Google Sheets automatically converts a string to a number

I use sheets as a frontend to display tons of different IDs and credentials associated with my authenticated access to a third-party API.

When calling a specific function, I get the following result:


When you submit to Google Sheets, even if that number is converted to a string, the functions that generated the results before (and I can assure you that this is a plain text string). I get this result in Google Sheets:


It not only interprets plain text as a number, but also rounds the number. Notice that I tried = TO_TEXT in the cell, tried = TEXT in the cell, and tried many different formatting options for numbers, at least not to allow it to be rounded. However, since I've read from other sources, Google Sheets will only use up to 15 characters in numbers until it's round.

I also had the option of simply pasting the data into a cell as plain text from a function exactly the same, but after the contents of those cells have been deleted, the number is no longer generated as it appears as a result of that particular function. In other words, I know that this is possible because I did it with the exact same inputs on the same sheet.

Still, I need one of two results to get the integrity of these IDs:

Leaves do not round off this number

Sheets do not interpret plain text as a number

The second one is much preferable to the first, but I will, if necessary, lead to the first result.

Any hints, what's going on?

18.04 – Ubuntu 18,04 wakes up automatically from the suspension and heats my world

I have just put Ubuntu 18.04 on Mac Air2017 (good Riddance!). It worked well, but I have an annoying problem.

After I put the lid on, Ubuntu is exposed. But it wakes up in the meantime and falls asleep again, but sometimes it does not and heats up my backpack. I can not even begin to debug this problem.

Following is the output of lspci

00: 00.0 Host Bridge: Broadwell-U Host Bridge from Intel Corporation -OPI (rev 09)
00: 02.0 VGA Compatible Controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 6000 (Rev 09)
00: 03.0 Audio Device: Broadwell U Audio Controller from Intel Corporation (Rev 09)
00: 14.0 USB Controller: Wildcat Point LP-USB xHCI Controller from Intel Corporation (Rev. 03)
00: 15.0 DMA Controller: Intel Corporation's Wildcat Point LP Serial IO DMA Controller (Rev. 03)
00: 15.4 Serial bus controller [0c80]: Serial IO GSPI Controller for Wildcat Point LP from Intel Corporation No. 1 (Rev 03)
00: 16.0 Communications Controller: Intel Corporation Wildcat Point LP MEI Controller # 1 (Issue 03)
00: 1b.0 Audio Device: Intel Corporation's Wildcat Point LP Series High Definition Audio Controller (Version 03)
00: 1c.0 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation's Wildcat Point LP PCI Express Master File # 1 (rev e3)
00: 1c.1 PCI Bridge: PCI Root Root Port # 2 of the Wildcat Point LP of Intel Corporation (rev e3)
00: 1c.2 PCI Bridge: Wildcat Point LP PCI Express Root No. 3 of the Wild Corporation (rev e3)
00: 1c.4 PCI Bridge: Wildcat Point LP PCI Express Root No. 5 of the Wild Corporation (rev e3)
00: 1c.5 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation's Wildcat Point LP PCI Express Root Port # 6 (rev e3)
00: 1f.0 ISA Bridge: Intel Corporation Wildcat LP-LPC Controller (Version 03)
00: 1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation Wildcat Point LP SMBus Controller (Rev. 03)
00: 1f.6 Signal Processing Controller: Intel Wildcat Point LP Thermal Management Controller (Rev 03)
02: 00.0 Multimedia Controller: Broadcom Inc. and affiliates 720p FaceTime HD Camera
03: 00.0 Network Controller: Broadcom Inc. and Subsidiaries BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (Version 03)
04: 00.0 SATA controller: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd device a801 (Rev 01)
05: 00.0 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation DSL5320 Thunderbolt 2 Bridge [Falcon Ridge 2C 2013]
06: 00.0 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation DSL5320 Thunderbolt 2 Bridge [Falcon Ridge 2C 2013]
06: 03.0 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation DSL5320 Thunderbolt 2 Bridge [Falcon Ridge 2C 2013]
06: 04.0 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation DSL5320 Thunderbolt 2 Bridge [Falcon Ridge 2C 2013]
06: 05.0 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation DSL5320 Thunderbolt 2 Bridge [Falcon Ridge 2C 2013]
06: 06.0 PCI Bridge: Intel Corporation DSL5320 Thunderbolt 2 Bridge [Falcon Ridge 2C 2013]
07: 00.0 System peripherals: Intel Corporation DSL5320 Thunderbolt 2 NHI [Falcon Ridge 2C 2013]

I also installed tlp and Powertop, Both start at boot.

