USA TARGETED Website TRAFFIC Niche Real Human & For Google or Bing for $ 12

USA TARGETED Website TRAFFIC Niche Real Human & For Google or Bing

USA TARGETED Website TRAFFIC Niche Real & Human & For Google For $ 12

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Read Carefully: It is quite possible to obtain sales, leads, or opt-ins through this service, but we can not guarantee this. These results depend on several factors and of course we can not manage the guests' actions. illegal download / streaming sites, fraud, fraud, copyright infringement, gambling, java applets, forced installations, fake pages.

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magento 1.9 – Google and Bing Spider crawl unnecessary URLs

After upgrading my website from Magento 1.938 to 1.942, Google and Bing Spiders started crawling useless URLs like https: // www.* .com / cms / index / noCookies / and https: // www. *.com / wishlist / index / add / product / 101 / form_key / QRh31BjtGTfy2Ur9 /
Enter image description here

Google and Bing crawl these URLs in bulk and have never stopped using a lot of server resources.

I added the following command to robots.txt a long time ago.
Prohibit: / cms /
Forbid: / wishlist /

But that seems useless.

Before upgrading to Magento 1.942, I never found out that Google and Bing Spiders would crawl these URLs on the Online Customers tab.

Why is this happening, how can the crawling of these two URLs be prevented?

VCC For PayPal Verification, Amazon, iOffer, Skrill, eBay, Google Adwords, Bing.

Welcome to Denils_VCC.
We offer all types of Virtual Credit Card (VCC) solutions.
Our VCC can be used with any name and address, and can be used to activate or verify Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, AdWords accounts, and more.
Our VCCs are extremely affordable and easy to use.
Verification or activation of VCCs can only be used if they expire after you have reviewed or activated your account. Our new multi-purpose virtual credit cards can be used to verify accounts as well as secure purchases over the Internet. We deliver the cheapest and fastest.
Denils_VCC is a platform that offers cheap VCC services to make online shopping easier.
With these cards, you can easily share your data with any e-commerce site without fear of hacking or jeopardizing your personal account information.
Our staff is dedicated exclusively to our customers.
Therefore, we give you the flexibility to use our VCC with any name and any address, according to your needs.
You can pay for most goods and services on the Internet only with credit or debit card.
But what if you do not have a card or you do not want to share your credit card information with others?
Denils_VCC gives you the ability to buy a Visa prepaid virtual credit card, making the payment process easy and secure on the web.
One of the key benefits of our system is anonymity.
You do not have to worry about getting your personal information on the Internet, as you can use any name and address when entering your card data.
Our virtual prepaid credit cards are accepted wherever it is possible to pay with Visa or MasterCard logo.
How it works
Buy Visa Virtual Credit Card on our website. Tickets are delivered within 10 minutes to 12 hours.
You will receive the following information immediately after payment: card number, expiration date, CVV2 code.
Register your card on our website. Stay completely anonymous by setting names and addresses.
Check your card statement on our website absolutely FREE!
With VCC you can shop worldwide. Our Prepaid Virtual Card is accepted on most websites that accept Visa Prepaid. It can also be used for recurring payments or subscriptions.
All of our Visa VCCs are supported by AVS and can be used to verify PayPal and other online accounts: Amazon, iOffer, Skrill, eBay, Google Adwords, etc.

You can buy a virtual card (VCC) of any denomination. Our VCCs are regularly available in the following denominations: 1 $$ 5, $ 10, 15 $, $ 20, $ 30, $ 40, $ 50, $ 75, $ 100, $ 150, $ 200, $ 300 and $ 500. Please contact us for more information. We do our best to satisfy your needs. If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support.

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Our website

Skype live: vcc_seller

Telegram: @Tip_Zloy

sharepoint online – Use Bing Custom Search to integrate results from Bing for Business


I reviewed the articles for the Microsoft search for It means we only need to enable a few features in Azure. After we have configured the Azure portal through the Organization Log in, we can retrieve the result of both organizational results and weighing results in

Now I want to provide the same functionality in Sharepoint Online (SPO) via custom code. So, how do you group both the organization search and the results into a page list that Microsoft searches in Bing.

Many thanks !!


BING Ads Coupons -Adwords Coupons available

I offer Bing Ads $ 100 vouchers. Here are the details:

These are $ 100 Bing Ads without coupons

  • Unlike other Bing coupons, you do not need to redeem this coupon yourself
  • You get a full value of $ 100 (unlike others – spend $ 25 and get $ 100)
  • Works worldwide
  • Works with new accounts that are 30 days or less older
  • You should not have previously used a $ 100 voucher for your account.

Price: $ 5 each

Also available as ADWORDS coupons.

spend $ 25 and get $ 100

Price: $ 5 each

Contact details:

Website Design – My homepage was thrown after the redesign of Bing & Duckduckgo

I recently applied a new design to a website's homepage:

CSS, JS and HTML changes only. NO change to the URL structure.

After a while (10 ~ days) disappeared the homepage and only the homepage from the search engines of Bing and Duckduckgo. Google has not raised any problems.

Bing contacts can not find the reason and escalate my case to higher team members.

Can any of you give advice? have you ever encountered something like that?