calculus and analysis – How do I suppress an automatic sign change? II

Let me be try to be highly specific, as my previous attempt How do I suppress an automatic sign change? to pose the question initially had a sign error, and perhaps became a little muddled.

In the course of pursuing the question Evaluate a certain three-dimensional constrained integral, the term (one of 694)

r = (202338335476512488921084723200 x^6 Sqrt(-(-1 + 2 x) (2 - x +  2 Sqrt(1 - x - 2 x^2)))Boole(1/38 (10 - Sqrt(5)) < x <= 1/4))/(319794090309 (723 + 17 Sqrt(5)))

is generated.

My attempt, r/.c, to apply (so the term becomes integrable) the rule

c := Sqrt(-(-1 + 2 x) (2 - x + 2 Sqrt(1 - x - 2 x^2))) -> Sqrt((1 - 2 x) (2 - x + 2 Sqrt(1 - x - 2 x^2)))

fails (because apparently the expression -(-1 + 2 x) is ab initio converted to (1-2 x)).

What needs to be done, so that the intended conversion takes place?

Unfortunately, it would seem the apparent “automatic” conversion of $-(-1 + 2 x)$ to $(1-2 x)$ is not so “automatic” that it is performed in the formula for $r$ itself, which would obviate the apparent dilemma.

Google Form Specific Automatic Response

I am aware that I can add a little code to a Google Form’s spreadsheet to have it auto respond to a submission. I am curious if there’s a way to have a person submit the form and then have it auto respond with specific information, most likely pulled from a separate sheet.

For example, submitter wants to know a password that is specific to them so they fill out the Google Form and the Form auto responds with the submitter’s specific password. Is this possible?

sharepoint designer – Enable Asynchronous Automatic Refresh removes js to highlight backgound colors

When SharePoint page refreshes the custom highlight fields work, when the webpart is refreshed highlight disappears, if I refresh the page then I can see highlighted background again,the page needs to auto-refresh every 45 seconds and to load the custom js.

Any help is appreciated Below is code I’m using:

 $(" tr td").each(function(){
    if($(this).text()=="In Process")
    else if($(this).text()=="Pending")
    else if($(this).text()=="Completed")
        $(this).css("background-color","    #32CD32");

<script type="text/javascript">
function pageLoad() {
if (Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance().get_isInAsyncPostBack())
$Text = $("'In Process')"); $Text.css("color", "#0076e5"); $Text = $("'Completed')"); $Text.css("color", "#70e120"); $Text = $("'Pending')") $Text.css("color", "#ff0000");




csom – Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerRuntime’ if Owin Automatic App Startup is true in Web API

I’m trying to implement Web API authentication using Microsoft.Owin.

This Web API contains SharePoint 2019 CSOM libraries (Microsoft.SharePoint.dll & Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll) that performs SharePoint Operations.

After completing the API authentication development, it resulted in following error as shown in screenshot when the Web API is run.

However, adding <add key="owin:AutomaticAppStartup" value="false" /> in Web.Config file of Web API resolved the issue but due to this, API is unable to use Owin Authentication.

How can I implement Authentication in this Web API having SharePoint 2019 CSOM libraries?

Any help is much appreciated!

enter image description here
enter image description here

android wear – How can I reset my Misfit Vapor X when it won’t even boot after an automatic update?

Okay, so I bought a Misfit Vapor X. It was brand new, and worked for about an hour when it updated itself. Now, it won’t boot and goes into a boot loop when I try.

It will buzz, then show the Misfit logo for about ten seconds, and repeat the process.

I pressed the main button and the bottom button and got the watch to go into the recovery screen.

From there, I can choose:

  • Shipping Mode
  • Restart bootloader
  • Recovery mode
  • Power Off

START goes into the boot loop

Shipping Mode gives me a screen of red letters that show this:

PPG Fail or Timeout!
LED1 3216, LED2 3832
IR 9003

Recovery Mode goes back into the boot loop

Power Off doesn’t, and instead goes to the boot loop.

I googled the above cryptic message without any useful result.

I can’t get ADB to see the watch (I’m not an expert, so I may not be doing that right…)

micro four thirds – Why automatic mode is worse than manual?

It’s not so much that manual is better, but that manual is more controlled.

Shooting all the time on full manual will teach you what to do & what not to do. It will take longer & you will probably have far fewer keepers to start with, but you will learn as you go.

If you are shooting full manual, you have to balance up the depth of field you need – aperture – with the exposure time you must have to stop the action, against the ISO necessary to achieve a correct exposure allowing for the previous two settings.

Add to this manual focus, so you could choose in a wide aperture close-up to focus on the flower in front or the face peeking from behind, rather than relying on the camera to make that decision for you.

Running at full auto removes these decisions & does what the camera decides might be ‘best’ each timeā€¦ which is rarely is what you actually wanted.

Many photographers actually use “Aperture-preferred” a lot of the time. This reduces your juggling act to fewer parameters. Think of it as ‘I can choose most settings, but the camera makes sure the final exposure is reasonably consistent’.

You set your preferred aperture for the type of look you require, quickly check through the viewfinder to see if your ISO is about right to give you the exposure time you need, then you are pretty much back to ‘point & shoot’.
Some cameras will override your ISO setting even in this mode, but you can usually switch that off, giving you better control.
I have my camera set up so that my single dial wheel controls aperture alone, but with one of two additional buttons, I can dial in ISO & exposure compensation. This gives me the fastest workflow. Manual/auto-focus is a hardware switch on my lenses, so if I’m sure my focus doesn’t need to change for a while, I’ll quickly flip across to manual focus. [I also have a focus/exposure lock button, but I don’t often use it, as it disengages every time you let go.]

Automatic touch on android device(sending touch impulses) autoclicker

I want to know if it is possible to generate automatic touch at regular intervals of time, say 5 seconds in another application. For example..I want to develop an application which will create a touch response just as we touch the screen, at a particular coordinate at regular fixed interval. Please help.

I accidentally opened the back of an automatic wind unwind point and shoot camera

I’m not sure how many shots i have shot about 10 and i dont rememeber if it unwinds or winds after i closed it back. Will my film roll stay on the unexposed or it will go back to the first frame? My cam is Pentax iqzoom 115m same with the other pentax zoom and espios point and shoot. how many shots are left? my film count went back to 1.