Sales Order – Some bars are not loaded in Magento2 Admin

I added a customer group Column in the customer grid during order creation For Magento2, I filtered this grid basis according to two specific customer groups.

The customer grid works fine, but the module is affected by admin on some other grids. Example: The grid "Customer groups" in the customer menu is not loaded. The Themes grid and the Configuration grid in the Contents menu are also not loaded.

layout File is

[vendor][module] view  adminhtml  layout  sales_order_create_customer_block.xml

Like this

                [vendor][module] Model  ResourceModel  Order  Customer  Collection
                    customer group

Data Source Class is

[vendor][module] Model  ResourceModel  Order  Customer  Collection.php

Like this:

joinField (
& # 39; # 39 ;, & customer group
& # 39; # 39 ;, & customer group
& # 39; # 39 ;, & customer_group_code
& # 39; customer_group_id = group_id & # 39 ;,
& # 39; left & # 39;
return $ this;



and this class is for filtering:


getParam ($ this-> getVarNameFilter (), null)) {
$ this-> getCollection () -> addFieldToFilter (& # 39; customer_group & # 39 ;, array (& # 39; in & # 39; =>) ['retailer','wholesale']));
parent :: _ prepareCollection ();

Should progress bars accurately reflect how close the operation is to long operations?

I am creating a simple application. There is a specific operation that will take a very long time (~ 15 minutes), and I hope a progress bar will be displayed indicating how short the operation is to complete.

I've noticed that for some applications, progress bars are loaded slightly faster at the beginning than at the end. It may be due to the operation being performed, but it also appears to be a good strategy to keep the end user less frustrated, as it seems to load quickly, but in the end it does not go that fast.

Is this a good strategy to make users happier with long operations? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Dashboard – How do I show progress bars and value in a compact space?

Attempting to keep the number in the bar may give users information less fast, which corresponds to what a dashboard wants to achieve: insight into the status at a glance.

You can get more contrast by dragging the number up and zooming in. Then the progress is displayed as a contrast line, reserving the color just for the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are progressing.

Enter the image description here

I'm not sure what your other limitations are, but if the violet requires more contrast, you can make the text and the bar darker, but they can work visually as a unit.

It's easier to read an outstanding 7% than to calculate the fill position in the progress bar. Their current design is the other way around: The bar is prominent, but I'm learning the text.

Instead of two violet hues, gray stands for the lack of perfection.

Combinatorics – cut probability for stars and bars

There is a vector $ vec {x} $ the length $ N $consisting of ones and zeros. Initially $ sum_i x_i = N ^ x_I $, Now every value is from $ vec {x} $ that's equal to zero flips too $ 1 $ with the probability $ p $, Let's call the resulting values $ vec {x} & # 39; $, The sum after this operation is $ sum_i x_i & # 39; = N ^ x_F $,

There is also a vector $ vec {y} $ the length $ N $that behaves analogously.

Define the dot products as well $ D = vec {x} cdot vec {y} $, $ D = vec {x} & # 39; cdot vec {y} & # 39; $

question: Treasure MLE and its variance of $ D $, given $ p, N, N ^ x_F, N ^ y_F, D & # 39; $, Note that $ N ^ x_I $ and $ N ^ y_I $ are not known.

gui design – Do two search bars have to be displayed on the same page?

As Avish Vijay has stated, in my opinion, it is not necessarily a bad idea to do two searches if one search is a global search and the other is context sensitive for the function on a particular page. However, it is important to emphasize the difference in contextual search, and currently you are not clearly explaining why the context-sensitive search differs from the global search.

Why is the magnifying glass icon and the global search link in the top navigation bar on a separate line? I do not understand the screenshot the way it is.

Do * ALL * mobile / touch browsers have "invisible" scroll bars in scrollable areas?

No. You can never expect a particular feature to be implemented the same across all variants and vendors of a software type.

Devil. Often companies and platforms even have internal differences. Try doing a Google search for all sliders in Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on.

In this particular case, a 1-minute search in the Google Play Store led to the browser "old but gold":

Enter the image description here