usa – How can a mother-child relationship be proven for a baby pass if the mother's name on the birth certificate does not match the current legal name?

My wife's current official name is SARAH SMITH. On the birth certificate of my child is the line in which the mother is noted Mother's Name Prior to First Marriage that shows her name as DONGMEI HUANG.

My wife legally changed her name to SARAH SMITH during her naturalization process.

How do we prove the mother-child relationship when we apply for our child pass?

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dnd 5e – I want to bond with a baby dragon. Can I?

I just started playing D & D 5e. I'm playing an Ethereal Dwarf, Paladin Level 2, and my background is "Haunted One." With my background, I received a broken silver dragon pendant. My shocking event is also: "A monster has slaughtered hundreds of my people, but spared my life."

Now I have to set my background, which I hoped would be related to my shocking event and the rest, such as my personality traits, ideals, attachments, and mistakes. I was hoping my background would be like this:

I grew up in the clan of Ungart, where I stumbled upon a dragon egg one day. I took it and brought it back to my village where I and my brother, who was 78 at the time, took care of it. Months passed and the egg hatched. We have decided to name it (not yet decided). Years passed and the dragon grew from year to year, we were so happy, until this one day. Roaring in the distance, we discovered that a silver dragon had found our city. We fought against it, but failed. Hundreds died. Me and my brother survived, but what still brings me is that the dragon looked at us angrily and turned away as if he did not want to hurt us. I still do not know why. Now I'm on my way to bring justice to monsters that terrorize other people.

Can someone tell me if I have some attachment to the dragon, or does this story really not work in gameplay?