bitcoincore development – what does "ACKs for top commit:" mean in the git commit messages from bitcoin core (if any)?

There seems to be a reasonably standardized format for some, but not all, commit messages in the Bitcoin Git repository. In addition to the usual Expository Commit message, this commit ( also includes the following:

ACKs for top commit:
    ACK 0e7c90e crocodile
    ACK 0e7c90e

Tree-SHA512: 6d954a0aaf402c9594201626b59d29263479059e68fa5155bb44ed973cd0c3347729dd78b78b4d5a2275e45da365dc1afb4cc7e3293dea33fcc2e3e83a39faf5

There are many commit messages with similar structure. Since these commits are buried under other commits, this is strongly reminiscent of aspects of the consensus mechanism used by the Bitcoin protocol itself.

In other words, if we blink hard enough, the commit messages themselves seem to partially encode a blockchain slow enough for humans to interpret.

For reference, some problems are listed here (
and, where there is a discussion on the content of these messages, but it's hard to figure out what's going on if you're not already a main author context here.

Is there any informal or other documentation about how / if these messages could encrypt aspects of consensus among the contributors?

bitcoin core – How can I insert a comment when using sendrawtransaction in bitcoincore?

I use sendrawtransaction to submit my transaction and I want to insert a comment or a comment-to-transaction into fields like sendtoaddress that are stored in the wallet and not sent with transactions. I think the "data": "hex" Field in createrawtransaction is for that, but I can not use that.

I'm using the following list as the recipient field in createrawtransaction, but I get an error: bitcoinrpc.authproxy.JSONRPCException: -8: Invalid parameter, key-value pair must contain exactly one key

 ({'mowMh2bocyV97NUP9vqVsuCPcJ2XhJUuoH': Decimal('0.000123'),
 '2NAJPzU1pVTcNABNrdrD336eRWRrbKBBuSe': Decimal('0.03149347')},
 {'data': 'happy birthday'})

How do you use that? Is there a good idea for this?

Bitcoincore Development – How Can I Monitor a Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer?

I wanted to monitor four to five Bitcoin Blockchain discoverers (actually, I would also like to monitor ZEC Block explorers, but start using BTC now). I want to know how I monitor them – both technically and what parameters should be monitored?

I tried to access data from APIs, but in vain. How do I check if the displayed blockchain height (one of the parameters) is correct? Should I set up a complete BTC node and then ping and compare the four to five other BCEs?

I expect a reasonable and efficient path and four to five parameters to be monitored on each blockchain explorer.

Sorry if I mentioned tags outside the topic.

Bitcoincore Development – Deserialize Transaction Witness for retrieving the scriptSing Core Int file .dat

I am developing a parser for Bitcoin Core for the file blk.dat, and I had a problem because it is not compatible with BIP144. Now I find a better way to deserialize the transaction Witness and retrieve all information correctly.

The moment I try to add support for transactional witnesses in this simple parser written in Python, and I've configured the parsing with a simple code, when reading the compact size for the transaction input, this is my code

This is the code to read the raw transaction

class Tx:

    def __init__(self, blockchain):
        self.version = uint4(blockchain)
        self.inCount = varint(blockchain)
        self.isWitness = False
        if self.inCount == 0x00:
            "I founded the mark"
            self.mark = 0
            self.flag = varint(blockchain)
            if self.flag == 0x01:
                "I founded the flag"
                "This tx is a tx Wintness"
                self.isWintness = True
                self.inCount = varint(blockchain)
        self.inputs = ()
        self.seq = 1
        for i in range(0, self.inCount):
            input = txInput(blockchain, self.isWintness)
        self.outCount = varint(blockchain)
        self.outputs = ()
        if self.outCount > 0:
            for i in range(0, self.outCount):
                output = txOutput(blockchain)
        self.witness = ()
        if self.isWitness:
            for i in range(0, self.inCount):
                singleWitness = txWitness(blockchain)
        self.lockTime = uint4(blockchain)

and that's my txWitness class

class txWintness:

    def __init__(self, blockchain):
        self.compactSize = varint(blockchain)
        for i in range (0, self.compactSize):
            self.numbar_tx_wintness = varint(blockchain)
            self.scriptWintness =

and the script works because the last found hash raw transaction is this

bitcoind – How do I install a specific version of bitcoin-core?

You can install by unzipping the file and running the binary file. Usually the binaries Bitcoind and bitcoin-clietc. are stored in the / usr / local / bin. man Folder in the / usr / local / manetc., so that it is in your machine PATH Environment variable and can be run from anywhere.

If you want to download the source code, you can install it as follows (for Unix): Create Unix

make install

However, you may need to install dependencies. See Specific Instructions for the Linux distribution