client – Is the working testnet3 Bitcoin solution capable of creating, signing, and transmitting a normal transaction with Golang?

Currently I am trying to create, sign and send Bitcoin transactions with btcsuite. At the beginning I already had the testnet3 address and the associated private key for testing. The hunt by the post office and articles as follows: –

  1. Here
  2. Here
  3. Here

The solution proposed above is not complete. For one thing, it's only treated until it's signed (I knew the author said it could not be aired, unless you state the function that I'm doing, if I'm right), but when trying To send a braodcast, the message failed

"Error checking transaction: Transaction be9b294695bfb201a5cff32af074a4bf72b073e3c9dad1969111165bf118a622 orphaned, missing reference f0c0d3b3eecf911ede996a74ceadc9366068791450c9e6bacee9a9

I have no idea what's going on and I suspect the script is not compatible.

Bottom line, I just want a working example in Bitcoin Testnet3 that shows
"Transfer Bitcoin from one address to another" by displaying the process of creating a raw transaction, signing it with a private key, converting it to a raw hex-format transaction, and using something like https: //live.blockcypher .com / send. btc / pushtx / (BTC test network)

Currently my code is as follows: –

Package main
introduce (
"Encoding / Hex"
btcchain ""
func txToHex (tx * wire.MsgTx) string {
buf: = bytes.NewBuffer (make ()[]Byte, 0, tx.SerializeSize ()))
tx.Serialize (buf)
Return hex.EncodeToString (buf.Bytes ())

func stkbtc () {
pvkey: = "cNjXNxcfawzyfGUxaG94rKqayAL2n7QWioKhCkHbQsBRT7SbDyGu"
txHash: = "e028b5bf030a24986a03b03b89dec037e8462ae32bc93679cb49d7c779685987"
destination: = "n2kRiAkW1xr5DVy7QKVGaYiZbwpS7j23jJ"
var amount int64 = 100000000
txFee: = int64 (500000)

// try to send btc
decodedwif, err: = btcutil.DecodeWIF (pvkey)
if err! = nil {
fmt.Printf ("decodedwif error:% v  n", err)
fmt.Printf ("decodedwif:% v  n", decodedwif)

addresspubkey, _: = btcutil.NewAddressPubKey (decodedwif.PrivKey.PubKey (). SerializeUncompressed (), & btcchain.TestNet3Params)
sourceTx: = wire.NewMsgTx (wire.TxVersion)
sourceUtxoHash, _: = chainhash.NewHashFromStr (txHash)

sourceUtxo: = wire.NewOutPoint (sourceUtxoHash, 0)

sourceTxIn: = wire.NewTxIn (sourceUtxo, nil, nil)
destinationAddress, _: = btcutil.DecodeAddress (destination, & btcchain.TestNet3Params)

sourceAddress, err: = btcutil.DecodeAddress (addresspubkey.EncodeAddress (), & btcchain.TestNet3Params)
if err! = nil {
fmt.Printf ("sourceAddress err:% v  n", err)

destinationPkScript, _: = txscript.PayToAddrScript (destinationAddress)

sourcePkScript, _: = txscript.PayToAddrScript (sourceAddress)
sourceTxOut: = wire.NewTxOut (number, sourcePkScript)

sourceTx.AddTxIn (sourceTxIn)
sourceTx.AddTxOut (sourceTxOut)
sourceTxHash: = sourceTx.TxHash ()

redeemTx: = wire.NewMsgTx (wire.TxVersion)
prevOut: = wire.NewOutPoint (& sourceTxHash, 0)
redeemTxIn: = wire.NewTxIn (prevOut, nil, nil)
redeemTx.AddTxIn (redeemTxIn)
redeemTxOut: = wire.NewTxOut ((amount - txFee), destinationPkScript)
redeemTx.AddTxOut (redeemTxOut)

sigScript, err: = txscript.SignatureScript (redeemTx, 0, sourceTx.TxOut[0].PkScript, txscript.SigHashAll, decodedwif.PrivKey, false)
if err! = nil {
fmt.Printf ("sigScript error:% v  n", error)
redeemTx.TxIn[0].SignatureScript = sigScript
fmt.Printf ("sigScript:% v  n", hex.EncodeToString (sigScript))

// validate signature
flags: = txscript.StandardVerifyFlags
vm, err: = txscript.NewEngine (sourceTx.TxOut[0].PkScript, redeemTx, 0, flags, zero, zero, amount)
if err! = nil {
fmt.Printf ("err! = nil:% v  n", err)
if err: = vm.Execute (); err! = nil {
fmt.Printf ("vm.Execute> err! = nil:% v  n", err)

fmt.Printf ("redeemTx:% v  n", txToHex (redeemTx))

func main () {
stkbtc ()

the txhash was from the previous transaction, in which i tested the bitcoin of the tap & received from nothing else.

