Women who will you choose? An ugly alpha man with no money or a handsome beta guy with a lot of money?

The rise of the beta man

The alpha male, the iconic bad boy, has been making girls' hearts beat faster for years. But lately, despite all her breasts, seeking attention, in her face behavior, her attraction has diminished. The beta male, the shy little nerd, moved in on the territory of alpha males. Whether you turn on the TV, watch the tabloids, or go to a movie, you will notice this great shift in the male hierarchy. Shows like the Big Bang theory are the epitome of a nerd who starts to climb up. They are now in the center of the show and do not take the Alpha Man in the background. In fact, the alpha male in these shows is often portrayed as a "villain" or a bully. Dr. Reid on the TV show Criminal Minds is a genius and a real nerd, but he's also running around shooting some legitimate bad guys. Introverts like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg take over the business world and replace demanding, loud, powerful alpha males like Donald Trump. But what is behind this dramatic shift? What causes the case of the infamous alpha male and lets the shy, nerd-like beta male take her place? There are several social movements that have slowly led the beta male to the top. The shift in the male hierarchy can be traced back to evolutionary beta traits that contribute to their current dominance in society, the promotion of women's equality, the continued acceptance of homosexuals, and the main movement to prevent bullying.


App Windows Hard Drive Sentinel Pro 5.30.7 Build 9417 Beta Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 25 MB

Hard Disk Sentinel is a monitoring application for multi-operating system hard disks. Their goal is to find, test, diagnose, and repair disk drive issues, disk health, performance degradation, and outages. Hard Disk Sentinel includes full text descriptions, tips and displays / reports with the most complete information about the hard disk in the computer or in an external chassis (USB / e-SATA). There are many different alerts and report options available to maximize the security of your valuable data.

Hard Disk Sentinel monitors hard drive status, including health, temperature, and all S.M.A.R.T. (Self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology, nowadays integrated with most hard drives) for each hard drive. It also measures real-time disk speed, which can be used as a benchmark or to detect possible disk failures and performance degradation. Hard Disk Sentinel can be used effectively to avoid serious damage or data loss as it has the most sensitive hard disk drive rating system that is extremely sensitive to disk problems. In this way, even a small problem can not be overlooked and a failure or data loss can be predicted. This gives the opportunity to secure important and valuable data. The Professional version has scheduled and automatic backup options (in case of problems) to prevent data loss not only through errors but also through malware or accidental deletion.

Here are some key features of "Hard Disk Sentinel Professional":
· Easy-to-use interface
· All information is displayed in the main window of the application. Fast controls allow easy navigation to access all disks, partitions and various information. Intuitive UI elements display information by using the color green / yellow / red to indicate the problem level. A detailed text description and context-sensitive help guide the user through the features and options.
· 1. Install> 2. Configure> 3. Stay protected
· Easy to install, configure alerts and backup options, and your system is safe now. You will be informed about the problems. However, if everything is fine, Hard Disk Sentinel will only be placed in the system tray and display the current status. The data is even protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
· Instant S.M.A.R.T. Analysis – Hard Disk Sentinel can communicate with IDE, Serial ATA, and SCSI hard disks to determine their status and temperature. The hard disk status is displayed immediately when you start the application. It is not necessary to analyze hard drives over a long period of time. It displays the current and maximum temperature for the hard disk.
· It can read all generic and vendor-specific attributes and monitor their values. For advanced users, all raw data is displayed, including hours of operation or the number of read / write errors. Hard Disk Sentinel interprets the performance and fitness of S.M.A.R.T. Values ​​and displays the calculated percentage of power and integrity, total operating time, and estimated remaining life.
· Disk Status in Windows Explorer – View the current health status and disk space in Windows Explorer or another application. So you always know how much space is needed for each partition, as well as the hard drive status.
· Information on Demand – The current hard disk temperatures and statuses can be viewed in the system tray, in a small status window, and on the desktop. Average and maximum temperatures are logged for all disks and this information is displayed in charts for statistical purposes.
· Logging – Hard Disk Sentinel logs all degradations in all SMART parameters. For example, if a new uncorrectable sector is found on your hard drive, you will be notified.
· Alerts – The Hard Disk Sentinel can raise different warnings for different problems. It can perform various tasks (including external applications) in case of problems. It is possible to send daily emails about the current status.
· Hard Disk Details: Detects and displays all information about the hard disk, from the version number and buffer size to all the functions it contains. The maximum available and current transmission modes are also displayed.
· Hard Disk Performance – Records how much data has been read from or written to the hard disk. Displays the current transfer rates for reading and writing and estimates the maximum available (theoretical) transfer rate for a particular hard disk.
· Disk Partitions – Displays the partitions for each physical disk, as well as type and usage information, so you do not have enough disk space. Hard Disk Sentinel automatically sends this information to alert and status messages.
· Shutdown – It provides the ability to shut down the computer in the event of a failure, overheating or deterioration of the parameters. This option can be used to prevent further data loss.
· Acoustic Management – It provides the ability to control the acoustic level of IDE / S-ATA hard drives. It is possible to increase the performance or make the hard drives quieter.
· Clock synchronization – It provides the ability to synchronize the PC clock via NTP (Network Time Protocol) with an atomic clock.
· Improvements – Hard Disk Sentinel is constantly improving. More features will be available soon. If you have an idea that may be useful, just let us know.

