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[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: Car financed on behalf of my friend?

My friend and I have been together for 5 years. I'm 23 years old and last year after unsuccessful attempts to get a car in my own name, even though I had a large amount that I could lay down because I had no credit history and low income (or I could be of more interest) , My friend and I agreed that I would drop the deposit and pay for the car I already was. At some point I would like to refinance, but lately we've been experiencing relationship issues, and after putting nearly $ 4,000 in car insurance, and when he's crazy, he says it's his car. I want to cover my ass at all costs. How do I intend to agree in writing, as far as there is an agreement on the use of the car by me, as long as I make payments and transfer the title in my name on payment. On a good day, I'm sure he'll sign. I have all my payments on paper and I just want something in writing that I must either keep the car or fully refund my previous payments. I really think he's just bluffing, but something that will go to court so I can sue and get my money or the car back. ,

Networking – What is the term for a client doing things on behalf of the server?

We have a few projects with a design where a web server needs access to services / devices (such as database connections and special hardware) on a local network. Rather than requiring users to open ports for the public Internet, we use a small utility that connects within their network to connect to those devices and then establish a persistent connection that the server can use to request information from that program ,

I thought of a few terms, but I was not sure if there was a generally accepted word for such a program

  • Agent: This seems a bit intuitive, but it seems to mean something else: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_agent
  • Proxy: Maybe I usually think of a client that connects to a proxy, not the other way round.
  • Service: This indicates that this is a lengthy process that does something in the background but communication is not specific.