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  1. Amazon AWS Awards

    I use over a hundred dedicated servers for an employer and even work in the Google data center. I am now self-employed and look at Amazon AWS. I want to run cpanel and tell the seller that I want the configuration of 64GB and 1TB of flexible disk space. Even storage flexible depending on the load. I'm telling him I'm trying to think in my mind between cloud hosting and dedicated server and asking for help to use the right words. I need flexibility on load. He cites me monthly for $ 880 without discussing the bandwidth. He's a seller and interested in just selling, just tell me why the price is so high. I hope someone here can tell me why the price is so high or what I should really pay attention to.

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Replication – The RDS MySql replica database is no longer updated. Bonus: AWS Newbie Tips?

Hello everyone and thanks for your help, I'm here in quite a cucumber.

I was assigned a project to help someone who is overcrowded. So I'm not very familiar with setting up anything, and I'm not an AWS expert yet.

We have a project on a tight budget that has a production facility used to collect data from forms. We have a replica of this instance, which will only be used to run large queries for this data at a later date. After some changes to a view and the resizing of the root instance, synchronization / update of the replicate database stopped.

I've updated the replica DB to have the same storage. I hope that fixes the problem. If this is not the case, I can get help with troubleshooting. Does anyone have a good crash course to … learn backwards what someone did when he did a project like this with little onboarding?

If I was asked to set up a project again, I could do so with little reading, but that does not use Elastic Beanstalk and I can not ask the person who set it up what's going on. So where is a good place to learn what this thing actually does?

amazon web services – How do I download a file from the URL and save it in the aws s3 bucket?

You can not manipulate data in S3, you can only upload to S3, download from S3, and delete from S3, but you can not unpack in S3, for example. If you want to upload the contents of your unpacked archives, you must unpack them locally on your laptop and then upload them to S3.

On Windows, you can use an S3 client, such as the S3 browser, to use your S3 storage.

Hopefully that helps 🙂

amazon web services – Manage AWS test and production environments

What is the best practice for separating product and test environments in AWS?

I can imagine two possibilities (let's say my website is called:

  1. Create two AWS accounts: blue-sky and test-blue-sky (create a test user under test account and a prod user under prod account).

  2. Create an AWS account: blue-sky. Create 2 users, prod and test. Test users have access to test servers and prod users have access to prod servers.

Which one is better? Any alternative approach?

Both scenarios mentioned above have the same disadvantage. Let's say our release manager has access to test and prod servers. He wants to blow up a test server because he has the credentials for both environments, falsely logs in with the credentials of Prod, and deletes the prod server.

amazon web services – Path-specific load balancing across multiple AWS Beanstalk applications

I currently have two AWS beanstalk applications: One for my web app server (web_beanstalk_env) and one for my api (api_beanstalk_env).

They are currently being routed via Route 53 as => api_beanstalk_env and => web_beanstalk_env each references its own load-balanced beanstalk deployment.

However, due to CORS issues, I would like the route => web_beanstalk_env and => api_beanstalk_env instead.

I've been thinking about introducing an application load balancer, but I'm not sure how to set the targets as beanstalk environments. Also, I can not refer to the auto scaled server targets as they change with deployment. I may be able to set the autoscale groups as targets, but I think they also change with the updates to the beanstalk configuration.

Does anyone have any experience with the device? Or is there another way?

amazon web services – Can not become an aws ec2 instance ssh (t2-micro)

I'm trying to ssh on my ec2 instance

ssh -i key.pem -vvv

However, I get an error:

The connection to was closed by the remote host.
Connection to closed.

Here is the protocol:

debug1: Attempting a private key: key.pem
debug3: sign_and_send_pubkey: RSA SHA256: xxx
debug3: Send package: Type 50
debug2: we sent a publickey package, wait for answer
debug1: Authentication successful (publickey).
Authenticated at ([]: 22).
debug1: channel 0: new [client-session]
debug3: ssh_session2_open: channel_new: 0
debug2: channel 0: send open
Debug3: Send package: Type 90
request debug1:
debug3: Send package: Type 80
debug1: Start interactive session.
Debug1: promise: network
debug3: send package: type 1
debug1: channel 0: free: client-session, nchannels 1
debug3: channel 0: status: The following connections are open:
# 0 client-session (t3 r-1 i0 / 0 o0 / 0 fd 4/5 cc -1)

The connection to was closed by the remote host.
Connection to closed.
Transfer: 2240 sent, 1572 bytes received, in 0.0 seconds
Bytes per second: 2975060.5 sent, 2087854.9 received
debug1: Ends the status -1

Could you help me to solve the problem?

Amazon RDS – AWS RDS loads data from the operations database

Foreword: I am totally new to AWS and its architecture

For my company, we want to load data from an internal database (accessible through SQL View) into AWS RDS.

The data itself will not be big.

For example, if I do this as an on-premise installation (Mircrosoft SQL Server), I would run an SSIS package through an agent job to load the data into the target database.

How can I achieve this basically with AWS?

You can explain how I am potato.

Many Thanks!

java – AWS lambda does not remove messages from the queue

I trigger a lambda function from an SQS event with the following code:

public Void handleRequest (SQSEvent sqsEvent, context context) {
for (SQSMessage sqsMessage: sqsEvent.getRecords ()) {
final String body = sqsMessage.getBody ();
To attempt {
// Do something here
} catch (exception ex) {
// Send to DLQ
return zero;

The "do stuff" calls another lambda function with the following code:

private AWSLambda end customer;
private final string functionName;

public lambdaService (AWSLambdaAsync client, String functionName) {
this.client = client;
this.functionName = functionName;

public void runWithPayload (String payload) { ("calling lambda {} with payload {}", functionName, payload);
last InvokeRequest request = new InvokeRequest ();
request.withFunctionName (functionName) .withPayload (payload);
final InvokeResult invokeResult = client.invoke (request);
final integer statusCode = invokeResult.getStatusCode (); ("Loaded lambda {} with payload {}. Receives status code {} and response payload {}",
Function name,
Status Code,
DefaultCharsets.UTF_8.decode (invokeResult.getPayload ()). ToString ());
if (statusCode.equals (200) == false) {
New IllegalStateException (String.format ("An error occurred while executing the lambda function% s with payload% s", functionName, payload));

I use the following libraries:





The problem is that the SQS message does not seem to have been removed from the queue and is being re-processed over and over again. It happens every 30 seconds, which is exactly the value of Standard visibility timeout, As far as I know, the lambda that consumes the sqs messages should now be automatically deleted from the queue, but this does not happen.
I do not think lambda will fail because there is no message in the DLQ (and I have a catch-all-block) and there is no stack trace in the Cloudwatch logs. I'm a bit confused about what's happening here. Does anyone have a good idea?

aws – Copy fields from the first line item to the header in MySQL (5.7 on Amazon)

We have a headers table (Opportunities) and a line item table (Opportunity_Details). Each header record contains 7 supplier information fields copied from the first (by record ID) line item record.

For new records, the application now executes this internally. However, this does not apply to tens of thousands of older header records.

If I had this problem on DB2 / 400 (or whatever IBM calls it this week), I'd just write a simple RPG "Cycle" program to do it. But it's not something I had to do in MySQL.

Is there a pure SQL method to do this?

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