What's new?


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App Windows – Serif Affinity Photo (x64) Beta Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 323 MB

For five years, Affinity Photo has redefined the boundaries of professional imaging software. With a meticulous focus on the workflow, it offers sophisticated tools to enhance, edit and retouch your images in an incredibly intuitive interface with the performance and performance you need.

Developed for professionals

Affinity Photo is a solid foundation with principles of performance, stability and the bloated.

Comprehensive RAW processing
Develop camera RAW files in a dedicated workspace with all necessary adjustments and corrections.

Unsurpassed file compatibility
We have the best PSD support and standards you would expect, including PNG, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PDF and SVG.

Work in any color space
RGB, CMYK, LAB, grayscale. End-to-end CMYK workflow with ICC color management and 32-bit per-channel processing.

Dedicated RAW processing area
Develop persona is compatible with all common camera file formats and offers a special workspace for processing that allows incredibly accurate editing in an infinite linear color space.

Complete digital darkroom
Affinity Photo contains all the tools you need from a professional photo application. Each tool has been carefully designed for speed, performance and accuracy – and it works exactly as you wish.

Fast, customizable effects
Affinity Photo has a large selection of high-end filters, including lighting, blurs, distortions, tilt, shadows, glow, and more. With incredibly precise controls, you have full control over every aspect of the filter's properties. A real-time preview of the result is displayed in real time. Best of all, filters can be applied as live layers, so you can edit, delete, or mask effects after they've been applied.

Advanced adjustment levels
Correct and enhance images with layers, curves, black and white, white balance, HSL, shadows and highlights, and over a dozen other customizations that instantly preview and can be edited at any time. Customize, customize, and adjust the layers to any layer, group, mask, or anywhere in a stack to control their use.

Live Blending Modes
Remove trial and error from your workflow. You will see changes to the blending modes during editing, without having to click Apply each time. Affinity Photo's 30 layer blends seamlessly display in real-time as you scroll through them.

Sophisticated refinement of the selection
Accurate selections are critical, whether you are cutting objects, creating masks, or selectively applying adjustments. Our selection refinement algorithm is one of the most advanced models available, making it easier than ever to select hair strands.

Precise photo-stitching
The embroidery algorithm of Affinity Photo is one of the most advanced available. In addition to accurate auto-alignment and perspective corrections, you have complete control over every frame and perimeter in the composite for fine-tuning to perfection.

Extensive retouching tools
Whether you need quick fixes or an hour of detailed retouching, Affinity Photo has all the tools you need. This of course includes the tools Dodge, Burn, Clone, Patch, Blemish and Red Eye. You'll also find an incredibly accurate paint brush, a frequency separation function, and a full set of fluid functions.

What's new:
Changed tool shortcuts (optionally, the default is off) for SHIFT to go through grouped shortcuts (for example, SHIFT + B to cycle through the brush tools)
Fixed that the copied color name was wrong if the source had a named color
Corrected links did not work if the focus was on a preview combo box
Fixed cursor keys did not work in the blend mode combo box
Added the ability to include an identifier (usually email address) in crash reports to help locate crashes (Beta users with Microsoft Store licenses can not access them yet)
Fixed that the size of the procedural texture UI could not be changed by dragging
The procedure of the texture texture was extended when filling in the equation field. This bug has been fixed
Fixed a crash when closing the application with the drawing window open
Error while loading Jpeg2000 fixed
Always display primary and secondary colors on the color page when using brush tools
Fixed PSDLoading creating incompatible masks
Fixed issues when rendering in 16-bit luminance blending mode
The default name "PNG-24" has been renamed to "PNG" because it is misleading
Added only K option for grayscale images
Fixed problem with pasting text from the right-click menu of the file
The problem name of the tool was corrected to use the correct decimal separator
Fixed line width printed incorrectly on rotated objects
Missing twist symbols in the person develop developed
Fixed inpainting issues when using RGB32
Order of menu items optimized in rasterization mode
Missing extension modes added in Edit> Inpaint
Note that preset thumbnails for sound mapping have the correct orientation
A new point type has been added to the halftone filter
Fixed inpainting with transparency applied, which stuck the application
Corrected crash when filling in painting mode, respecting opacity and mixing mode again
Improved reading of Fuji X-T3 RAW
The Liquify tool has been changed to save brush settings per document
Fixed that the preview was not cleared when switching to quickmask mode
The patch tool, which displays temporary artifacts on cropped and rotated images, has been fixed
The Inpainting Panorama without missing areas leads to an empty picture
Fixed issue where merging focus would ignore the color profile if JPEGs were used
Fixed crash when refining the edges when HDR was put together
The rendering of a panorama picture has been corrected. Subsequently, Inpainting was used, which led to a transparent screen
Changed development to preview the output profile
Quitting editing on the sRGB area when developing ProPhoto RGBA16


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Linear Algebra – If $ TS = ST $, then $ S = alpha T + beta $.

