Blogs have been automatically deleted – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Yesterday I categorized all my blogs.

Because of this, there was not a single blog in the categorized category. This morning, when I checked, all the blogs of the past 3 months have been deleted from the trash themselves.

I do not know how because I'm only one with admin access. Can I know why the blogs are deleted automatically?

Also from the garbage.

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Tagging – What software can use a batch of classified images and automatically learn from them to automatically classify them for more images?

I have a Lightroom library that contains some photos that I've classified myself, and a few others (thousands in both cases) that are not yet classified.

I want to automatically classify images based on the tags I've assigned to the already classified images.

Most steps (I use Lightroom) are simple:

  • write XMP files
  • Filter the files for the tags
  • feeds every set of images (one set per day) to software
  • Use the output of the software to write new XMP files
  • tell Lightroom to reload metadata from XMP files.

However, which (artificial intelligence) software can I use for this purpose?

The question is asked here in Photo because I am asking for a finished or almost finished package, not the software / package that is to be used when programming a new AI.

ios – Why does my iPhone automatically correct an in-app text box when I type my email with "@@@"?

I would check your settings app first.

  • General> Keyboard> Replace text

Using @@ to expand your primary e-mail address and using @@@ for a secondary e-mail, etc. is common. Maybe you have set it up, but vice versa. I think I heard that from a podcast or blog post some time ago, but I can not remember. I have taken this link and is very convenient.

They turn the actual mail into a shortcut, not so much.

Approve lists automatically?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to get decent automatic approval lists or at least a decent tutorial?

I used scrapebox and footprints exported by GSA SER to find decent targets, but the results were a bit weak.

I'm looking for high quality content links, but most of the links that are found are indexer services, and that looks like an unnatural profile.

I had used SERocket lists and they were good but expensive and now they want the money for a year at a time, which I can not do.

Please help

Many Thanks.


Print – Force a printer to automatically convert all colors to grayscale?

A "one-size-fits-all" application may not be possible because different printers have different functions and driver controls for specifying only black ink.

You can try the color balance area of ​​the print dialog box: Choose ColorSync and choose a color profile in grayscale or black and white. Even if you do, some printers may try to print this as "4-color black" to distribute ink usage to all ink cartridges.

The best option is to determine which controls (if any) for the printer are available only for black ink: then select them in the print dialog box and save them as a print preset.

2013 – Automatically generated certificates for Workflow Manager

I have a SharePoint farm with 2 web front-end servers, 2 application servers, and database servers. I have installed and configured Workflow Manager on one of the application servers with automatically generated certificates. I added the certificate to SharePoint Server hosting the central administrator by going to the SharePoint Management Shell and running the New-SPTrustedRootAuthority cmdlet Adding all four certificates from the Workflow Manager server to all SharePoint servers in a farm? Please advise.

Many Thanks