transactions – How can know the changes in BTC deposited to Binance?

I find this page here, which tells me how much BTC is deposited to Binance. How does this (or a similar) page work?

When I deposit BTC to Binance, I am given an address, which I am fairly sure it’s unique (since it doesn’t ask other information to be supplied, so if it is not unique, I wouldn’t be able to be identified).

How can I check that bitinfocharts is right? I know that on I can check the balance of an address, but what balance should I use if I am interested in Binance’s balance?


A function which takes a given block, and computes the net flow of BTC to each address:

import requests

def netbtcflow(blocknum):

    r = requests.get(''+str(blocknum)+'?format=json')
    data = r.json()

    transactions = ({} for x in range(len(data('blocks')(0)('tx'))))
    for transactionindex, eachtransaction in enumerate(data('blocks')(0)('tx')):
            for eachrecipient in eachtransaction('out'):
                except KeyError:

            except KeyError:
            transactions(transactionindex)('to')=(address, amount)

    netflowdict=({} for x in range(len(transactions)))
    for txindex, eachtx in enumerate(transactions):
        #if eachtx('from')!='KEYERROR':
        if True:
            for recipaddress, recipamount in zip(*eachtx('to')):
                if eachtx('from')!=recipaddress:
                    netflowdict(txindex)=(recipaddress, recipamount)

    netflowdict=(each for each in netflowdict if bool(each))

    netflowdictunique=dict((each(0),0) for each in netflowdict)
    for each in netflowdict:


    return transactions, netflowdict

There are problems with this, for example this one. Would be interested in how to do the method outlined in this answer exactly (ie I would need the Ptyhon script). The above code might be helpful, will update the post if I get it to work.