Politics & Government: So if you disagree with someone of a different race or gender, does that automatically turn into "racist" or "misogynist" people?

For the hundredth time:

No one accuses Trump of being a racist or misogynist because he disapproved of someone's ideas. Trump does not agree with the ideas of many other people, including many women and non-white people.

That's how he did it. It's the way he disagreed. He has not put forward a political argument. He did not say, "Here's my position and here's yours. Let me explain why mine is better."

Instead, he assumed that these people, just because they were not white, are not real Americans who "should go home," even though AOC was born in the same city as Donald Trump, for example.

How many times has this been explained? It's not that Trump criticizes anyone. It is that he applies insults that are unmistakably derived from racist and ethnic stereotypes.


magento2.3 – How is Magento 2 generated automatically?

I want to know how Magento 2 is automatically generated.

If I enter the product name in admin when creating a new product, the article number is automatically entered in the "article number" field.

I researched a lot and found that there is a functionality called "modifierin Magento 2, where the product editing area can be added / edited with some additional features.

It was also found that the modifier class contains two methods:modifyMeta"&"modifyData"This can be used to add / edit product edit boxes.

But I'm totally stupid about how Sku is automatically generated and what file I need to override to create Sku in our own way.

Currently, the SKU is generated based on the product name, but I would like to do something like this somedigits + autogenerated_sku e.g: 00000testsku,

Is there anyone who can point that out and shed some light on it?

phpmailer – php mailer that automatically sends e-mails with Plantilla

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Database Design – Automatically delete many relationships

Is there a way to delete unused / orphaned entries in many-to-many relationships? Either at the database level (MSSQL) or within the framework (EF6).

Let's say you have a relationship:
Student to the course
A student can have many courses and one course can be attended by several students.
If the last participant of a course is deleted, the course should also be deleted.

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Is it possible to automatically connect to scheduled Google Meet Online meetings? (for hands-free operation)

I'm looking for a way to automatically connect to scheduled Google Meetings (or Hangouts) when they're started (to enable simple hands-free calling while driving).

If there is an option to get an "incoming call screen" that allows you to accept or decline the meeting, this is even better

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If I update the Play Store to a newer version using an APK, will the Play Store automatically update if an even newer version is available?

The Play Store app on my phone takes longer than other phones to get the latest version. So I've updated it to the latest stable build with an apk. I'm wondering if, after updating the Play Store with an apk, I get updates for even newer versions. For example, if it was previously at 10.1 and I upgraded to 10.2 with an APK, it will update itself if 10.3 is available for download for my particular device model (or in other words, if other handsets of the same model) becomes 10.3 Version, will I get it too?)