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Mit BTCBux war es noch nie einfacher, Bitcoin zu verdienen.


Einfache Aufgaben

BTCBux bietet viele einfache Möglichkeiten, um kostenloses Bitcoin zu verdienen, z. B. Anzeigen anzeigen, Wasserhahn rollen, Angebote machen usw.


Level System

Erledige Aufgaben zum Aufsteigen. Je höher dein Level, desto mehr Levelbonus erhältst du auf Lebenszeit.



Erhalten Sie jedes Mal eine Provision, wenn Ihre Empfehlungen verdienen. 3 Ebenen Überweisungskommission wird unterstützt.  



BTCBux bietet Empfehlungswettbewerb, Verdienstwettbewerb usw. an. Sie haben die Chance, einen Bonus von bis zu 10.000 US-Dollar zu gewinnen.


Schnelle Zahlungen

Sie können jederzeit abheben. Alle Ihre Auszahlungen werden innerhalb von 8 Stunden unverzüglich bearbeitet.


network – How does bitcoin find the block locator hashes in the leveldb database?

I am trying to understand how bitcoin core builds the list of block locator hashes needed for sendheaders and getheaders messages. I have looked on the wiki and I have seen that after the 10 most recent block hashes, it goes back exponentially until the genesis block.

So it seems that I have to get a block hash knowing its index in the blockchain. But how can bitcoin core find a block hash by its index? From my understanding leveldb lets you query data only by a key, and in this case the key is what I want. – GPT (Get Paid To)

BTCBux Features

Earning bitcoin has never been easier with BTCBux.


Simple Tasks

BTCBux provides lots of easy ways to earn free bitcoin, such as viewing ad, rolling faucet, doing offers, etc.


Level System

Complete tasks to level up, the higher your level, the more level bonus you receive for lifetime.


Referral Program

Receive a commission every time your referrals make a earning. 3 levels referral commission is supported.


Contest Bonus

BTCBux offers referral contest, earning contest, etc. You will have a chance to win a bonus up to $10,000.


Fast Payments

Withdraw at any time you want. All your withdrawals will be processed within 8 hours without any delay.


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Koin Bazar – An Indian based centralized P2P crypto exchange platform. The major benefits of Koin Bazar are simple & user-friendly, secure, and liquidity. The team of experienced blockchain developers with more than ten years of experience has made this platform to help Indian traders, a scalable and reliable crypto trading platform which converts their efforts into profit.

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Are there any Bitcoin payment providers with an API’s for allowing unconfirmed transactions?

I want to design my web app to instantly accept crypto currency like Bitcoin as a payment for a subscription to the app. I will design it to cancel the subscription and ban the user’s account if the transaction does not appear in the blockchain 6 blocks later.

My app is such that malicious users wouldn’t be able to do much with just 1 hour of subscription time even if they constantly make new accounts. I’m counting on them just getting bored of the first few levels and taking the loss if they don’t. If I’m not giving refunds and I make sure not to withdraw pending coins myself, what attacks am I vulnerable to like Mt. Gox?

I have a degree in Computer Science, and I’ve dabbled in crypto for a while. The idea of working on a custom full node wallet for my server excites me. However, if someone has already built exactly what I need I guess I should use that. Are there any online payment services which already accept BTC instantly with an API for reporting false transactions?

Bittrex API rate limit – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

This question has been asked in the #api-developers channel of the Bittrex Slack Group a few times.

Here’s the important fragment of the discussion with somewhat an answer to our question.

July 2nd, 2017

Some user:
seriously guys.. the rate limit.. what is it..

It varies by API call.
If you hit the limit, you are abusing it. If you hit the limit a lot, you risk getting banned :]
I dont have a clearer answer for you right now

Some user:
Is greater than 1 minute consistently 24/7 within an acceptable use?


That’s it! I personally wish they would update the API docs with a clear and hard limitation, but for now, when we’re writing code that is long-running, and executes in a loop, we should try to cap the requests around 1 request per minute per API method.

bitcoin core – Where is the bitcoind executable on Windows 10?

I have installed bitcoin core 0.17.1 version windows 10 in my laptop.

I can see the following folders: bin (bitcoin-cli.exe, bitcon-qt.exe, bitcoin-tx.exe, test_bitcoin.exe), include (bitcoinconsensus.h), lib (libbitcoinconsensus-0.dll), share (man).

I cannot find daemonbitcoind.
My bitcoin server is already running and sync on testnet, but I cannot connect via rpc because I cannot find bitcoind.

Any help?

wallet – Does number of inputs or outputs affect bitcoin transaction fee?

Format for 1 input 2 outputs (1 to receiver, 1 change to owner). Normal non-seg transaction

P2SH 73 bytes(input) 32×2 (output)

P2PKH about the same as P2SH

To reduce fees reduce

a) no of inputs.

b) Use exact match (with no change output) if possible.

c) when fee is low, use more inputs or consolidate your input to fewer UTXO.(reduction of input for your future tx).

I think fee reduction increases a lot when you use multi-sig using seg-wit.

Output format 2of3 multisignature
Input size Out size

P2SH 297 32

P2SH-P2WSH 140 32 Wrapped Segwit

P2WSH 105 43 Native Segwitness

P2TR 58* 43 Pay to Taproot

P2PKH 148 34

  • means the recovery is more expensive.

To be actually sure of saving then you may want to go through the exercise of manually decoding every different type of bitcoin TX with various no of input and output.

(up to byte level where U can actually count).

security – Accidentally reused bitcoin address

There’s no perfect answer for this question and it depends on individual.

You had used address A (one of the outputs) in a transaction 1 where inputs are from X.

You used the address A (one of the outputs) again in a transaction 2 where inputs are from Exchange Y.

IF someone is trying to analyze transaction 1 to know the owner of address A, he can look at transaction 2 to assume owner has an account on Exchange Y. Most of the withdrawal transactions from exchanges are done in batches with lots of inputs and outputs involved so it won’t be easier to know more information about the owner except if one of the below tries to investigate:

Exchange, chain analysis companies, government agencies (in case of centralized exchanges) etc.

You have two options in my opinion:

  1. Ignore and avoid reuse in future
  2. Coinjoin