Node – How to automatically add a PHP code field at the end of a content type when new content is created

I'd like to allow users to add content, but every time they create a new content page, I'll end up automatically adding a field. for example:

When a user presses Add Content, the following is displayed:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3

when the user fills and saves it. It indicates something like this:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
PHP Field

magento2 – Avoid Magento 2 automatically adding a tax rate to the gross gross prices uploaded

I load my prices as gross prices incl. all control.

Nevertheless, I would like the bill to display the tax rate without Magento automatically adding it to the checkout.
I need Magento to understand my product prices as gross prices and not as net prices. The same applies to shipping costs.


Product price: 10

Tax rate: 10%

Magento total: 11

What I need:

Product price: 10

Tax rate: 10%

Total Magento: 10

(Bills: Product price: 9.09, Tax rate: 10%, Total price: 10)

Basically like any other store. Shown are the gross prices that contain the tax, but the bill shows the net price + the tax, which then represents the total price (which I have uploaded for the product).

google pixel 3 xl – Can call verification be started automatically?

Call Monitoring is a great feature for Pixel phones.

On call you have the opportunity Call verification by pressing this button.

But I want the call screening to start automatically without me doing anything.

I mean, if I do not press a button, it should go to the screen instead of voicemail.

I'd rather read a transcript than listen to voicemail.

Is it possible?

sharepoint designer – 2013 Workflow is not executed if the option "Update workflow status automatically to the current level name" is deactivated in the document library

SP 2016 OnPrem:

I'm using an API to do a custom upload to my document library. After the first upload, my script collects basic information about the user to set default values ​​and update the document properties. The article is uploaded almost immediately and saved a second time. After that I will immediately open the document properties so that the user can add more details, all within the same process. I have set a 2013 workflow to run on update so it fires on second save.

This causes a conflict error when trying to save the document properties for the third time (in the UI). (While I opened the document properties, the workflow was running in the background.) It's the same problem described here: Document properties can not be saved when workflow is enabled

I can work around this by disabling the "Automatically update workflow status to the current level name" option in the workflow. This prevents the conflict, but also prevents my workflow from being triggered on this UI backup.

I've checked the end date in the workflow history, and I'm sure it will not run on the third save. However, when I close the document properties, reopen and save, the workflow is triggered.

So the problem has something to do with uploading via API, updating via API, and opening the document properties in the UI at one go.

It makes sense why the conflict would occur, but not why the workflow will not run if I disable this option.

Any advice?


Plotting – To automatically scale plots

I have this big equation with the variables x, y and I have to draw them with all their important features. As? Is there an auto-fit / zoom function?

25448251500000 - 535526010000 x + 5077310000 x^2 - 36775800 x^3 + 
  250890 x^4 - (6199 x^5)/5 + (17 x^6)/5 - x^7/250 + 920347020000 y - 
  16448410100 x y + 122367000 x^2 y - 607718 x^3 y + (15694 x^4 y)/
  5 - (7099 x^5 y)/500 + (9 x^6 y)/250 - (x^7 y)/25000 + 
  15128205050 y^2 - 220083300 x y^2 + 1275939 x^2 y^2 - (
  19598 x^3 y^2)/5 + (8699 x^4 y^2)/1000 - (11 x^5 y^2)/500 + (
  x^6 y^2)/50000 + 152047500 y^3 - 1691358 x y^3 + 7640 x^2 y^3 - (
  96 x^3 y^3)/5 + (13 x^4 y^3)/500 - (x^5 y^3)/25000 + 1032409 y^4 - (
  40191 x y^4)/5 + (119 x^2 y^4)/5 - (11 x^3 y^4)/250 + (x^4 y^4)/
  50000 + (24094 y^5)/5 - (12299 x y^5)/500 + (9 x^2 y^5)/250 - (
  x^3 y^5)/25000 + (14699 y^6)/1000 - (23 x y^6)/500 + (x^2 y^6)/
  50000 + (13 y^7)/500 - (x y^7)/25000 + y^8/50000 + 
  5089650300000 Sin(x) - 107105202000 x Sin(x) + 
  1015462000 x^2 Sin(x) - 7355160 x^3 Sin(x) + 50178 x^4 Sin(x) - 
  6199/25 x^5 Sin(x) + 17/25 x^6 Sin(x) - (x^7 Sin(x))/1250 + 
  133172901000 y Sin(x) - 2218630000 x y Sin(x) + 
  14318780 x^2 y Sin(x) - 47992 x^3 y Sin(x) + 6299/50 x^4 y Sin(x) - 
  9/25 x^5 y Sin(x) + (x^6 y Sin(x))/2500 + 1693912000 y^2 Sin(x) - 
  21830360 x y^2 Sin(x) + 112000 x^2 y^2 Sin(x) - 
  304 x^3 y^2 Sin(x) + 12/25 x^4 y^2 Sin(x) - (x^5 y^2 Sin(x))/1250 + 
  13470380 y^3 Sin(x) - 119968 x y^3 Sin(x) + 408 x^2 y^3 Sin(x) - 
  4/5 x^3 y^3 Sin(x) + (x^4 y^3 Sin(x))/2500 + 71778 y^4 Sin(x) - 
  10199/25 x y^4 Sin(x) + 17/25 x^2 y^4 Sin(x) - (x^3 y^4 Sin(x))/
  1250 + 12299/50 y^5 Sin(x) - 21/25 x y^5 Sin(x) + (x^2 y^5 Sin(x))/
  2500 + 12/25 y^6 Sin(x) - (x y^6 Sin(x))/1250 + (y^7 Sin(x))/2500 ==

