How often can a B1/B2 visa holder visit the USA?

Yes, it is allowed. The major restriction is that you cannot use the B-2 visa to reside in the US. If you do that, you can expect that at some point an immigration inspector will refuse entry.

However, you’re not coming remotely close to that in terms of the amount of time you plan to spend in the US. There is no explicit restriction on the frequency of visits, and the duration is typically limited, as you have already seen, to six months.

Re-entering USA multiple times in a month using a B1/B2 visa

I want to visit USA from Bangladesh using my B1/B2 visa. After exploring the west coast of USA, I want to visit Vancouver in Canada from USA.

After the trip to Canada, I want to return to USA and take a flight to Mexico (flight from LA/LV to Mexico is much much cheaper than Vancouver) after my Canadian trip. Then, from Mexico, I want to enter USA again as my flight to my country is from NY.

To sum up, I will be visiting USA thrice in the span of 5 weeks. Will I face any problem in the immigration?

I have multiple entry visas for both USA and Canada.

Visa of Central American countries for Bangladeshi Citizen having a valid US B1/B2 Visa

I am a Bangladeshi citizen holding a valid US B1/B2 visa. I would like to plan a trip to the central American countries.

  1. Panama
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Hondurus
  5. El Salvador
  6. Guatemala
  7. Belize

Can I travel to each of them with a valid US B1/B2 visa?

According to Wikipedia Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala won’t allow and Belize will ask for $600 “repatriation fee”. However, I could not find any official reference for any of them.

Could someone point me to the right direction?

usa – I have a valid ESTA and I got refused a B1/B2 US Visa

Answer #1:
Your problem now is that even though you had (not have, had) an approved ESTA, you now would be required to answer Question 7 with a YES, instead of a NO.

  1. Have you ever been denied a U.S. visa you applied for with your current or previous passport, or have you ever been refused admission to the United States or withdrawn your application for admission at a U.S. port of entry?

Note that this question refers only to visas and not ESTA applications. Even if you have had a previous ESTA application denied, you should answer ‘no’ to this question provided you have not been denied a visa, been refused entry or withdrawn a visa application in the past.

If you have withdrawn a visa application, you will likely be considered suspicious due to the assumption that your withdrawal was likely out of fear of being denied.

As soon as your answer to any of the 7 qualification questions changes from No to Yes, your existing ESTA is considered void, and you have to reapply for a new ESTA. Because you applied for a B1/B2 visa and were denied, your answer to Question 7 is now YES.

It is not guaranteed that answering YES to question 7 will automatically deny you a new ESTA, but the probability is considered very likely.

Answer #2:
The US Customs and Border Protection is part of the US Department of Homeland Security and it (the CBP) runs the ESTA system. The US Department of State runs the Visa program. The Departments of State and Homeland Security have a memorandum of understanding to feed to and share information from IDENT, a single shared database. Therefore yes, if you were to attempt to enter an airport and pass through Customs to enter the US, the CBP Agents will know about your visa refusal. Guaranteed.

usa – I have a valid Esta Visa and i got Refused with B1/B2 US Visa

Why on Earth did you apply for a B1/B2 visa? Unless you’re staying for over 3 months, there was NO reason to do that.

No, you’ve now messed up your immigration record and cannot use ESTA ever again. You’ll have to get visas for the rest of your life, though on the bright side of things they’re usually valid for unlimited entries within 10 years (with a 6-month duration of stay each time – can be extended)

Can i transit through the US when working on a cruise ship with a B1/b2 visa?

as a crew member from South Africa working a cruise line. I normally have a C1/D visa, however I would also like to spend either a week or two at the end of my contract exploring a few places in the USA before flying home.

My C1/D visa is up for renewal… Should I get a B1/B2 visa instead and will it all me to transit to the vessels?

usa – Can Indian citizen with B1/B2 visa travel in foreign flights during COVID?

Indian government doesn’t place much restriction in traveling outside country. Most restrictions are placed by receiving countries. If you qualify for admission in receiving country, you can travel on Vande Bharat flights.

From this post, you need to qualify any of the following criteria in order to get admitted to USA. Without these, you won’t be allowed to board the flight.

US citizens and nationals
lawful permanent residents (green card holders)
spouses of citizens or LPRs
parents of unmarried citizens/LPRs under 21
siblings of citizens/LPRs, both unmarried and under 21
children, foster children, and adoptees of citizens/LPRs
air and sea crew members
diplomats and foreign officials
those granted exceptions by high-level officials

Just a valid B1/B2 visa doesn’t qualify.