backup – How do I find my OneNote notebooks so I can back them up before doing a complete system wipe?

Okay so there’s many issues with this. Ive worked mostly offline recently for OneNote. so nothings synced to the web. I use the desktop app for the program. under X account. when i try to log in to sync it all on the web it says there is no account for x account. which there should be. OneDrive has some of my notebooks. but they are not up to date. and it wont sync. ive tried going to C:Users<user>AppDataLocalMicrosoftOneNote<ver> . only thing in there is a backup folder thats empty. a cache folder with like 4 files 3 that are .bin (4kb) and a header file. and a tmp folder (empty).

I hope that’s enough information to help me.
need to find my up to date notebooks so I can back them up, wipe my system completely and reinstall. doing a system restore and keeping my files is not an option.

also wont be using that account anymore so getting it to work isnt a concern unless it gets me to where they can be backed up.

Trying to backup my iPhone 6s with an unresponsive screen

A month or so ago I dropped my iPhone 6s and the screen stopped working. When I turn the screen on, I can interact with the screen for maybe half a second. Then I have to turn the screen back off and on again to interact for another half second. After the half second is up, the screen starts to get these pink links and spots that cover the screen and the screen becomes unresponsive. I decided since it was already an old phone it was better to just get a new iPhone rather than having to send this one into Apple and wait weeks for it to be fixed (on top of the fact that the fix itself would probably cost more than the phone is worth).

I just bought the iPhone 12 Pro and will be picking it up on October 24. However, the last time my iPhone backed up was October 12 (which it did automatically). While I haven’t been using the phone recently (obviously), I’ve still received texts and other notifications that I would like to keep. I tried to make it backup automatically by plugging it in and waiting overnight, but when I check iCloud it still says the last backup was Oct 12. I think it has stopped backing up automatically every 24 hours because when I turn my phone on and sign in using my fingerprint, it asks me to enter my Apple ID password. Obviously I can’t type it in, because I can’t work with the screen for longer than half a second. If I rapidly click cancel, the next time I turn the screen on it pops back up. I tried using a voiceover and my laptop keyboard to enter the password manually and navigate around to make the phone backup, but no dice (unless I’m doing it wrong?). I saw a YouTube video where the guy seemed to be doing this method successfully but it does not seem to be working for me (

Am I going wrong somewhere? Or any ideas as to how to backup my iPhone?

Thank you for your time pals 🙂

sharepoint on prem – SP 2016 Granular Backup Job Status always shows An export is currently in progress

In my SharePoint 2016, On premises environment. I wanted to restore a particular list from a DB backup file, for that I’ve restored and attached to my SharePoint DB,

I went to Central Administration –> Backup and Restore –> Export a site or list –> Filling Options –> Start Export.

The status is keep on showing as operation initializing, and never changes. Even i let ir undisturbed overnight, but still the same status.

enter image description here

I checked the Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Check Job Status -> Running Jobs, this Job is not yet adding into the list.

enter image description here

When i checked Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Review Job Definitions -> Scheduled by – one time is visible , even if i open it and click on Run Now, it will behave the same way

Also i checked the timer service, it will still running.

Can anyone please help me to completed this Job, what Am i missing here. Appreciate a quick help.
enter image description here

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windows server 2019 – Google Backup and Sync on my Google Compute Engine

I’m not very technical, sorry! I need help figuring out why my Google Backup and Sync is not working on my cloud server. We have a Google Drive where our clients upload video files, we use software to monitor the google drives and process new files. Our clients upload files and they do not get processed until I logon to the server. Does that mean Backup and Sync is only active for my local account and is not in use for the entire server? I am the owner and the system shows me as the admin for local server. Maybe I’m not logging in as the system admin, but rather a local admin. Help, please.

updates – Whatsapp keep asking to set up backup then stucks at setup screen

Everytime I open whatsapp it goes to the setup backup screen. After selecting backup frequency and clicking done, it goes no further.
If I want to read a message I have to go from the message alert at the top of the home screen then after reading it as I exit whatsapp it goes to the backup setting first then I have to exit again.

I have installed a new version over the old but same error.
just so you know it was working fine up to a week ago

Apart from uninstalling then reinstalling any suggestions?
Reason why I dont want to uninstall at first is because its a phone that was marketed for the domestic Chinese market and I had to go tru various options to get the google play store and such installed.

any help would be greatly apreciated.