Please guess what is wrong with the above code. Really appreciate it, if someone can point that out.

Mining Pools – Is there any way to report a Bitcoin scam?

The primary way to report fraud is to contact the local police.

Since Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, there is no control hierarchy, no Bitcoin central authority to report scams, or take action against fraudsters.

There are some social media and other websites that collect fraud scams so you can tell them about your problem. For example, look for the blacklist for bitcoin scams. I doubt that this is very effective. It might alert some of the more industrious people, but many people who dally on fraud do not seem to have done much research of this kind before.

Fraud exploiting vulnerabilities, e.g. For example, when implementing wallets, it can be reported to developers of the software in question (see recent phishing attacks on Electrum by malicious servers issuing false updates alerts).

I do not know any scams that exploit vulnerabilities in the underlying network protocols. However, these are often noticed by developers and lead to Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs).

If you would like to submit BIPs, you should first send your idea or document to the mailing list

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bitcoind – add mysql dependency bitcoin

I am working on Bitcoin code, my goal is to move blockchain data to relational databases, but I am unable to resolve the dependency of MySQL on different platforms. The platform includes Mac and Ubuntu. I tried to give static and dynamic dependency, but both things do not work at all.

    [--With-mysql=[--With-mysql=[--with-mysql=[--with-mysql=     Root directory path of the MySQL installation].
    [MYSQL_lib_check="$with_mysql/lib/mysql $with_mysql/lib"
    [MYSQL_lib_check="/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql /usr/local/lib/mysql /opt/mysql/lib/mysql /usr/lib/mysql /usr/local/mysql/lib /usr/local/lib /opt/mysql/lib /usr/lib"
MYSQL_inc_check="/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql /usr/local/include/mysql /opt/mysql/include/mysql /usr/include/mysql"])

AC_ARG_WITH (mysql-lib,[--with-mysql-lib =[--With-mysql-lib =
    [--with-mysql-lib= Directory path of the MySQL library installation].

AC_ARG_WITH (mysql-include,[--with-mysql-include =[--With-mysql-include =
                          Directory path of MySQL header installation].

AC_MSG_CHECKING ([for MySQL library directory])
MYSQL_libdir =
for m in $ MYSQL_lib_check; do
if test -d "$ m" && 
(test -f "$ m /" || test -f "$ m / libmysqlclient.a")
MYSQL_libdir = $ m

During configuration, I tried to specify the path of the installation directory, ie ./configure –with-mysql = / path. Was configured successfully. However, when I run the make command, the _get_driver_instance exception is thrown. libbitcoin_wallet_a-walletdb.o)

Maybe I'm not on the right track, help me if you have an idea about make file system

Any help is appreciated.

What happens if Bitcoin goes down and I pay more money to my wallet?

This is really just a math problem, more than a bitcoin question, but it's simple enough. Here is your answer:

If I have Bitcoin worth $ 1000 at a current Bitcoin price of $ 7000

($ 1000) / ($ 7000 / BTC) = 0.14285714 BTC

This is the amount of bitcoin you would own. Changes in the dollar value of a Bitcoin do not affect how much Bitcoin you own, just the dollar value of what you own.

Then the Bitcoin sum sinks later to 6500 US dollar. (…) What happens if I put more money in my wallet, then the Bitcoin sum goes back later to 7000 US dollar. Do I have more than 1000 US dollars?


By way of illustration: Let's say you buy Bitcoin worth just $ 1 when the price is $ 6,500 / BTC:

($ 1) / ($ 6500 / BTC) = 0.00015384 BTC

Add this to your original BTC scale:

0.14285714 BTC + 0.00015384 BTC = 0.14301098 BTC

Now for the price of $ 7000 / BTC:

(0.14301099 BTC) * ($ 7000 / BTC) = $ 1001.08