sharepoint online – Can I create an automated approval workflow for other people in the organisation & email notification does not have my name?

If you are using the Outlook connector, you can send an email as if it came from a shared mailbox. So you need to create a shared mailbox first and on the shared mailbox properties make sure to add your account to send as the mailbox.

Another way is to use the Mail connector which will allow you to send emails from and not your email. For more info, watch this video:

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Can split up my big monolithic answerfile for subiquity and cloud-init automated installations?

  • I’m working on automated Ubuntu server installs. Which are working fine.
  • I have an extensive file with more than 200 lines.
  • Obviously I should use version control and I should split content into individual files instead of modifying a big monolithic file.
  • I’m also working on automated server installs for RPM based distributions (Fedora, Centos…) with Kickstart.
  • Kickstart has an include command which lets me source other kickstart files. Can I achieve something similar with autoinstall/cloud-config formatted yaml files?
    • It doesn’t have to work like %include, just chopping the big file into smaller pieces and assemble or render the main file from the pieces in order would be a big help.
    • I haven’t used MAAS yet. if there is a different way how this is supposed to be done or what can be recommended for curtin/subiquity I will take a look at it.

I use ksflatten -c "${input_file}" -o "${output_file}" to generate a flat monolithic ks.cfg file, which I can put on a virtual ISO labeled “OEMDRV” in VirtualBox and run the installer without interaction. This way I can install Fedora Server, Centos Server, Fedora Workstation with Gnome and others while maintaining a set of simple *.ks files which may not apply to every configuration so I can comment them out or remove them for further testing. You may understand it a bit better whe you take a look at this:

Imagine you want to break up the file in sections like ssh, late-commands, user-data and others. late-commands and user-data may contain items with comments like »remove unwanted packages«, »configure motd« and much more which should be separate files on their own. As I said my file is over 200 lines long. Is there some yaml wizard around here who can do jq like kungfu with yaml? yq didn’t look convincing a few days ago when I tried to find answers for this problem.

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Is there a way to get UPS billing data through QuantumView API, or in any automated request to UPS billing center?

I am working on UPS API integration and have noticed that QuantumView excludes the cost that the shipper paid from their result XML.

So I have turned to the UPS Billing Center where it’s possible to generate reports

The UPS API documentation is a disaster. I can’t find anything about how to automate this.

Would prefer not to scrape the web site to re-generate a canned “batch” report and download that, or have my client do it manually, if there is a way to do this in an automated fashion.

If I have to generate a batch billing report on a schedule then merge it with the QuantumView API response, that is do-able although not optimal.

Would prefer some way to pull the billing data in with the QV request, however it seems that UPS does not want you to know how much you paid for a shipment.