Audio – How can I prevent my Mac from using my Mac automatically? [input only] USB microphone as the output device?

I have a MacBook Pro 2015 for the latest version of High Sierra. I often use a USB microphone for Skype, etc. When I plug in the microphone, it automatically recognizes my Mac as an input source. It's good. Anyway, it Likewise automatically detects it as the output source, which is not good at all, since the microphone has no output functions. Every time I plug in the microphone, I have to go to the sound settings and deselect the output.

Picture of the sound menu
How can I prevent my Mac from automatically recognizing my microphone as the source – and still recognize it as an input source?

Reverse Engineering – Is it possible to automatically extract secret keys in compiled code?

If we have a program that contains a secret key in its compiled code, is it then possible to write a program that can automatically extract the secret key? Suppose the program contains a secret key that is not obfuscated, and the secret key is used to decrypt some messages. We know that the extracted key is correct if we can use it to decrypt messages.

Fill in automatically – Write list to list to promote next element

I have an InfoPath form that automatically populates items from another list. Information pulls into shape, but I have two problems. The one I want to solve first is the status. Initially, the list that pulls the form has a status blank. I want the form to write back to the list, update the state, and push the next empty element to work. Any ideas???

The second problem is the automatic occupation of problems. I would like to fill in the article ID first and then the issue ID automatically. However, an article ID can contain up to 6 IDs, which may need a different status.

New to the tools guys. Thank you for any help.

Google Sheets – Line height no longer fits automatically

I have selected the entire sheet and adjusted the height of all rows to a certain height. Then I entered some text into a cell and the text does not fit. I formatted the cell for text wrapping, but it did not fit anyway. I expected the row to automatically increase in height, but it did not happen. How can I return to the default mode for the lines to increase in height to automatically adjust the content?

Javascript – How to complete a URL automatically

I have a button with a sample address

Visit the site

and some inputs:

Part 1 Link:

Part 2 Link:

What I want to achieve is that the data entered into these inputs are additions to the shortcut that is in the button.

Example, if I input 1 "ask" and enter 2 "questions"
it would be " / questions / ask"

and if you click the button, send me to the page. How do I do that with Javascript or Jquery?

There is a similar question, but I want the link to be complemented by the input data. I'll leave it here, in case you did not understand what I want to achieve:

Add parameters to a URL?

macbook – Change power settings automatically

This question made me think:

What are all settings that you could edit with the same command-line application, and what are their codes?

Although I do not run out of battery often, it would be nice if my Mac automatically set me up for success. I'm using an early 2015 MacBook Pro 13 "Retina (MacBookPro 12.1).

In particular, I'm looking for the following switches that need to be run while disconnecting the power while I can still manually reset what I need:

  • Change the screen brightness to a specific value (eg 20%).
  • Change the keyboard backlight to a specific value
  • Deactivate screensaver (I have installed the screensaver for the air)
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Mute the audio
  • Disable location services (would like to do so via app)
  • Stop certain apps (such as DropBox, Google Drive, Citrix)
  • Activate Do Not Disturb (found in the original question)

And then, of course, I would like to turn it on again when I am connected to the power supply again.

Although I'm not a programmer, I can follow the instructions, and the application that aaplmath wrote could be clearly extended. I'm downloading Xcode (on a very slow link), but how would I look it up in the future?

Automatically fill search fields in Infopath List Form 2013

Environment: SharePoint 2013
Application: Infopath List Form 2013
We have a list (Suppose ListA) with different search columns from different lists, and we connect a list (ListA) as a data connection to the infopath list.
And we'll need an autofill if Dropdown is selected in Infopath List Form (if Dropdown is selected, the search box values ​​must be set accordingly).
Please help us to fulfill the requirement.
Thank you in advance.