SQL Express backup and recovery on different servers

I have translated an old ADP file format with Sql Express backend into a more recent VB frontend. To run the project, the owners had either connected me to VPN or Team Viewer on a connected computer to run the software, as it was painfully slow. I persuaded them to create a Bak file, and then I downloaded that Bak file and restored it to my local SQL Express server. I have not had any problems. Now I have never attached the transaction log to the DB only. I have added SPs and views to my local copy, and each time I perform the restore, the one I created that is not on the original server is still intact – which, to my surprise and delight, is great. Is that because I can not save the transition log, or is there another explanation? Also, is it safe to assume that any changes I make locally to an SP or view whose name exists in the original database will be overridden?

Recovery Mode – How do I create a backup image (* .ab) of an Android device that does not start up?

I am just an ordinary Android user and own 9-10 Android devices. My mother's Android device turned off automatically yesterday and got stuck in the company logo when it was restarted (Check_this_image_reference)

and was not turned on. The device is "10.or E" exactly this model.
My mother had some very important files in her phone memory that she can not compromise with. So she came to me and asked if I could turn it on without losing her files. I tried to turn on the phone with the combination of the three buttons (power + volume + volume). That did not do any good, but it was able to turn off the phone. Then I tried to switch to recovery mode (this is done by combining the power button and the volume up key) and to see if there is an option to fully back up the device as with my other device , Unfortunately, there was no way to create a "full system backup" on the SD card. There were a few other options. See these pictures:

Recover_Mode_1 Wiederherstellungsmodus_2 Wiederherstellungsmodus_3,

Since there was no way to make a full backup only with the device in question, I chose my PC to do the same. I have SDKs installed (SDK Manager ScreenShot) from all Android versions of Lollipop to Android 10 (do not know what they say). I turned off the phone and connected it to my PC via a USB cable (not sure if USB debugging is enabled or not). After connecting I tried to give the command adb for the backup (See this image for reference) However, no connection to the device could be established. In the list of my devices I see a device with the name Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM5) (Reference image)

This means that the device is recognized by the computer. Although the device is recognized by the computer, I can not create a backup with adb commands.
I do not know any other PC backup method than the sdk cmd adb method.

Since this is a very big problem because my mother's data are extremely important to her and she can not afford to lose that data, I need a working method to get the backup of her Android device before a new one Firmware or a factory / hard / soft reset is done. There are so many Android enthusiasts here who may or may have had this problem before. So if one of us could help me with this problem, it would be helpful not only for me, but for all loyal Android fans, exchange members.
Please help me, I have no choice.

Thanks in advance ❤️❤️❤️

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backup – How do I import a .mathcha file into mathtcha.io?

In mathcha it is possible to download the document as
on .mathchaFile, as you can see in Figure 1.
However, there seems to be no way to import this .mathchaFile again.
Even the "menu" (see Figure_2) only gives you the option to export a LaTeX file.
which you can import, by the way, but are not accepted,
because the exported latex code seems to be falsified.

So I do not know how to create a recoverable backup of my Mathcha documents.
if I am neither able, a .mathchaFile, still I can export a work .tex-File.

illustration 1

FIG. 2

Q: Is there a way, my .mathchaFile again,
Because if not, what are these files good for?

Backup job for log shipping that runs continuously for more than hours and days

We have a log shipping setup for some production databases as a DR purpose. The problem here is that the backup log job runs continuously in the primary database for more than hours and days. This problem is the same for all databases on this particular server. We checked everything, but there is no point in finding the cause. Please provide your valuable information to resolve this issue.

thank you in advance.

terminal – Copies Mac backup directories from one external drive to another

I chose the safest approach to making copies of my backups. In other words, my Mac backs up everything on an external drive and then copies the entire backup directory to the second external drive.

I've investigated and found that this command is appropriate for all files that should be moved from the source to the target directory and synced:

rsync -av --delete /Volume/Drive1/MyPictures/ /Volume/Drive1/MyPictures

This worked pretty well for every directory I save on the external hard drive except the backup directories from Mac. Running causes an error:

rsync -av --delete /Volume/Drive1/Backups.backupdb/ /Volume/Drive1/Backups.backupdb

failed: Operation not permitted (1)
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23)

Any suggestions on how to do that? I tried rsync -rtb and got the same mistake. Manual copying with Finder also warns The operation can’t be completed because backup items can’t be modified.

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The log shipping backup job runs for hours and days

We made it log shipping for some databases as DR in our production environment.

Now the problem is log shipping backup job Runs continuously more than hours and days on the primary server. We checked everything but can not identify the cause. We use the same setup and configuration on a different production server and it works properly.

Please provide your valuable information and let me know.

SQL Server – The database does not contain any current data after restoring the last full backup

When you perform a database recovery, all your current data and objects – tables, views, functions, procedures – are lost in the database, and you receive all the objects in the database whose full backup has been restored.

If you were not aware of this: Verify that a scheduled job has been run on the report server that has performed a full backup and that the backup is healthy. If the backup is healthy, you can restore it to a different database or database as needed.

Ideally, you should have made a full backup of your reporting database before restoring your production database through this server.

Hope helps up.