To let $ T = begin {pmatrix} a & b \ c & d end {pmatrix} $ be a non-scalar matrix.

If $ S = begin {pmatrix} e & f \ g & h end {pmatrix} $ be so $ TS = ST $, Why is there? $ alpha, beta in mathbb {C} $ so that
$$ S = alpha T + beta ; $$

Note that $ TS-ST = 0 $ is equivalent to

$$ begin {bmatrix} bg-fc & af + bh-eb-fd \
ce + dg-ga-hc & fc-bg end {bmatrix} = begin {bmatrix} 0 & 0 \ 0 & 0 end {bmatrix} $$

That implies that
$$ begin {cases}
bg-fc = 0, \
af + bh-eb-fd = 0, \
ce + dg-ga-hc = 0, \
fc-bg = 0.
end {cases} $$

Since $ T $ is not scalar $ b neq 0 $ and $ c neq 0 $, I can not find it though $ alpha $ and $ beta $,

App Windows – FontLab VI Beta | NulledTeam UnderGround

FontLab VI Beta | File size: 162 MB

With FontLab VI, you can create, open, change, draw, space, kernel, hint, and export desktop, web, color, and variable fonts. The app is a versatile font editor, but also supports sharing data with other font-building tools, simplifying integration with existing workflows.

Drawing of the next generation

Creating Bézier curves is no longer "mastery or puzzles".

Really better Béziers
We love curves so much that we make them better.

Hello, color!
Smart creation of glyphs beyond traditional contours

Variations included
Axes, Masters and Instances.

Outer and inner space
Metrics, Kerning & Anchors.

Always organized
Synchronize design changes Find, sort and classify glyphs.

Painless production
Top gear at top speed. Serious font work with ease.

FontLab VI Summary:

Draw & Import
• Draw outline-based glyphs using the Brush, Pen, Quick, Pen, Ellipse, and Rectangle tools in a fractional coordinate space with live rounding in integer coordinates.
• Use upright and slanted grids, flexible guidelines, alignment suggestions, and live measurement tools for smooth, accurate vector plotting.
• Insert and import vector graphics, scanned fonts or colored bitmap glyphs and convert them to monochrome fonts via customizable auto-tracing and color fonts.
• Draw calligraphic letters with an adjustable PowerBrush tool, assign and expand strokes.

• Edit cubic PostScript Bézier curves and square TrueType curves (including overlapping open paths) using the Contour, Knife, Scissors, and Fill tools. Convert the curve types with adjustable accuracy.
• Find problems with FontAudit and fix problems. Clean and optimize outline drawings automatically, optimize the segments and change the curve tension, harmonize the G2 curvature, create and remove overlapping paths, apply non-destructive ink traps and rounded corners.
• Automatically change weight, create contour versions, apply effects to outlines and bitmap glyphs.

• Crossfade, interpolate and extrapolate fonts, create interim weights and styles, create large font families and variable OpenType fonts with font and glyph fonts, and automatic master matching for point-consistent outlines.

• Crossfade, interpolate and extrapolate fonts, create interim weights and styles, create large font families and variable OpenType fonts with font and glyph fonts, and automatic master matching for point-consistent outlines.

Distance & kerning
• Place complete phrases and core according to the planned pair lists. Apply tracking, change width, page length, and kerning globally or for selected glyphs.
• Automatically or manually link metrics between glyphs using complex expressions.
• Core between classes and glyphs, except for UFO and OpenType-compatible methods.
• Automatically create kerning classes.
• Automatically calculate metrics and kerning, or use auto kerning suggestions as you manually create the kernel.

• Create, open, edit, and export monochrome outlines with individual masters (desktop and web) and multiple masters (variable), color fonts (with multilayer editable glyphs, SVG glyphs, or bitmap glyphs).
• Compare fonts, combine and share glyph sets and variations. Change fonts, glyphs, metrics, kerning information, and technical fonts. Convert font sizes and enhance the appearance of the screen with automatic and manual hints. Exchange font source with other font authoring apps

• Full Unicode support.
• Advanced features for OpenType layouts with FEA format and Adobe FDK for OpenType.
• Core feature optimization by KLTF.
• Feature preview with HarfBuzz's world-ready engine.
• Windows screen preview with real Microsoft ClearType (also on Mac).
• Variations with MutatorMath and fontTools.varLib.

