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BETA-CAE systems 18.1.5 | 2.0 GB

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the new ANSA / EPILYSIS / META Suite 18.1.5. Aside from fixes to the detected issues, this release also includes some notable enhancements.

Fixed improvements and known issues in ANSA
Improvements in ANSA
– Model Browser
The DM Update Status column, which displays the status of the loaded Model Browser containers in DM, now displays a new, color-coded status for the items that have changed since downloading DM and therefore need to be saved once again.
Fixed known issues in ANSA
– CAD to ANSA Translator
Parallel work processes could still be executed if the main ANSA was terminated before completion.
– Model Browser
Replace Parts: Replacing the part will affect affected connections that were not previously applied. In addition, when replacing a part, unrealized connections would be realized while connections with FE representation and status would not be & # 39; ok & # 39; would not be reapplied.
– Data Management
DM Browser Download: When downloading a subsystem that was saved in DM as a keyword file type with references to its parts, the parts of several instances were merged into one part.
– Connections & Mounting
Spotwelds: The realization of spotweld connections at PID boundaries or FE perimeters would fail.
– Volume net
Batch Mesh: Fix Quality parameters would not be read if the ANSA database was saved in versions prior to v18.0.0.
Scripting – mesh.ExtrudeTranslate (): Function would not work properly, resulting in an error message.
– Abaqus
Controls – Penetration [Property Thickness] – Contacts: Performing the correction or display only operation may cause an unexpected termination if springs have invaded nodes.
Fixed known issues in META
– Modal Response & FRF assembly
FRF component in FRF The assembly tool with the hole file in SORT2 format, defined as "Nastran FRF", was not read correctly, resulting in erroneous calculation results.
– Report Composer
When you try to add an active page by using the "Addpage Workspace Report Display Active" command, page 0 is always added.
– User toolbars
Crash & Safety – IIHS: The interface for selecting nodes from timelines files would not work properly for LS-DYNA results.

About BETA CAE Systems 18. Version 18 of the BETA Suite includes old favorites such as ANSA, EPILYSIS and META as well as a new product called KOMVOS-SDM Console. For those unfamiliar with this software package, here is a brief summary and overview of the new updates.
ANSA is a CAE preprocessing tool that extracts existing CAD data from various other software programs (such as Catia, NX, and Pro-E), cleans up the data, and exposes it for use in the FEA solver. Updates to ANSA v18.0.0 include a remote viewer that allows users to control ANSA on their PCs from mobile devices around the world. In addition, ANSA includes networking updates that provide functionality for middle surfaces, a new Align Manager fixation tool, and new algorithms for extrusions.
EPILYSIS is the proprietary FEA solver that allows users to perform a variety of simulations, including structural linear, dynamic, and non-linear simulations, and is designed for use with HPC (High Performance Computing) systems. New updates include performance enhancements, new contact simulation methods, and a range of new tools for the automotive industry, such as a new dummy seat penetration mode that models spring deflection under the seat model (for crash simulations).
META is the post-processing package that allows users to clean up the results of their simulations and add nice 3D graphics based on the results of a number of popular solvers such as Fluent and OpenFOAM. The new version includes a new animation bar, the ability to remotely control a mobile device, and new visualization enhancements such as rendering materials and new lighting modes.
The new addition, the KOMVOS-SDM Console, provides users with new simulation data management tools that enable interactive browsing, visualization, and management of all data related to CAE simulation analysis, simplifying the generation of results and reports.
About BETA CAE systems. BETA CAE Systems is a privately held engineering software company focused on developing state-of-the-art CAE software systems that meet the needs of all simulation disciplines. The company's products, the ANSA Preprocessor / EPILYSIS Solver and the META Postprocessor Suite, and SPDRM, the Manager of Simulation Process Data and Resources, are used in a number of industries, including automotive, rail, world-leading vehicles, aerospace and automotive Space, motorsport, chemical engineering, energy, electronics, heavy machinery, power tools and biomechanics.
Product: BETA CAE systems
Execution: 18.1.5
Supported architectures: x64
Homepage of the website:

Language: English
System requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or later
Size: 2.0 GB

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App Windows – BETA-CAE Systems v19.1.1 (x64) 2019 | NulledTeam UnderGround

x64 | Language: English | File size: 1.94 GB

BETA CAE ANSA is one of the leading preprocessors for CAE programs. Supports data preparation for the following solvers: NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, ABAQUS, RADIOSS, ANSYS, FLUENT, STAR, TOSCA, PATRAN, I-DEAS, etc. BETA CAE ANSA

Provides all the functionality required for a complete model, from CAD data to a ready-to-use input file (solver) in a single integrated environment. ANSA is a user favorite because of its many features and tools. The list of productive and universal functions is long and the alternative tasks and the processes that are completed with them are countless. BETA CAE Meta Post – Postprocessor for displaying the results of the above solvers BETA CAE CAD Translator – Translator for CAD models (ProE, SolidWorks, CATIA V4 / V5, NX, JT etc.) in ANSA

BETA-CAE systems 19.1.1 Win64
Year / Date of publication: 2019
Version: 19.1.1
Developer: BETA CAE Systems SA
Architecture: 64bit
Interface language: English
tabletka: p

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