bitcoincore development – Where is the block reward system coded in Bitcoin core?

I’m taking a look at Bitcoin core and am looking for where the TX is effectively “generated” and send out to an address. I’ve found the nSubsidy block reward, but I’m currently looking for where the transaction is sent out and recorded on the blockchain. If I don’t understand something right, please correct me, otherwise, if you have an answer please tell me!

Bitcoincore development – When should important network upgrades like Taproot and Submarine Swaps be carried out?

I've read about some interesting GDP / projects. I am not asking for your explanations. I just want to know what status they have – when does the developer community plan to implement them in the main chain? Or whether some of them weren't considered by the developer community?



3] Submarine swaps

4] Drivechain Sidechain by Paul Sztorc

Thank you so much!

Bitcoincore development – undo the change of the file format and reorder the process question for version 0.19

This is a follow-up question to the rev.dat file format

Pieter Wuille gave a great explanation that is easy to follow. Since the publication of CTxInUndo by Coin, has the format still stood for the CBlockUndo data set?

  • 4 bytes: network magic (0xf9,0xbe, 0xb4,0xd9)
  • 4 bytes: size of the CBlockUndo data record (LE32)
  • data_size bytes: CBlockUndo record
  • 32 bytes: Double-SHA256 of the serialized CBlockUndo data record

CBlockUndo results in a serialized vector of CTxUndo records. Which is currently the serialized vector of coin records.

And here's the coin (or at least how I'm getting it):

  • varint, which is serialized: 2 * height (+1 if it is a coinbase output): The height of the block that created the used UTXO. Incidentally, uint32_t {2} is the same as (uint32_t) 2 in TxInUndoFormatter varint Serialize
  • Version dummy value 0: We no longer use a version, but for reasons of compatibility we use a 5.00 or zero value
  • CompressedAmount: UTXOs nValue output
  • CompressedScript: UTXOs scriptPubKey output


  1. Is it right?
  2. Does anyone happen to have a detailed mind map of the undo process and a byte format map for the CBlockUndo record?

For reference only, I am drawing a picture of the current version 0.19 and earlier versions of version 0.13
the rev * .dat file:
Enter the image description here

Enter the image description here

bitcoin core – bitcoincore has blocked all peers and I cannot synchronize

Peers can be blocked for several reasons

  • Sending too many invalid blocks
  • Sending too many bad messages
  • Use too much bandwidth (e.g. maxuploadtarget Frame)

and probably others.

There are logs that can be helpful and you can check the options available

Threshold for disconnecting misbehaving peers (default: 100)

Number of seconds to keep misbehaving peers from reconnecting  

Whitelist peers connecting from the given IP address (e.g. or CIDR notated network (e.g. Can be 
specified multiple times. Whitelisted peers cannot be DoS
banned and their transactions are always relayed, even if 
they are already in the mempool, useful e.g. for a gateway

Bitcoincore development – how do I create my own Bitcoin Exchange business in India?

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Bitcoincore development – Bitcoin core makes mistakes

I am new to core bitcoin development. I created a clone with Bitcoin Core on a Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3. I have installed all dependencies and can run the file and configure it without errors. However, when executing make, the following error is displayed.

/opt/local/bin/ranlib: object: libbitcoin_server.a(libbitcoin_server_a-addrdb.o) malformed object (unknown load command 1)
/opt/local/bin/ar: internal ranlib command failed
make(2): *** (libbitcoin_server.a) Error 1
make(1): *** (all-recursive) Error 1
make: *** (all-recursive) Error 1

Help kindly.

Bitcoincore Development – Why Use Cryptocurrency Wallet PHP Scripts in Business?

We all know the daily use of the physical wallet and its meaning in our daily lives, but now we need to know why people are talking about digital wallets or crypto wallets in general lately.

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Bitcoincore development – what is cryptocurrency exchange?

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Bitcoincore development – who controls the Bitcoin software?

There are a number of "core" developers. And those who have access to get directly involved in the Github project obviously have more "power" than other people. Since the software is open source, you can of course make your own copy of it and change it as you wish. However, you cannot change any of the "rules" of the network unless you get the rest of the Bitcoin world to follow you and take advantage of your customers.

According to, the main developers are Satoshi Nakamoto, Gavin Andresen, Pieter Wuille, Nils Schneider and Jeff Garzik. According to a recent message on the Bitcoin Development mailing list, Vladimir (J. van der Laan?) Is now part of the core development team. Obviously, Satoshi is no longer there, so I don't know how accurate the list on actually is.

Those who have push access to the Github project are as follows:

Gavin, who is the main developer, is active here, so I'm sure he can give us a clearer answer himself. See also Is there a list of the main Bitcoin committers?