Bad experiences with Bannaz someone?

I recently had Bannaz create a banner that turned out to be great. I have an additional agreement that he will make me another 6 banners and I have sent him the payment. I was really excited about the results of the first banner.

Out of nowhere he refunds my money and 15 minutes later comes an apology that something happened and he could not do it anymore.

Very disappointed with Bannaz

Many thanks

core – Is it a bad code symptom to need a file before loading through WordPress itself?

There is much if( !function_exists(... { require ABSPATH . '/file.php in the industry. We did not crash, the world is still alive, but I'm wondering Is not this one of the worst things you can do in an event-driven system like WordPress?

At first glance, you only include classes / functions that do nothing by the requirement, right? Not correct. If you have to require a file, you also plan to use a feature. In this function it could be do_action this should only be triggered once and at the right time, but you are firing it here. What if a critical code relies on triggering this action at a specific time when a resource is available?

Should not we then have many errors in the ecosystem?

What do I understand wrong here? Theoretically, it seems like you're exposing yourself to so many serious mistakes, but we're all fine.

magento2.3 – Magento 2.3 png gif Image quality are bad

Magento 2.3 png gif Image quality is poor, background not good, popup image is very large, but original image is small

1. Product view page:
2. JPG images are good:
3. but PNG, GIF files are not displayed well:

I can manage the image background with CSS, but the image quality of PNG is very bad

PHP – Changing MySQL tables on the fly – bad idea?

I recently saw a comment on StackOverflow, which says it's a bad idea to change tables on the fly.

In my case I have one json File containing information about some "products". One of these information tells other programs which column in a data table refers to this product. This id is not user-defined.

I have some php Features for adding / deleting products json File, but during these functions, a column in a table must either be added or removed.

$sql = 'ALTER TABLE products ADD '.$id.' VARCHAR(11)';
$stmt = $mysql->prepare($sql);
$execute = $stmt->execute();
    $build = ("name"=>$product_name, "release"=>$release_date, "details"=>$details, "id"=>$id);
    $products = json_encode($products,JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);
    $file = fopen("./crm.json","w+");
    //error message

Could someone explain why this can be a bad idea?

Ajax – Is a global nonce a bad idea?

I am trying to build a centralized system that delegates certain functions and provides some useful services for handling AJAX calls. Basically, I want to stupefy the whole charade of checking parameters, making sure they are alright, ensuring that the user has the right skills etc in a single system.

However, there is a problem with nonces. In my understanding, a nonce should protect only from CSRF. It is a simple mechanism for generating a unique string based on who the user is, the action and the time.

The problem is that the nonce must always be located in the script it should pass as a security argument to an AJAX call. This means that the backend can not know in advance how the nonce will be called.

When I do:

that's equivalent to wp_localize_script with the nonce as a parameter, The script only knows the generated string, not the name of the nonce wpdocs-special-stringTherefore, my system can not check_ajax_referer( 'wpdocs-special-string'),

What exactly would be wrong about generating a global nonce so that every AJAX request is compared to this nonce?

mac – Why does my bloodless output sound bad when the input is on?

When I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Mac and an application uses the input, the output quality is extremely compromised. Why is this? How can I fix it?

This can be reproduced by going to the Input tab of System Preferences while listening to music in the background.

The following video shows what's going on in the Audio MIDI Setup. The format seems to be reduced to 16 kHz.

Website design – images look bad with perfect heel width

I'm working on a WordPress template and trying to maintain the perfect linewidth of ~ 70 characters. My blog contains many posts and most posts contain at least one picture per paragraph, usually more. So the site is pretty media heavy.

1. BAD

Enter image description here

The above screenshot shows the post content view with a wrapper 1140px wide. It is extremely difficult to read, since one line consists of up to 150 characters. Maybe everything looks fine at first glance, but in reality it's extreme
laborious to read only after a few lines.

2. GOOD (?)

Enter image description here

And here paragraphs are compressed to 700px, giving a pleasant 50-80 characters per line.

In my opinion, it looks pretty good, but I'm not sure if it's okay if the images are so much wider than text (they're still at 1140px)? At first it looks good, but when I scroll through 10 pictures per post my eyes jump from the middle of the page (text) to the left (pictures) and that quickly gets irritating. Or maybe I'm overreacting and everything is alright?

3. MIXED (?)

Enter image description here

Aligning the text might help a little here, but nobody wants to read a well-founded text. In addition, I find that the pictures with a width of 700px are much too small, everything looks really compressed. I think it could be worse than point 1, but I'm not sure.

My question is how to tackle this problem. Is your number 2 okay? Maybe I should change something? Typography is really hard and all hints would be very grateful!

Graphics – Model colors look much better in Blender than in Unity (LWRP). How to fix bad colors in Unity LWRP?

AO is a costly effect so of course it is not supported in LWRP.

It sounds like you are not baking your textures. In general, it's not a good idea to import material settings directly from Blender:

  • Some settings can not be imported, so your material in Unity often looks different. Blender was primarily developed for pre-rendered graphics, while Unity was developed for real-time graphics. This means that Blender has all sorts of texture and lighting settings that are not identical in Unity.
  • Often you have a mesh that uses 5 – 10 different materials, which makes rendering the mesh more expensive
  • After importing enough models, your project will be filled with an overwhelming number of imported materials, making it nearly impossible to find a specific material using the search bar.

Texture baking refers to creating a UV-imaged texture from the material and lighting settings that you have configured in your 3D modeling software (Blender in this case). This is the only way to restore the appearance of AO without an expensive post-process shader. Gradients, patterns, AO, etc. can be baked into a single albedo / diffuse texture that is cost effective to render. If necessary, you can also bake mirror cards, regular cards, etc.

Baking textures is an essential skill for any 3D artist working with a game engine. If you do not know how to bake textures, you should immediately learn this:

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Architecture – Is it a bad practice to let an object state react to its dependencies?

Today I tried an implementation MenuTabSelector This is responsible for selecting and maintaining the status of one of the tabs in my project's menu.

The interface looks something like this:

public MenuTabSelector(UserInput); // constructor
public MenuTab GetCurrentTab(); // state accessor

And one of the use cases of this class is for example:

UserInput userInput = new UserInput();
MenuTabSelector menuTabSelector = new MenuTabSelector(userInput);


Assert.IsTrue(menuTabSelector.GetCurrentTab() == UserTab.Inventory);

After writing this case, I wondered if it was a smell I had MenuTabSelector changed his condition due to events in one of his dependencies.

For example, I could implement it without that UserInput Dependency by using something like this:

public MenuTabSelector(); // constructor
public void SelectNextTab(); // command
public MenuTab GetCurrentTab(); // state accessor

Written with the same use case as follows:

MenuTabSelector menuTabSelector = new MenuTabSelector();


Assert.IsTrue(menuTabSelector.GetCurrentTab() == UserTab.Inventory);

And with that the connection between UserInput and MenuTabSelector could be done in a higher level of abstraction, with this such

// App
// ...
userInput.OnPressRight.Subscribe(menuTabSelector.SelectNextTab); // event subscription
// ...

Is it a smell to implement a component that changes state due to events in one of its injected dependencies? If so, what problems should I expect from this approach?