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NOTE: The password for the site is Fork. You will probably need to purchase or have a Divi license to keep the Elegant Themes Theme Divi up to date.

Why are you selling this website?
I lost interest in completion and ranking and moved on to another project. (as I always lol)

How is it monetized?
You can associate it with the completed subscription purchase of Forks Meal Planner, which gives you 28% of the sale through the MaxBounty network.

Is this site coming with social media accounts?

How long does it take to run this site?
Quit it, grab some backlinks and maybe keep the blog entries every week, and you should start seeing sales. This is an exact match domain so it should be easy to rank.

What are the challenges of running this site?
I do not know any, but according to Google Ads Keyword Planner, the term "Fork Meal Planner Review" is searched 1-100 times a month.

c ++ – Different runtime behavior based on usage history

I'd like to write a hash table that stores usage statistics and, depending on usage, uses different implementations at runtime. For example, use one implementation for small hashed tables and another for large tables (or tweek parameters to maximize cache hits).

How do I handle C ++?

I'm open to using experimental features of C ++ 20, as this is a training project for me and not a production code.

c ++ – Reflective hash table based on usage

I'd like to write a hash table that stores usage statistics and, depending on usage, uses different implementations at runtime. For example, use one implementation for small hashed tables and another for large tables (or tweek parameters to maximize cache hits).

How do I handle C ++?

I am open to experimental reflection implementations as this is an educational project for me and not a production code.

Geolocation – How can I redirect a "master" domain to other domains based on the visitor country?

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to acquire a "master" domain, but it's just to redirect visitors to country-specific external domains. Sounds confusing, but here is an example of what I mean:

I buy a domain ABCXYZ.comIf someone from the US visits this "master" domain, they will be directed abcxzy.shopify.com, If someone from Canada visits the master domain, they will be redirected randomcanadasite.com,

All I could find is just the use of subdomains us.abcxyz.com and ca.abcxyz.com,

I know that there are also CDNs, but I understand that they only show the content that you host on a single domain.

Basically, I'm trying to find a way to buy a domain, and the geo-location filtered traffic needs to be redirected to "unlinked" domains. How can I do that?

Are there currently international border crossings based solely on automated gates?

Brazil has some automated gates in Guarulhos International Airport and Viracopos International Airport (Campinas).

You can use it if you live in Brazil and have no minors with you.

I'm not sure, but the same approach could be used elsewhere in Brazil.

Brazil's international airport Viracopos, the Campinas, São
Paulo has implemented automated border control e-gates that make make
Using face recognition technology to ensure border control
process and create a more seamless passenger experience.

The system implemented by Vision-Box compares the
Image stored on the chip of the passenger's passport
taken picture. According to the manufacturer, the E-gates reduce the time
to clear the border control from three minutes to about 15 seconds.

President and Director of Viracopos International Airport, Gustavo
Müssnich said: "After Viracopos has reached a passenger record
In a single year (10.3 million in 2015), this new technology has arrived
Make the airport trip much more seamless and secure. "

Leidivino Natal da Silva, Director General of Vision Box Latin
America explained that the system will help the airport to optimize
Passenger flow.

"One of the trends of particular interest in the aviation industry is
currently improving security processes
Reliability and sustainability, "he explained. "Viracopos
The international airport is very conscious and decided to concentrate on the airport
Solution that brings a higher level of innovation and orientation
Passenger experience. "

Source: Future Travel Experience

How can I sort a data area in Google Sheets based on a data area?

Hey guys, I was looking for a way to sort this information. I have to sort these articles in this order: BK, BB, BV, BIV, BIII, BII, BR. I was trying to create a Google script to get it, but I could only figure out how to order it. I need to order it automatically and on a specific sheet. Screenshots below:

Enter the image description here
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Since it is not in the screenshot, the sheet name is Sheet1.

Math – Create levelup statistics based on curves

I'm creating a simple level-up system and want to base my statistics on curves so I can adjust them more easily. I know it's a mathematical function, but I have no idea what to look for.

