uk – 10 years ban after , what next

In 2011 I solicited an agent to get me a school in London after which he procured the documents for filling the application,little did I know the bank statement was fake which resulted to a nothing seems to have changed after 10years, I applied for masters degrees recently and was asked to fill an UKVI form before a CAS would be issued but to my dismay the school said they can’t continue because of my previous immigration history . So what are my chances if I get a solicitor, secondly the agent was based in the UK , so I reported the matter at the time to the police .

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authentication – What is different between SVO logic versus BAN logic?

While reading about authentication protocols, I saw on Wikipedia on Burrows-Abadi-Needham logic:

In some cases a protocol was reasoned as secure by the BAN analysis
but were in fact insecure.[3] This has led to the abandonment of
BAN-family logics in favor of proof methods based on standard
invariance reasoning.[citation needed]

Then in this paper by Syverson I see:

In response to this diversity, Syverson and van Oorschot devised a
logic, SVO, that was intended to unify the above predecessors [SvO94,

This is fairly technical material — is there a more layman-level simple description of how the SVO logic improves upon BAN? I am also wondering to what extent the BAN-based logic is actually really “abandoned” in computer security.

❓ASK – Do you think China is likely to ban bitcoin given their past track record? | Proxies-free

It is possible too. Even when they banned facebook or youtube, they have developed their own chinese Facebook and YouTube specifically designed for chinese users only. But those apps are wholly regulated by the govt. I think even if they launch their own crypto, that will also remain under control of the govt.

❕NEWS – Netherland Should Not Ban Crypto Says Netherland Finance Minister | Proxies-free

Netherland is working on how to ban cryptocurrency activities in their country due to economic crises but Wopke Hoekstra the finance minister to the country is on the other side of the post as to the country’s decision, He said supervising or regulating the Crypto currency activities despite the risk or volatile nature is better than outright ban .

I feel the government show consider his opinion been a financial expert.

Do github ban users for commiting bad repositories just like stackoverflow for asking bad questions?

Define bad. If by bad you mean low quality, no. They don’t care- github is an acceptable place to use while you learn. You can also use private repos to not share the code if you wish.

If by bad you mean possibly illegal (virus, ransomware, etc) they do have an Acceptable Use Policy and could choose to ban you for violating that. Here’s a copy of it

character creation – How can I limit (but not outright ban) exotic races?

This question could only be answered perfectly if we knew the setting and system you play in. Or even the playstyle. My whole answer is based on the simple fact, that my groups are very character-roleplay heavy. Dungeon Delving is rare.

Let me bring some examples of how systems/settings encourage or discourage some options first:

  • Exalted has you play a Chosen one. You are a special snowflake by definition and are encouraged to stick out. You can only play a non-exotic by opting to be plain human, and even then you stick out.
  • The Dark Eye packs racial flaws/traits with most races. Lizard men can’t be played effectively north of the jungle, Elves from elven cultures are so aloof that they have no concept of money and can get ill from longing for home. Some other races and cultures are discouraged by fluff: Orcs are outlaw anywhere but the Orc steppe, the people from Thorwal are often treated as pirates, human cultures that haven’t reached middle ages standards are prone to be arrested for disturbing the peace.
  • Shadowrun comes with a boatload of racial baggage for any non-standard meta-human, and packages most options with unpayed, unremovable flaws. In most areas, most of the not-meta-human options (AI, Shifter, Cerberus etc.) are rightless property/animals.

Ok, let’s look at games that are more akin to TDE and SR at first. Scarity of some splats is wired by game mechanics. Others are discouraged by fluff. But that is setting dependant.

Exalted goes the other way and embraces the difference. The more snowflake you are, the better.

Now, here is the question. How to guide the players to not choose such options?

Be clear from the onset.

If you don’t allow certain races, just say so. In a campaign I ran in TDE in the northern town Greifenfurt, I banned certain cultures and races from the onset because they were not feasible or logical. Elves I soft-banned, requiring people to be experienced players to play them because of the many extra rules they have. Knowing the premise of the campaign – the players being agents of a human kingdom – only 3 out of 14 (rotating) players chose a non-human: two dwarves, one elf. I generally said something like this:

This Campaign is set in the northern town of Greifenfurt, and set during the third Orc War. As a result, Orcs, Goblins, and Lizardpeople are not player options at all. For Elves from elvish cultures, I require the appropriate RP according to the splatbook on them.

Limit the options

At times it can help to just limit the options. In a Pathfinder game that I ran at a convention, I had put out the open call for players. But I had also listed from the start, that players could only play stuff from the core rules. That by itself put all those funky races and exotics out of the players’ minds and nobody felt they were lacking anything. If anything, by limiting the rules available, players were more focused. The ad read something like this:

Pathfinder, Core Rules only, Lvl. 2, 3 to 6 players, “The Mansion of Mr. Morning”

Exotics need to pay Backstory Tax

Back to the one campaign, I ran in the town of Greifenfurt. Player here required to have some backstory, and the more exotic your character was, the more was required. But it wasn’t just racial choices that I taxed like that, but culture and profession choices also could be what needed more than a minimum of explanation. Also, anything that wasn’t defined in the backstory was undefined and could be defined at any moment by the player or GM by elaborating on it.

Generally, the more explanation was needed to get them into the town, the more backstory tax was required. The absolute baseline was one paragraph of about 5 sentences that establish who one was. As an example, the smuggler character did only give me that, but we used extensively the option to define old stuff later in the campaign. The Dwarves were fairly uncomplicated, so they just had to offer some solid two paragraphs establishing a little more about their likes and such.

The two most exotic characters for the campaign were the priest of the god of truth and light and the elf. Both had the highest tax of a full page of backstory that needed to illuminate specific points. I got back 2 and 5 pages respectively, and both players added to those during the campaign.

Not only did that backstory tax help players to engage with what they wanted to play, but it also encouraged the less creative players to choose simple options, as well as gently discourage the real exotics. And in addition, it gave me the help to explain why the character was joining a secret mission that required denouncing who they were and worked for at some point.

As a last note: backstory still was subject to approval by the GM, so ludicrous backstories that broke with the premise of the campaign were not an option.

character creation – How to limit (but not outright ban) exotic races?

Usually, there is no problem with the party being a ragtag bunch of characters from distant lands. So long as each party member has some reason to be there and to stay there, the statistical unlikeliness of the scenario doesn’t really matter. This even let’s the group gain renown for being so unusual in its cast. But in the extremely rare case where the party makeup would be so infeasible (or literally impossible), I have done the following:

Determine a cap on the number of exotic characters in a party.
Tell my players about this beforehand and explain to them why there is a cap (they may find a flaw in your logic that means the problem never existed in the first place).

Note: I do this (and almost all character building) as part of a Session Zero. I will give details on the world beforehand so people can have some ideas for a character, but I ask that not too much of it is concrete. Then everybody build parts of the world and its characters together (this means people won’t walk in with a full character concept that simply cannot exist in the universe I am using).

Then ask the players if they have a specific way they want to resolve the issue (maybe they want random chance, or a priority list, or a friendly debate).
Ask if any of them would be just as happy picking a different race or a different character entirely. This can remove people from the pool immediately.
Ask if any of them want the race solely for mechanical benefits (I value character concepts and backstories above optimization).
See if this would be the first time playing an exotic race for any of them (this lets you remove everybody else from the pool).

If too many people still remain, I like to have them talk it through amongst themselves. I’ve never done anything else in this situation, and if you truly do need something quick and efficient it may be best to just roll a die or have them rate how much they want to play their character.