text box. So I use the autocomplete method to catch the user input. In the autocomplete method, I call another method to search the database and return numerous records based on this snapshot of the characters in the text box.

All of this should work well. My problem is that I'm not sure how to update the scrollable text box on this HTML page with the results of my database search. When I try to render a partial from the autocomplete controller method (where the part is only the scrollable text box), a double rendering error appears. How do I update the results of my database search in real time in this scrollable text box?

def autocomplete
if params[:query].available?
# @book_list contains the results of the database search based on the characters previously entered by the user.
@book_list = ContributorBook.select_book_list (params[:query].to_s)
The End
render json: (str2) .map do tokens |
{Name: tokens.token, value: tokens.token}
The End

Thanks in advance!

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