I need to create this curve and get the value of every x-increment.

Enter the image description here

The engine I use is Renpy and the speech python. If you can tell me which terms you are looking for, I may be able to find something on the subject.

Java – Find out how many laptops Molly can buy, based on the money available, a variety of quantities and a variety of costs

Problem Description:

Molly wants to buy laptops for her school. Find out how many laptops you can buy by comparing available providers.
Each vendor sells the laptops in batches, with an amount indicating how many laptops per batch and the cost of the entire batch.
Example Input: 50 [20,19] [24,20]

That means Molly has to spend $ 50. The first vendor has 20 laptops per batch and each batch costs $ 24. The second vendor has 19 laptops per batch and each batch costs $ 20.
The possible answers are 40 and 38. When she buys from the first seller, she spends $ 48 (24 * 2). Since she buys 2 batches, the total amount is 40 (20 * 2).
However, if she bought from the second vendor, the maximum would be 38, as each batch has 19 laptops and runs out of money after the second batch.
The final answer is 40, because 40 is higher than 38.
This seems to be similar to the Knapsack problem.

My solution is listed below. The permute method is used to generate the possible permutations between the indices. For example, if we have 3 elements in the input field, the permutations are:
012 021 102 120 201 210

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.stream.IntStream;

public class ShoppingBudget {

public static void main (String[] args) {
ShoppingBudget sb = new ShoppingBudget ();
assertEquals (40, sb.budgetShopping (50, List.of (20, 19), List.of (24, 20)));
assertEquals (20, sb.budgetShopping (4, List.of (10), List.of (2)));
assertEquals (0, sb.budgetShopping (1, list.of (10), list.of (2)));
assertEquals (41, sb.budgetShopping (50, List.of (20, 1), List.of (24, 2)));

private void permute (int start, int moneyAvailable, int[] input indices,
list budgetquantities, list budgetCosts, maxQuantity maxQuantity) {
if (start == inputIndices.length) {// base case

int possibleMax = findSolution (inputIndices, moneyAvailable, budgetQuantities, budgetCosts);

maxQuantity.value = Math.max (maxQuantity.value, possibleMax);

for (int i = start; i <inputIndices.length; i ++) {
// swap
int temp = inputIndices[i];
input indices[i] = inputIndices[start];
input indices[start] = Temp;
// swap (input)[i]input[start]);

permute (start + 1, moneyAvailable, inputIndices, budgetQuantities, budgetCosts, maxQuantity);
// swap (input)[i],Entrance[start]);

int temp2 = inputIndices[i];
input indices[i] = inputIndices[start];
input indices[start] = Temp2;

private int findSolution (int[] inputIndices, int moneyAvailable,
list budgetquantities, list budgetCosts) {
int remaining = moneyAvailable;
int counter = 0;

for (int index: inputIndices) {
if (left == 0) {

int quantity = budgetQuantities.get (index);
int cost = budgetCosts.get (index);

if (cost <= remaining) {
int howManyToBuy = remaining / costs;
counter + = howManyToBuy * number;
remaining - = (howManyToBuy * costs);

Return counter;

private int budgetShopping (int n, list budgetquantities,
list budgetCosts) {
int[] inputIndices = IntStream.rangeClosed (0, budgetQuantities.size () - 1) .toArray ();
MaxQuantity maxQuantity = new MaxQuantity ();
maxQuantity.value = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
permute (0, n, inputIndices, budgetQuantities, budgetCosts, maxQuantity);

return maxQuantity.value;

Class MaxQuantity {
int value

c # – Unity – Play animations based on the horizontal drag position

So what I want to do is something that has turned out to be complicated, but I will try to explain it to the best of my ability. I'm using Unity EventSystems events to detect a pull. If the user draws the object horizontally, I want to render the animation relative to the object's position.

For example: If the user moves the item to position 0.5, I want the animation to play only at time 0.5, and if the user is retired to 0.2, the animation should be played at time 0.2

Currently I do not have any code because I do not know where to start.