at.algebraic topology – For which $ k $ types are $ E_ {n, m} $ algebras automatically $ E_ {n + 1} $ algebras?

Remember that one $ E_ {n, m} $ Algebra is one $ A_m $ Algebra in $ E_n $ Algebras. Here I indicate mine $ A_m $ Algebras, so that one $ A_1 $ Algebra is pointed $ A_2 $ Algebra has an integer multiplication, $ A_3 $ is homotopyassociative, etc. In particular a $ E_n $ Algebra is one $ E_ {n, 1} $ Algebra and on the other hand $ E_ {n-1, infty} $ Algebra.

Question: Accepted $ X $ is a homotopy $ k $Type and a $ E_ {n, m} $algebra, when does
it has a canonical $ E_ {n + 1} $ Structure? In other words, how
Connected is the map of the Operades from the $ E_ {n + 1} $-operad on the
$ E_ {n, m} $-operad? What if $ m = 2 $?

Let me also briefly explain where this question comes from and why I am particularly interested in it $ m = 2 $ Case.

A well-known phrase about monoidal categories is:

Theorem: A monoidal category $ mathcal {C} $ is braided when the canonical forgetful map from the center of Drinfeld is divided monoidally $ Z ( mathcal {C}) rightarrow mathcal {C} $,

I was wondering what the proper generalization of this statement is too general $ E_n $ Algebras. That's for what $ k $Types do $ E_ {n + 1} $ Structures on $ E_n $ Algebras correspond to homotopy splits of the forgetful map from the $ E_ {n + 1} $ center $ Z (A) rightarrow A $, If you think about it $ E_0 $ Case, it is not hard to see that homotopy is being withdrawn $ E_1 $ Algebra is only one $ A_2 $ Algebra. Apply this observation $ E_0 $ Algebras in $ E_n $ We should only expect algebras $ A $ to be like above $ E_ {n, 2} $ Algebra. The above sentence thus corresponds to the statement that homotopy $ 1 $-Type that is one $ E_ {1,2} $ Algebra is automatically one $ E_2 $ Algebra. Roughly speaking, this is due to the Eckman-Hilton argument, which states that the two multiplies match and therefore the second multiplication is $ A_ infty $ and not only $ A_2 $,

When they decided to enter this country illegally, they did not automatically agree with what happened to them?

Um, no … There are still international regulations for refugees and immigrants and treaties that the US has signed and so on.

Even the law does not consider illegal immigrants as "non-persons", they still have rights under the law. Even murderers have legal rights. This is how the law works. No one is "illegal" in the sense that he has lost ALL of his human rights. There are no legal provisions for this.

What is the SIM Toolkit and how can I prevent it from being automatically added to the homescreen each time my phone is restarted?

Each time the phone reboots, an app called SIM Toolkit will be displayed and added to the homescreen (in the upper-right corner of the bottom image).
How can you stop it?
Android 8.1, Sony Xperia XA1 plus, Microsoft Launcher