web development – How do big publishers edit their websites?

I’ve been trying to develop a website with some success for the past few months. One question that I always have lurking at the back of my mind is whether to develop a very in-depth, powerful admin panel in favor of me just editing the code.

In a more simpler words, let’s say I’m the developer for nbcnews.com. On NBC’s navigation bar, there’s 2020 Election, Coronavirus, and Breaking News. The Election, and the Coronavirus are temporary events – after a year or two, they’ll probably be replaced with a more relevant topic. In the case of updating their navbar, would they either:

A] Already have an admin panel that allows inserting/replacing new items in the navbar
B] Have the coders change the navbar

This is a pretty important question because I’m debating whether to have the admin panel more than just a facade for my SQL tables – whether they can modify elements of the website without having to look at my private source code. Beyond the navbar, would it be advisable, in a bigger production environment, to have an extensive admin panel? Or would they make the programmers change the elements?

big data – Kafka source code on github and from the apache website is missing the “org.apache.kafka.common.message.” package?

I tried downloading the source code of Kafka from Github as well as from Apache’s website. I found that both the sources were missing the “org.apache.kafka.common.message.” package. Can anybody kindly let me know why this might be the case.

Kindly note that I had downloaded the source of “AK RELEASE 2.5.0” from Apache’s website. Similarly I used “trunk” branch from the current github repository for kafka.

A big problem

A big problem
I have a problem with months I could not find a solution.
Our site dramatically declining in the Google search engine, and could not be ousted from the fund in Google .

What are your suggestions
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Coronavirus is just like the Flu. Why do they make a big deal about it ?

Stop comparing this virus to the flu. It is a.super flu, or motor like the 1916 polio epidemic.

 This is more like  a highly contagious viral pneumonia. I’ve had viral pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome, which has a 40% fatality rate. That was 10 years ago. 

Spreading mis information like you are is more contagious than vivid 19. If one of your relatives or real friends gets it or DIES from it, are you still going to spread midi formation. Willfully ignorance can be very fatal for YOU and those around you.  

My group is too big for my game, how to manage this situation?

Instead of playing 3 or 4 encounters in a session, try slowing each encounter down and playing 2 or 3, but having each one last longer. By slowing the pacing of the game down you may find that you can roleplay the situations you enjoy, and give everyone a part in the game, without running overtime. This does slow down your story development, so you will need to make adjustments. In my experience, this doesn’t feel much slower as a player, since you spend the time socializing and roleplay to the same degree.

One game I’m playing at the moment has gone that way due to the pacing change when moving from IRL to online. In a normal session, we get about 2 encounters done, down from about 6. Yes, less gets done per week, but in the end, it works and we still get to play. The campaign just takes a bit longer.

Shorter scenes

There are many ways to cut scenes short. Adding time pressure in-game, or out of the game can induce this easily.

During combat, you could introduce a turn timer. You have 10 seconds to state what you are going to do, or initiative moves on. This forces players to pay attention and make decisions when it isn’t their turn.

Out of combat, you can add time pressure by having an imminent event looming over the party which progresses at your discretion. For example, if the party has an audience with the king, have the king be impatient, introduce an aide who informs the king a more important guest is here. If they can’t figure things out fast enough, have the king end the scene. If the party is in a dungeon, roleplaying some camping, have thumping footsteps approach. Give the party something to react to, which develops when you want it to.

Whoever shows up, plays

Another solution I’ve used before is to allow a large number of players to join the game, knowing that it’s unlikely they will all be there every session. Yes, this may lead to you running 5 player sessions, but in my experience often someone can’t make it. If you make it clear to the group that it’s totally ok if they don’t show up, then halfhearted players won’t feel as pressures to show up (we all know what it’s like to have a long day, then jump into a game that you are honestly too tired to play, but you don’t want to let your mates down).

I had a particular PF group a long time ago where some players were pretty flakey. It was actually an 8 player game, but we ran with 4 or 5 most of the time. Often the monk spent weeks at local monasteries, and the dwarf spent many adventuring days sleeping off a drunken night.


Spending time with your friends is something you probably enjoy, whether you play or not. Likewise, just because your perfect game is suited to 4 players, maybe you can make some changes and play with 5. Ultimately you may not be able to come to a perfect solution, but playing your game with some changes to make it work with 5 may be worth it so you can play with your friends.

You may find that it’s worth sacrificing a little of the situations you like, and the roleplaying you prefer, so you can have everyone together hanging out.

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How do guys feel with big girls?

I am 20 years old and sad to say, I am still a virgin. I am 125 pounds and I’m 5”4 so I have a belly and I am very insecure about my body. I am always wanting to get into a relationship but knowing the guys views, I know one day there will be a time sex would come up. I am extremely insecure with my body and I always wear hoodies and jeans so people can’t see my real figure. I just wanted to know the guy’s views on how they would feel. I don’t want him to feel grossed out.. I always decline going to the beach or going for a hike or the gym. I work out on my own, away from everyone I know. When I was in high school, I weighed the most at 150 pounds. After working out and losing weight, I have a lot of cellulite and my stomach and thighs are not something I want to show to the public. Because of my body, I try hard to lose weight and have that healthy fit body but my body figure is not appealing..

search – Data row lookup in separate big data sheet and placing it inside another sheet in Google spreadsheet

I would like to make a Google spreadshit for calorie tracking. In my head I imagine it as I would like to have a sheet where I will record daily food activity. And another DB sheet with all time consumed food types with their parameters. So, the idea is when I type food name in daily diary sheet it will lookup in DB sheet if I already recorded this food macros and the food exists it just places reference to the existing food or copies its parameters. So, my question is it possible to implement something like spotlight? When I type some characters it displays kind of popup with suggestions based on DB sheet data and if I choose popup element it gives me a reference to that data. Ideally it would be great to have a fuzzy search. Maybe someone knows in which directions may I start to research or some impelemnted solutions?