cortex prime – Can a player character avoid dying as long as they still have Plot Points?

I’ve read Cortex Prime and now I’m wondering whether a PC could die. The rule said that “you can spend a PP to avoid being taken out of the scene” (which I translate as dying).

Does this mean that as long as a player still has PP, they can’t die if they don’t wish so?

search engines – How can I avoid multiple redirects of advgyan?

search engines – How can I avoid multiple redirects of advgyan? – Information Security Stack Exchange

Should I avoid underlined links on mobile app?

We have a discussion in my team about links into mobile apps.

Developer said links shouldn’t be underlined.
But in complex mobile apps sometimes, we have link to different entities.

I can see that kind of recommendations from Adobe XD blog:

Avoid links in mobile apps Do not use underlined links in mobile apps. Underlined links are a part of the website model, not a part of the app model. Apps should have buttons, not links.

I am ok to have buttons most of the time, but sometimes, we really need links because buttons everywhere will overload the screen.

The explanation about underlined links are for web only is not enough for me.

So, is there a real best practice about avoiding underline links in mobile app? Do you have studies or “authority best practices” about that?

Thank you :]

Avoid automatically redirecting to search result in DuckDuckGo

Sometimes DuckDuckGo will automatically redirect me to one of the search results. For example if I search for

I will land on the stackexchange site instead of the a site with the search results.

Can this behaviour be switched off somehow?

P.S. I have already switched off “Instant Answers”

enter image description here

customs and immigration – Is there a program for Malaysia-Singapore commuters to avoid passport stamps (so the passport doesn’t get full)?

Next year I’ll be in Singapore for a month with school, visiting a university as a guest, but will have my hotel in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and commute by bus CW2 or SJE to central Singapore.

I know there are numerous Malaysian cross-border commuters, who need passports to cross, meaning their passports would get full really soon.

Is there any program to register for that exempts you from having to have your passport stamped four times a day (i.e. 122 stamps in total including the inital entry and final exit from Singapore)?

If there is such a program, is a visa-free foreigner (in both countries) eligible?

UPDATE: Okaaayyy, so I called both immigration authorities today. The Malaysians obviously wanted to know why I booked a hotel in JB, whereby I said that the price difference AFTER adding the transport costs is 2,500 ringgit, which is a lot of money that could definitely go towards food etc. instead, and I’d still have some left over. I also made it clear I used to commute for 1.5-2 hours per direction as a teenager in my home country, and that I’d be happy to send screenshots of the search engine Trivago to show what I mean, but they essentially said it was fair enough.

For the Singaporeans, the instant red flag was the fact that I’m visiting the Duke-NUS Medical school. They said if I’m either a guest for a maximum of 90 days or an actual student for a maximum of 30 days, I don’t need a student pass, whereby I said I’m a guest for 31 days. They then asked why the hotel in JB. Said the same thing. They then said they’d be interested in seeing the invitation letter once I get it. I said I’ll gladly send it via email if they gave me an address. They finished by saying again that as long as I only do what I mentioned, it’s OK.

Regarding the original issue, there seems to be something called MACS (an electronic Malaysian “visa” sticker), and EIACS in Singapore. I’m clearly not eligible for EIACS, but regarding MACS I was advised to contact the application office in Singapore. To save money, I’ve now emailed them. Those programs apparently exempt you from passport stamps.

Positive drug test in Singapore: How long do I need to avoid the country?

Good move getting out of Singapore in time, since simple possession of a controlled substance in Singapore (including cannabis metabolites in your system) is punishable by up to 10 years in jail. First time offenders usually get away with “only” 6 months in the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, which is located within Changi Prison and by most accounts isn’t much better than actual jail.

The bad news is that Singapore inherits most of its legal code from the UK, including the globally rare concept of having no statute of limitations for criminal offences. So, yes, I would strongly recommend never setting foot in Singapore again, even in transit. Sorry.

external sd – How can we avoid folders auto-creation?

