How do I get my small amount of BTC out of binance without getting charged 22%?

Using the withdraw options I’m being charged 22% of $95 to send BTC to a BTC address.

I didn’t know that binance had these kind of rules.

Binance pay can’t help me as it accepts payid, some kind of binance thing, or QR code, you can’t send to BTC addresses with that service.

So how do I get my coins out of there to a BTC address without being robbed?

exchanges – Why don’t binance allow bank deposit or credit/debit card for INR?

I am just curious that why don’t binance allow bank deposit or credit/debit card for INR? As far as I know, currently there are no restrictions from indian banks.
I know that we can buy USDT from INR from wazirX and transfer that to binance but the USDT/INR price trades at premium for most of the time. So, its very costly to buy crypto this way. It cost around 8-10% more. Is there a better way to buy crypto from India?

Why can’t Binance implement something similar to what vested has implemented in the form of SBM bank? We have to transfer INR to SBM india branch and they internally transfer it to the US bank account and convert it to USD without any outward remittance charges (just the forex charges will be there)?

Converting BNB to XRP using Binance

Converting BNB to XRP using Binance – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

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What ping are you getting to Binance servers?


I need to purchase a VPS server that has good connectivity to Binance servers. I need good connectivity so I can read their current orderbooks with minimal latency.

Can you please test your connectivity by running the following curl command and providing the output so I can see which providers have good connectivity to Binance? The curl command simply reads the latest orderbook prices in a JSON format.


curl -so /dev/null -w "namelookup: %{time_namelookup}snconnect: %{time_connect}sn appconnect: %{time_appconnect}sn pretransfer: %{time_pretransfer}sn redirect: %{time_redirect}snstarttransfer:  %{time_starttransfer}sn-------------------------n total: %{time_total}sn"

My output from my VPS (hosted in Tokyo):


namelookup:  0.002099s
connect:  0.003683s
appconnect:  0.013138s
pretransfer:  0.013182s
redirect:  0.000000s
starttransfer:  0.022802s
total:  0.026819s

For me, it takes about 26.8 ms (on average) – though it usually fluctuates from about 25-110 ms. I’m wondering if there is any service out there that provides better connection to Binance? Please provide your output, and the VPS provider you’re with along with the data center it’s hosted in.

Thank you so much.

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❕NEWS – Binance is given the go ahead by UK once again | Proxies-free

Recently there was a major news article where the Binance exchange platform was banned in the united kingdom, with the reason being that the exchange site did not abide by some of their regulations. This resulted in there being some banks in the country as well that banned transactions with binance making it very difficult for people to purchase and withdraw their crypto via the platform. However it seems that this has been cleared up, as a recent article that was just released is showing that binance has received approval by the regulatory board in UK in order to once again begin its operation. This is a good thing as it will surely allow for them to retain bulk of their customers. A delay in this process is likely to have caused their crypto customers to venture into other platforms. What are your thoughts on this?

❕NEWS – Binance to track down hackers | Proxies-free

One of the things that comes to mind when you think about cryptocurrency is how it is anonymous and as a result there is many people that come to it in order to hide their transactions. For some it is a way that they can transact without having to share their personal information and this is understandable considering how many cases there are with identity theft. Recently , the london court has ordered the binance exchange platform to track down whoever may be responsible for the hack, which resulted in a loss of 2.6 million dollars. This is an attempt to try and remove the notion that cryptocurrency is anonymous. What are your thoughts about this?

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