Objects in 3D space: color contrast to the background

Is there a tool that allows me to choose the right colors for the following:

  1. objects
  2. background

in the 3D room. Colors should have the right contrast.


An example of my background color options is:

Background Color: #c8c8c8c Object color: #576675

Background color = # c8c8c8

Background Color: #888888 Object color: #576675

Background color = # 888888

Background Color: #444444 object color #576675

Background color: # 444444

I will remove background ecommerce photos for $ 3

I will remove background ecommerce photos

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How long should the app's UI status be kept if the app is in the background? (Android)

I'm designing an Android app that allows people to watch medical data. Not only can users view live data, they can also scroll to review earlier data.

I'm trying to decide if if a user scrolls back to see older data, put the app in the background and back in the foreground, keep the app scrolled or show the latest data.

There are two conflicting goals: First, the UI should retain the status that the user left it in, so that it can continue its tasks after a phone call, for example. Second, the latest data (live data) is quickly visible when the app is reopened.

I see 3 possibilities:

  1. When the app regains focus, navigate to the latest (live) data. Disadvantage: When a user views past data, answers a call, and returns to the app, the UI state has changed and he needs to navigate back to the previous state.

  2. Keep the scrolled status even after days when the app did not open. Disadvantage: The scrolled state is probably no longer interesting for the user after some time.

  3. Define a time limit after which the app forgets the scrolled status and displays the most recent data as soon as focus is restored. A reasonable time would be 30 or 60 minutes, I think.

  4. Let the life cycle of the Android app handle. Basically, forget about scrolling status when Android decides to cancel the app process. My problem here is that I do not know how fast this usually happens. This may vary depending on the phone usage.

I have considered similar problems:

  • In messaging apps like WhatsApp, the conversation is still open when you place the app in the background and back in the foreground in a conversation (not an overview of all conversations).

  • If you scroll back to an earlier date in Google Calendar and put the app in the background and back in the foreground, the calendar will continue to scroll back.

In both cases, the app maker has decided to keep the status, but I do not know how long.

What is the best option? Do you know more about how Android's app life cycle affects you?

Background Slider to enlarge images so that only the center of the image is displayed

I'm new to WordPress (and website design in general), and I've added a background slider to my home page, but the pictures seem to be zoomed in so that only the center of the picture and not the entire picture is visible. I tried to get help from Godaddy, but they said I needed help from a WordPress developer. Can I adjust some settings to show the entire image? I use Divi Theme. The website is new.partnerpattern.com. It's just a temporary site that I want to build before we get it up and running. But I can not live it until this problem is resolved. Any help would be appreciated.

laravel – How do I add a background image with Dompdf?

I have been trying for days to add a background image to the view I created to generate the PDF document, but there is no way.
This is my controller:

function resultadodiploma()
   $primer_apellido = Auth::guard('usuario')->user()->primer_apellido;
   $segundo_apellido = Auth::guard('usuario')->user()->segundo_apellido;
   $diploma_usuario = UsuarioDiploma::get();
   $imagen_diploma = DB::table('imagen_diploma')
    ->join('usuario_diploma','usuario_diploma.proyecto_id', '=', 'imagen_diploma.proyecto_id')
    ->where('usuario_diploma.usuario_id', '=', Auth::guard('usuario')->user()->id)
   $pdf = PDF::loadView('Frontend.obtenerdiploma.obtenerdiploma', compact('dia', 'mes', 'year', 'nombre', 'primer_apellido', 'segundo_apellido', 'imagen_diploma', 'nombre_proyecto'))->setPaper('a4', 'landscape');
            return $pdf->download('diploma.pdf');

And it gives the view where the data go.



{{$nombre}} {{$primer_apellido}} {{$segundo_apellido}}.

{{$dia}} de {{$mes}} de {{$year}}

If I click on the appropriate button to download it, it will download correctly, but the picture will not … if the picture is added in this way /images/aspecto-proyecto/imagen_diploma/Proyecto 1/diploma.jpg if it works
I've already verified that the variables I get are not empty or null. The data I get from the controller is correct.

I would like to insert a background in 2 bottlenose dolphins on my page