Woocommerce believes that unsold items are for sale

We update the prices directly in the database. Is there a kind of field that indicates whether an item is for sale or not? We have tried several plugins that allow us to display sales items. These always contain products that are not for sale. My theory is that because we update the prices directly in the database and not in the backend, we will miss something if we remove the selling price. I tried to clear transients, and that does not work.

Thanks for your help.

Replication – MySQL believes that master and slave have the same server ID, but not

Attempt to set up MySQL to perform one-way replication. I set the master to server_id = 1, a replication user setup, binary logging enabled, slave_server_id = 2, and connected and waiting for an event. I also use the workbench.

However, the master server has the following error …

Fatal Error: The slave I / O thread is stopped because master and slave have the same MySQL server IDs. These IDs must be different for replication to work (or the --replicate-same-server-id option must be used on the slave, but this does not always make sense, please read the manual before use).

I can not find a reason for this mistake. I've seen dozens of tutorials, manuals, and so on, and none of them tell me what's going on.

Who believes that Trump will destroy Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro and Kamala's Ghetto Harris in a debate?!?

Trump is the worst debater I've ever seen in a major political appointment. As stated in the anonymous poster, it is not a debate to just throw random insults and direct lies. Attacking the enemy, attacking the dignity, attacking the political process, attacking the truth, and it has nothing to do with trying to convince the opponents to just beat. It may be effective for certain people, but it is not really a debate.


Who honestly believes that Don Jr. did not tell his father that Russians want to talk to him or who was in his own tower in June or not?

And what if he had done it? Is this Hillary who stole the election the same?

And please, do not even try the "Lies" bullshit.

I have never sent a classified ad
I only used one part
I remember when I landed under sniper
A video caused this attack

Only STFU, right?


Orthopedic & spine surgeon

Dr. David Edis is an orthopedic and spine surgeon.

David's main interest is the treatment of adult spinal diseases. He has special knowledge in less invasive techniques for dealing with spinal deformities. David uses mini-open lateral (or OLIF) surgery and rear robotic percutaneous screw placement to reduce blood loss, perioperative risks, and recovery times in patients with spinal fusion. David has extensive experience in all facets of spine surgery from simple to complex, covering cervical to lumbo-pelvic conditions. He is an active researcher and medical educator and believes in lifelong learning in clinical practice. He is constantly updating his skills and helping other surgeons to upgrade their skills.

Adult spine surgery
Hip and knee arthroplasty
knee arthroscopy
Orthopedic trauma
David believes in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and works closely with primary caregivers, pain specialists, physical therapists, clinical psychologists, nurses and occupational therapists to provide timely, proven care for patients with spinal disorders.

David sees surgery only as part of the solution for patients and encourages them to seek more information about their condition to ensure that they can make an informed decision and, if necessary, perform non-surgical treatments and self-management before making a decision on surgery , He encourages the supervised rehabilitation of all patients undergoing surgical treatment and follows the patients for 12 months or longer to monitor the results.