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dnd 5e – How is Mask of the Wild used in practice (how is it beneficial?)

My interpretation of Mask of the Wild is that players with this feature can hide in situations that other players can not. For example, a Wood Elf may attempt a stealth roll in heavy rain while other players may not, because it is too easy to see them without this feature. This is my interpretation, which is based on a bit of reading and more about RAW than advantages, etc.

Unfortunately, I have trouble finding ways to apply this feature in most circumstances. The feature only works in situations that are related to natural phenomena, so that cities, dungeons, ships, palaces, etc. are largely excluded from the function. But when I look at a forest, I realize that all players can try stealth checks by hiding behind trees easily enough. It seems silly to imagine a situation in which only one wood elf can hide, but not others (you are in a forest, but all trees are so thin that only one person with a mask of the wild can hide?).

It seems that Mask of the Wild is useful only when natural phenomena are not enough to hide the average player, but still enough to hide a wood elf (moderately tall grass, short bushes, very light forest, heavy rain or snow outdoor) spaces and moderate but not heavy fog outside the woods), which seems to be relatively limited. In addition, I would probably have to work hard as a DM to specifically create these kinds of situations for Mark of the Wild to be beneficial. I do not usually distinguish between forest and light forest or between tall grass and tall grass.

I lead a campaign in the jungle of Chult, which almost always gives every player the opportunity to hide, which makes things worse.

How does Mask of the Wild realize its benefits in practice? When is this a useful feature?

This question is different from the other question. How does the wood elf mask of the wilderness work in terms of taste? because it refers more to the mechanical advantages of the feature than to the taste.

Depth of Field – Is the use of full screen for blurry background beneficial?

Starting from the depth of field and the background blur equation, we can derive the following approximate equations for a background at infinity:

b = f ^ 2 / (x_d * N)
DoF = 2 * x_d ^ 2 * N * C / f ^ 2

from where b is the size of the background blur disc, DoF is depth of field, f is the focal length, x_d is the subject distance, N is the f-number and C is the circle of confusion.

We notice that immediately b can be represented in the form of DoF and vice versa:

b = 2 * x_d * C / DoF
DoF = 2 * x_d * C / b

Now that we are after a large background blur b, we should consider how it varies depending on the sensor size. x_dThe distance of the subject is the same for the corresponding picture. DoF is synonymous for an equivalent image the same, if you can achieve that DoF They are interested in both full screen and body part. What is different is the circle of confusion C: Divided by the harvest factor of a crop sensor. Background blur is also shared by the harvest factor of a crop sensor. However, the sensor size is too much divided by the harvest factor in a crop sensor.

Finally, the percentage of background blur of the sensor size remains the same (with the sensor size and background blur slice size divided by the crop factor). For full-frame and crop sensor bodies, you can achieve equivalent blurring in the background if you can DoF you look.

So we have to check if it is possible to achieve what you want DoF on a harvest sensor body. By mounting an f / 1.8 lens (such as the Canon Nifty Fifty, EF 50mm, 1: 1.8 STM) it is possible to get a depth of only a centimeter, as this example shows:

shallow DoF

From the picture it can be clearly seen that the depth of field is too shallow (picture info: 50 mm focal length, 1000 mm subject distance, aperture 1.8, harvest sensor body, DoF 27 mm). Therefore, it is usually possible to achieve a shallow enough DoF on a crop sensor body.

Well, I admit, it's easier to get extremely flat DoF values ​​with a full-frame camera, but that's not usually what the photographer wants, as the image of the cactus shows. Full-frame cameras also require a longer focal length. Increasing the f-number is not easy with increasing the focal length. Therefore, it is questionable whether it is really easier to achieve extremely flat DoF values ​​in a full-frame camera.

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position – Is it beneficial for users to be able to change the display location of user and system alerts?

Some background story. I work on a data science platform, and sometimes when I work with Jupyter, RStudio, H20, etc., notifications for one type of notebook work, but not for the other.

Since each of these products has its own set of controls, more specifically its own UX, notifications generally depend on the product they use to prevent some controls from getting in the way.

We currently offer a raw log view, but it is not sortable, searchable or digestible without knowing exactly what you are looking for. This raw log contains everything from starts, stops, errors, deployment and setup issues, etc. It is completely useless.

When I suggest a design, someone says, "This solves the problem." [here], but not [here]Msgstr "" However, our app notifications block controls, there is no way to discard, metadata is missing, and sometimes fires several times, creating a notification wall.

Since I seem to be unable to prioritize warnings and notifications, I have to make suggestions that are not appropriate for any project I'm working on. In interviews or feedback sessions, users have mentioned that these notifications are hampered by locking controls. Therefore, I would suggest that the user has the option to change at least the location and possibly the type.

I've suggested that we use a Chrome (top-control-bar) flyout (with metadata and deep links), but it has some resistance.

I wonder if…

  1. The ROI at the user's permission to specify the display type / display position is
    beneficial, or would the overall UX improve?
  2. How can you get the engineering team to consider notification of improvements?

If someone has specific examples of web apps (not mobile) using this pattern or offering this feature, I would like to hear / see them.

Comments, suggestions, opinions are always welcome and thank you in advance.

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