big sur – Touch Bar on my MBP isn’t context-aware

I have a 2020 MBP 13″ running macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta.

The Touch Bar no longer shows icons relative to the active app – for example, when using Safari I’d expect to see Safari-specific actions. Mine just shows the default set (brightness, mission control, media controls, etc).

It definitely showed app-specific actions previously – I’d expect to see them for Safari, Pages, Numbers, PhpStorm etc. No idea when this stopped.

I’ve tried resetting it to the defaults in System Preferences, but it’s not the defaults that are the issue – it’s when in an application.

python – Matplot lib : scalling of the axes on bar plot

I am using following script to plot cluster populations using two lists contained x and y data

# calculate clusters using encore method
cluster = encore.cluster(u, select="all", superposition=False, method=encore.DBSCAN(eps=1))

# make list of population of each cluster;
cluster_sizes= (len(c) for c in cluster.clusters)
# make list of the cluster number;
cluster_numbers=(x+1 for x in range(0,len(cluster_sizes)))

# plot data, cluster_sizes)
plt.title('Cluster Populations')

The problem that sometimes on the resulted bar plot the values are ranged by 0.5 along both X and Y (see the enclosed picture as the example). How I could plot only integers along the both axes? In my example graph the X should be scalled from 0 to 20 (avoiding 0.5 spacings) and the Y from 0 to 18 (thus enter image description hereavoiding these unused 0.5 spacings)

mac – Is it possible to control volume by hovering and scrolling anywhere in the macOS menu bar like what I can do with “7+ Taskbar Tweaker?”

I use both Macs and PCs. Macs are great but here’s one thing
I can do on my PCs that I have not been able to find how to do
in macOS.

On my PCs (Windows 7 and Windows) I have a utility called “7+ Taskbar Tweaker.”

That has an option to allow me to control the speaker volume
by putting the mouse anywhere in the taskbar and as I scroll
up/down while the mouse is still in the taskbar the volume
changes up/down:

enter image description here

This is really very handy and so much more efficient than how
volume control is done in macOS where one has to:

  • Mouse up to the menu bar.
  • Click on the speaker.
  • Mouse over to the speaker slide.
  • Scroll and adjust the volume.

I’m hoping there is a way to have the same ability in a Mac that
I have in my PCs i.e., to control the volume by simply mousing
up to anywhere in the Menu bar and then simply scrolling up/down
to change the volume up/down.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know of a way to have this in a Mac?

Can I replace the search bar with Programmable Search by Google?

I have the Savia theme which is no longer being supported by the developer. The search bar shows up on the top right-hand corner of the page, so I was thinking of adding the script Google provides when creating a custom search bar right where it’s at.

Location of Search Bar on site

I’m not entirely sure where to put this code in my theme files, nor will it work.

Has anyone done this before? If so, did it work?

Any sort of help is appreciated. Thank you!

audio – Controlling a Sony Bravia TV and sound bar with an Apple TV

hopefully, this is the right forum, for this question because I have no idea who else to ask.

I want my apple TV to control my TV and soundbar. This includes sleep/wake functionality as well as volume and mute.

My soundbar can be connected by an optical cable or HDMI. As I understand it, optical cables are incapable of passing signals (on/off/volume), and only pass data. based on what I have observed this appears to be true. If I plug in the HDMI cable from HDMI2 on the TV to the HDMI3 port on the soundbar(Only port on the rear of the unit), it will turn on and off with the TV remote or the Apple TV remote and volume and mute controls work. The only issue is, when I turn on the Apple TV, it signals the TV and soudbar to wake and sends a signal for the TV to switch to HDMI1 (The HDMI port that the Apple TV is plugged into). The problem is that either the TV or the Apple TV is sending a signal to the soundbar, setting it to HDMI1.

If I unplug the HDMI cable between the TV and the soundbar, just using the optical cable, and set up custom IR controls for the soundbar in the Apple TV remotes menu, I am able to adjust sound and mute, but there is no other connectivity. The good part is that the input does not change, but the bad part is that the Apple TV isn’t able to turn on/off the soundbar.

This has to be a common configuration. Has anyone else worked around this?

Preserving the order of status bar icons between restarts

Is there any way to preserve the order of icons on status bar between restarts of the system? I know I can reorder them manually using Command key and mouse drag and drop, but this order is not preserved between the restarts. The order seems to be according to the order the apps managed to load on system start, but this isn’t always the same.

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usability – Exposing dropdowns in nav bar

Our team is currently debating on which navbar layout they should go with. The main discussion point is whether we should expose dropdowns on the navbar.

These dropdowns are for selecting a customer and campaigns created under the customer. In the first layout, they are positioned next to navbar items.

Layout 1

layout #1

And we have another version that keeps customer/campaign selectors under the settings panel.

Layout 2

layout #2

Those who support the first proposal thinks that it is inconvenient to open the settings panel to check & change a current customer and campaign.

Those who support the second proposal think that the inconvenience from opening the settings panel is insignificant therefore keeping it under the settings panel for less visual clutter. Moreover, they support this idea because it is “safer” from various screen sizes as it ensures the adequate amount of spacing among navbar elements.

What do you guys think about the pros and cons of each layout and which one would you go with?

css – Remove the extra scroll bar on page

I am seriously stuck on this issue, I have tried hiding the overflow in every element on the page, I have tried unsuccessfully to insert some type of CSS in the page, and I am generally at my wits end here. All I know is that in the HTML the overflow parameter in the body has overflow set to auto. I do not know how to change this. 🙁

Have isolated the issue in the elementor editor to be the form. But do not know what about the form is causing the scroll bar to appear yet.

Here is the page: