GM techniques – how can I deal with automatic rifles in my rules?

Due to the current situation, my group and I decided to try something new for our first online session. We agreed on a post-apocalyptic, post-modern Metro2033 style environment. This brings me with a couple of new challenges. While I can bend most of our current rules to work semi-normally in a modern day adventure, automatic weapons are a big problem.

I already have something in mind for semi-automatic weapons or rifles with single or burst fire mode, but I haven't found anything for fully automatic or tap fire weapons. I've already discussed the issue with my players, but we haven't found a solution everyone is happy with.

Our requirements for a "Automatic weapon system" are:

  • It has to be easy to doThis means that as few cubes as possible are needed with little to no calculations. So the game doesn't have to pause for a few minutes to calculate the results every time our machine gunner blindly shoots into the crowd.
  • It has to be properly balanced. Machine guns are said to be fatal, but need an equally severe disadvantage.
  • It has to work for both single and multiple goals (I'll come back to that later)
  • It should be random. Now this point contradicts my first point, but some players – and myself – want the spray to be as unpredictable as possible. Now the hard part is making something difficult to predict but easy to calculate.

Now I want to keep this question as non-specific as possible so that every answer is suitable for many others than me. Still, I should probably mention our self-brewed combat system that I want to use:

We use one "Action point table" (This is actually an old Carcasonne scoreboard). Each action costs action points. Every time you use action points, your maker moves up the board. It is the turn of the player with the lowest number. (So ​​if player1 is on square 4 and player2 is on square 7, it is player1's turn. He spends 4 action points for movement, now he has 8 and P2 has 7 … and so on).

Feel free to ignore this systemif you have a great idea without using it. I just think it could make room for imagination (I would also like to build on it since I wrote it ^^).

Here are some things we thought about, but we didn't really like or finish:

  • You roll x times to determine your accuracy, then draw a cone on the map and spread the damage to all targets in the cone. Each target receives damage based on (number of balls / squares within the cone next to it). => difficult to draw a cone, not by accident
  • Every weapon has a spray pattern. You choose a target and then roll once for your accuracy. Using a & # 39; recoil table & # 39; determine how many balls hit your target. If within the & # 39; spray pattern & # 39; If there is another target, roll the remaining balls again. => didn't sound really funny
  • You fire x balls per action point (based on the weapon), roll the dice once to determine how many balls were hit, and then once for each hit to determine who hit them => sounds like a lot of rolling
  • If you choose a target, the game master can give a hidden modifier to everyone nearby. You roll the die for each bullet fired and then reveal the hidden modifier to determine if a missed bullet has hit one of the bystanders => a lot of rolling, calculating and I want to avoid things becoming too dependent on the GM
  • The player chooses a group to aim at and then rolls x dice based on the balls fired immediately. There is an open modifier based on how big / narrow the group is. The damage is divided among the group. => not really by chance, basically a lame AOE.

Oh yes, and not to forget, I also need significant differences between Burst Fire (A built-in burst mode that fires a fixed amount of bullets each time you pull the trigger.), Cockfire (Briefly pull the trigger for a few bullets) and spray (Squeeze the trigger as hard as possible)

I've also looked up some post-apocalyptic role-playing games, but none of them seem to have a very fun approach to automatic weapons. If you know one with a funny rule that you can quote, I would be more than happy.

Stored procedure – doubts about sending automatic emails in SQL Server

I have a bdd in SQL Server that has a user table with 3 fields: name, date of birth, and email address, and a stored procedure that searches that table to find out who's birthday today and a congratulatory e- Sends mail. So far it works at 100.

However, within the same procedure, I would like to add that I email all bdd users (except those with a birthday) to inform them that x person is birthday today.

I am attaching my SQL Server code



Declare @email        nvarchar(128)
Declare @name         nvarchar(128)
Declare @Date         date

SELECT GETDATE(), Month(GetDate()), Day(GetDate()), Year(GetDate())

DECLARE email_cursor CURSOR FOR 
select u.nombre,
from dbo.usuarios u
where Month(u.fechaNacimiento) = Month(GetDate())
    and Day(u.fechaNacimiento) = Day(GetDate()) 

OPEN email_cursor

FETCH NEXT FROM email_cursor

INTO @name,@email


PRINT @email
Declare @subject nvarchar(255)
Declare @Bodytext nvarchar(512)

Set @BodyText = @Name + '' + ' Te deseamos un feliz cumpleaños'
Set @Subject = 'Feliz Cumpleaños' 

EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
     @profile_name = 'Cumpleaños Alerta',
     @recipients = @email,
     @body = @Bodytext,
     @subject = @subject;