Open and export OpenType PS / CFF (OTF), OpenType TT / TrueType (TTF), Variable OpenType TT (TTF + gvar), Color OpenType (TTF + SVG, + COLR, + CBDT, + sbix), PostScript Type 1 (PFB / PFA), Webfonts (WOFF2, WOFF, EOT), FontLab (VFB, VFC, VFJ), UFO, DesignSpace.
• Also open BitFonter Photofont (PHF + PNG, + SVG), Fontographer (FOG), Glyphs, Icarus and all the above files in ZIP files.

System requirements:
FontLab VI for Windows is a 32-bit app that runs on Windows 7 and later, including Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit version). Optionally installs Python 2.7, which is required to support scripts and variable fonts.

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App Windows – MediaMonkey Gold Beta Multilingual + Portable | NulledTeam UnderGround

MediaMonkey Gold Beta Multilingual + Portable | 16 / 21.6 Mb

MediaMonkey is a music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV, and MP3 audio files. Freedb and the Internet display missing album art and track information. It also includes a smart tag editor and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library. It includes a CD ripper, a CD / DVD burner and an audio converter for storing music as well as manual or automated playlist editors for creating music mixes.

The player automatically adjusts the volume so you do not have to constantly use the volume knob and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and visualizations. If you want, you can use Winamp as the default player. It also includes the synchronization of portable audio devices, which lets you sync tracks and playlists with devices such as the iPod and other portable audio devices.
Standard features:
– Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
– Automatic search and marking of album art and other metadata
– Manage more than 50,000 files in your music collection without being stuck
– Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never worry about the volume again
– Record CDs in OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files
– Convert MP3, OGG, FLAC and WMA files to other formats with the Audio Converter
– Quickly and easily create playlists and music mixes for every occasion
– Easily sync with iPods / MP3 players and convert titles in no time
Plus much more …
– Search for music with advanced search features that browse your collection to find titles that match almost any criteria you can imagine. Search for composer, year, beats per minute; Find lyrics, etc., and stop pulling out your hair and try to find music that you know.
– Customize your library by setting filters to show only artists or albums that match your criteria. For example, set a filter that causes artists to appear in the tree only if they contain albums that are currently available and have genres other than "children".
– Encode unlimited MP3 files without having to install a new MP3 encoder manually (the free version of MediaMonkey includes a time-limited LAME MP3 encoder, so if you feel like it, you can manually replace it with the free LAME encoder , or you can just upgrade to MediaMonkey Gold).
– Catalog your physical CDs and use the Virtual CD feature to keep track of which CDs you have and at the same time see which tracks from those CDs are copied to your hard drive. Instead of tracking your CDs and tracks separately, the virtual CD feature gives you an integrated view.
– Import and save audio tracks from audio CDs and MP3 CDs with unprecedented flexibility using the virtual CD. You can test tracks from different sources, select which ones you want to import, and then import and save the files in a single operation.
– Create previews, short examples of audio tracks that you can use to decide which audio files you want to add to your collection.
– Use a sleep timer to play your music, gradually turn off the music for a period of time, and then turn off your PC – ideal for listening to music before you go to sleep.
– Burn CDs at the maximum speed allowed by your hardware.
Operating system: Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10
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XenForo 2.1.0 Beta 6 – Full Nulled by NulledTeam | NulledTeam UnderGround

Today, we continue the beta phase of XenForo 2.1 with Beta 6. This release fixes a number of bugs that have been found since the previous versions.

In addition to this version, we have released 2.1.0 Beta 1 of all official add-ons. This includes further customization to accommodate the changes and new systems from 2.1, as well as some minor enhancements:

  • Both XFRM and XFMG now provide basic API support.
  • Both XFRM and XFMG now support the automatic marking of some warnings as read when they are displayed relevant.

New beta version of the Tube Sites Submitter

Dear users,

We will keep you up to date regularly this year. We plan to enhance Tube Sites Submitter with some new features, add new adult tube sites and make working with Tube Sites Submitter easier and more efficient. As we have already promised, we have today released the new beta version of Tube Sites Submitter. If you have a valid license and do not want to wait for the official release of the new version, you can use it immediately!

Would you like to try it?
Click on the article on our blog for complete information.

We've also prepared other tips and tricks to help you learn how to use Tube Sites Submitter properly.
This time around, we've written an article about the importance of using video screenshots in JPEG instead of PNG.

Read the article on our blog at Tips & Tricks.


Tube Sites Submitter Team
URL: Tube Sites Submitter – Tube Submitter & Video Submitter