Facebook banned

Hope everyone is fine. I have a question about Facebook. You recently blocked my account permanently and I sent emails asking why. Basically, they will only receive the same email that they cannot use to verify the account. I set up an account with the wrong name so the ID I sent them didn't match. I've tried opening new accounts, but all are flagged as suspicious or similar. Then I can't get into these new accounts. Could it be my IP address or something? I…

Facebook banned

Huawei banned by Canadian military, licensed in London, should stop worrying about US telecommunications, according to the latest US intelligence report

Canada is the only member of the so-called Five-Eyes network of nations that have not yet decided what to do with Huawei. Australia and New Zealand followed the United States' lead in the ban, but the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson opted for a mixed approach in a January 28 decision that disappointed the White House.

Canada’s military wants Trudeau to ban Huawei from 5G networks: report

The China divide contributed to a 16 percent decline in exports to the Asian power plant last year, with the largest decrease in data going back to 1997.

Trudeau's Minister of Public Security said last month that the government was reviewing the UK's decision. A total ban could mean companies like BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. Forcing to pull out existing Huawei devices to pick up a new supplier, Globe and Mail reported.


According to US officials, Huawei Technologies Co. has "covertly-backed law enforcement" access to cellular networks around the world as Washington tries to persuade allies to exclude the Chinese company from its networks.

According to news service, Huawei has had this secret ability for more than a decade, U.S. officials said. Huawei rejected the allegations.

Users banned from using emotes on YouTube livestream! | Forum Promotion

Markiplier users have been suspended and their appeals for spam emotes denied during his livestream. Users are banned from Google Accounts, emails, Play Store, all Google! Some users have reported that they have access to their accounts again, but have lost their videos and content.
I totally disagree with Google when it came to blocking users.

Would you be happy if CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, NYT and all other MSMs were banned in the US?

Then we would only have right propaganda. I will get REAL news, thank you.

It's really strange that the only way Trumpsters can cover their heads with fake reality is to assume that ANY OTHER MESSAGE ORGANIZATION LIES ON THE PLANET. This includes international news organizations like BBC News.

Web Development – Why do the web page links to Google's search results and my site's Facebook-enabled web pages, when clicked, show 403 banned errors?

I have a website. It works well. But since yesterday, when I click on the web page link "Google Search Result" of my website, the following error appears:

You do not seem to have permission to access this page. 403 errors. Forbidden.

When I share the web page link on my website on my Facebook page and then click on the link on the shared web page, the same error will be displayed.

In both cases, however, I copy the link of the website (from the Google search results or the Facebook page) and paste it into the browser. Then it will open without problems, without an error being displayed.

I use Hostgator Shared Hosting.

I'm really confused why that happens? Please lead me. After day and night, I managed to get traffic, and now this problem is taking away the reputation acquired in the eyes of the search engine and the graph in the analysis is falling down.

I hope you understood the problem. Please help. Thank you in advance.

Why do Conservatives believe that criminals would not give up all their semi-automatic weapons if they were banned?

Surely you would … right after you robbed two banks and you're ready to retire and live a good life because you cast your AR.

No one believes that the criminals will voluntarily give up their weapons. But if offensive weapons are banned, mere possession is a crime. So these criminals and their ARs are taken off the streets. And la Pierre would be happy because we have the guy who pulls the trigger. "Weapons do not kill, people do."

dnd 5e – What happens if a True Polymorphed Simulacrum is affected by Dispel magic, but only the Simulacrum spell is banned?

In my Tier 4 game session, something very strange happened last Sunday night: One player had a simulacrum that was True Polymorphed (in a red Abishai) for over an hour (became "permanent"). One enemy turned on Dispel Magic in the 3rd level on True Polymorphed Simulacrum and passed the DC17 exam for Simulacrum, but failed the DC19 exam for True Polymorph.

I decided that it was an actual, real, independent (will-less) creature (here a red Abishai), but I'm not sure that was right.

What happens if a True Polymorphed Simulacrum is affected by Dispel magic, but only the Simulacrum spell is banned?

Do Americans have freedom when Conservatives are banned from social media and YouTube?

Can a store enforce a sign saying "no shirt, no shoes, no service" or "we reserve the right to refuse service"? Can a baker refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple? If you answer yes to one or both questions, companies can deny you access to their small or large businesses. If you have a market for conservative social media, start your platform. But this has zero to do with freedom and it's all about market share and stock value.