I am struggling with some folders that are automatically created at boot, by system on the SD card, but I don’t want them!

The folders are especially the following: LazyList, LOST.DIR

Into the latter I have found several, also big, files, and I don’t want to waste the storage, maybe, with duplicated or deleted files.
There’s a way to completely avoid it?

Thank you… as always!

c# – How to avoid CRUD and layered architectures in REST backends?

I’m creating a .Net 5 API backend and use EF Core for the database part. The simple CRUD way I know:

  • API layer calling a command or query from the application layer using MediatR
  • Application layer calling CRUD actions from repository interfaces

As we all know the CRUD actions are struggling with the real world problems. I would like to move away from the repository CRUD pattern and focus on the commands/queries as a single complex unit.

I think I should not mix the business logic with the persistence logic. But how should I structure the different parts then? Should one command/query contain everything it needs? This would break up the reusability. But otherwise I think I will fall back to CRUD based interfaces.

I read about Event Sourcing but for now I’m more interested in a solution not using it :]

Writing char buffer in integer variables using c++. How to avoid writing the same piece of code for every variable?

I am trying to convert a char buffer into multiple int variables. This is what i got so far after a day of trying.

ZeroMemory(buf, 4096);
            int bytesReceived = recv(sock, buf, 4096, 0);
            if (bytesReceived > 0)
                /*for (int i = 0; i < bytesReceived; i++)
                    cout << hex << (int)buf(i);
                std::stringstream ss;
                std::stringstream aa;
                for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
                    ss << std::hex << (int)buf(i);

                unsigned result;
                ss >> result;
                int Number1 = result;
                cout << Number1 << "n";

                for (int j = 2; j < 4; j++)
                    aa << std::hex << (int)buf(j);

                unsigned result2;
                aa >> result2;
                int Number2 = result2;
                cout << Number2 << "n";

This gives me in the console the desired number 20000 and 10000. Now how do i do this without writing for every time i want to do this, this whole part:

for (int j = 2; j < 4; j++)
                    aa << std::hex << (int)buf(j);

                unsigned result2;
                aa >> result2;
                int Number2 = result2;
                cout << Number2 << "n";

My brain is now fried after getting to whis point from zero knowledge. Would appreciate it if someone could help me out.

payment – How would I avoid spending my Bitcoins when I need to buy a house quickly?

The most improbable thing just happened: the house where I grew up, and was forced away from at a critical age, and which I’ve longed for ever since, just went up for sale. While they have completely ruined it internally and even to a large extent on the outside, I just so happen to really need a place to live, critically, for myself and two other family members.

With the Bitcoin price being this low, there’s no way that I could sell them for fiat to buy the house. Also, in my situation, it would take a very long time to do this (using Bisq). The house will soon be sold. We have no fiat means to speak of.

BlockFi and Hodl Hodl and Sovyryn are all nonsense. Neither works at all, at least not for me. So lending my coins to get interest in order to use that money to pay for the loan for the house also seems impossible. Plus my bank already doesn’t like me because they know I have Bitcoin. I even tried asking them if I could take a loan from them with my Bitcoin as security. They laughed and treated me in a very condescending manner.

My dream house, albeit in a virtually destroyed (completely changed) state, is slipping away from me again. Considering how much I have been thinking about it lately, it seemed almost like a sign from God that I’m meant to buy it now and then slowly restore it back to how it was back in the day, while living in it.

But in spite of having enough Bitcoin to theoretically buy most of it up-front, I have never felt poorer than I do right now. I can’t “extract” the value from my coins because everything is still way too “early”. I’m also scared to death to give up any control of my private keys, or to lose the BTC in one of the numerous ways you can lose them, be it by accident or through a scam of some sort.

What should I do in this very frustrating situation? I’m going to ask the broker if they accept Bitcoin, even though I cannot waste my coins, but I highly doubt that they will even reply. In spite of all the “bullish news”, most people in the real world still seem to be utterly oblivious to Bitcoin, frankly.

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