FETCH NEXT FROM email_cursor
INTO @name,@email


CLOSE email_cursor

DEALLOCATE email_cursor

Automatic resizing of images – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I can't figure out why my picture changes size automatically when I upload it as the background of a section by adding a "300×195" behind my data BG URL.

data-bg-url = "×195.jpg"

My website is:

I use Fusion Builder as an editor. This only happened with the newly replaced image for the sections "VIP Gaming Room" (new) vs "Console Corner" (old)

Please advise. 🙁

Enter the image description here

Automation – The proposal for automatic rules for Android turns on the ring when the connection is disconnected

Android recently introduced automatic rule suggestions. When I connect to my home WiFi, a tile was created to turn my ringtone on. However, when I disconnect, the rule sets the phone to vibrate. Is there a way to keep the rule when connecting, but to activate it when I disconnect?

I have a Pixel 1 and Android 10.

Domain Name System – How do I migrate the BIND configuration from automatic DNS maintenance without interruption to the DNS policy?

BIND 9.16 introduced a new one dnssec-policy Function as a further automated DNSSEC key management and signature function for a long time auto-dnssec maintain Functionality.

The documentation doesn't seem to cover migrating from the old to the new, but the associated wiki page seems to indicate that existing keys are being fetched from dnssec-policy.

That means setting up a new zone dnssec-policy is simple enough but to migrate an existing zone from auto-dnssec maintain to dnssec-policy doesn't seem to work as you might expect.
What I would have expected was that a policy compatible with the existing keys would continue to use these keys.

What seems to be happening is that all existing keys are immediately deleted from the zone because they have "expired" and are replaced with new keys, although the new policy includes a compatible set of keys (same algorithm and size) and the existing keys prescribes no end-of-life properties defined (only Created, Publish and Activate Timings in the .key files).

The guideline that I used for testing is as follows (named to show what happens when testing):

dnssec-policy alg13-ksk-unlimited-zsk-60day {
     keys {
         ksk key-directory lifetime unlimited algorithm ECDSAP256SHA256;
         zsk key-directory lifetime P60D algorithm ECDSAP256SHA256;

This is the log output if the configuration was changed from auto-dnssec maintain; to dnssec-policy alg13-ksk-unlimited-zsk-60day;::

zone zone.example/IN (signed): reconfiguring zone keys
keymgr: DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/49004 (KSK) created for policy alg13-ksk-unlimited-zsk-60day
keymgr: DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/54646 (ZSK) created for policy alg13-ksk-unlimited-zsk-60day
Removing expired key 20481/ECDSAP256SHA256 from DNSKEY RRset.
DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/20481 (ZSK) is now deleted
Removing expired key 12506/ECDSAP256SHA256 from DNSKEY RRset.
DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/12506 (KSK) is now deleted
Fetching zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/49004 (KSK) from key repository.
DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/49004 (KSK) is now published
DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/49004 (KSK) is now active
Fetching zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/54646 (ZSK) from key repository.
DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/54646 (ZSK) is now published
DNSKEY zone.example/ECDSAP256SHA256/54646 (ZSK) is now active
zone zone.example/IN (signed): next key event: 22-Mar-2020 15:08:19.805

As can be seen, the existing keys were deleted immediately (not even using the normal rollover procedure!) And replaced with new keys of the same type.
Considering that instantly replacing the keys instead of the intended rollover will destroy everything, it's obvious that the configuration is simply switched to dnssec-policy is a no-go.

When looking at the key files I find that there is an additional one .state The file is added next to the old and new keys.
I don't know if this file is a prerequisite for proper use dnssec-policy Surgery somehow? Would creating these files in advance somehow avoid this behavior?

The key question is: is there a way to migrate to use? dnssec-policy uninterrupted? If so, how?

Trading – is there a cryto exchange that supports automatic selling when the profit is above X% and buys again when the price drops to the previous price and repeats this cycle?

I am new to bitcoins

I have a new idea for short selling bitcoins

Imagine the price of 1 BTC = 1000 USD

I'm going to buy 0.5 BTC for $ 500

Now I'm going to wait for the price to go up 10%, which is $ 1100

Now my portfolio is $ 550

….. …..

Now I'm going to sell the 0.5 BTC for $ 550. I have 10%, $ 50 profit

Now I'm going to wait for the price to drop below 10% again, that's $ 1000.

Now I will buy when the price for the $ 550 has reached $ 1000 again, that is for the total profit.

then the cycle above continues …

Suppose if the purchase price is never reached, that is, the price starts to rise, then I buy for the daily low or the weekly low. And continue the cycle

– –

Is there an exchange that supports this automatic order flow?