Yahoo block email


Is there any link i can use to delist my IP from been block by Yahoo? As microsoft, they have SNDS to monitor the IP. Does yahoo have… | Read the rest of

segregated witness – How are segwit block transactions verified?

This is not correct.

All segwit blocks do differently is having the witnesses (which include the signature) in a separately-hashed area. They’re still an integral part of the block, and full validation cannot proceed without the witness data. Removing or altering the witness data will invalidate a block.

What this does permit is stripping the witness data without affecting validity according to pre-segwit validation rules. This is the basis for using segwit as a blocksize increase (the old 1 MB block size limit thus only applies to the non-witness part, as old nodes don’t see the witness data). However, nodes that implement the segwit rules need the full witness.

Block threads from certain members??

Probably a real stupid question but I am going to ask anyway. Is there any way to pick and choose/block threads from certain users?? For the last couple of months since I came back to the forum–I was just clicking NEW POSTS and was able to scan thru the thread titles to see if anything of interest. Last 2 days I find a bunch of content posted clogging up that process and I assume it is OK so I need to deal with it on my end thus the question.

magento2.3 – Anybody know the Reference block name for the Footer->Miscellaneous HTML

Within Content->Design->Configuration->Theme->Footer->Miscellaneous HTML I have added some HTML and it works correctly

However, I use a popup and it also displays at the bottom of the popup window

Through the pop-ups Layout.xml I would like to remove the Miscellaneous HTML using something like

<referenceBlock name="XXXXXXXXXX" remove="true"/>

Can anyone please give me the referenceBlock name for the Miscellaneous HTML?

block editor – How to trigger JS in gutenberg page load

I’ve loaded a jQuery script with enqueue_block_editor_assets for gutenberg and wp_print_scripts for frontend which is loaded fine.

add_action( 'wp_print_scripts', 'sk_load_script' );
add_action( 'enqueue_block_editor_assets', 'sk_load_script' );
add_action( 'enqueue_block_editor_assets', 'sk_gutenberg_script' );

The sk_load_script function loads both the frontend.js for both frontend and gutenberg whereas sk_gutenberg_script function loads block.js

However when I do in frontend.js:

jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
    var place = jQuery('.sk-place');

That does not print anything on the console in the Gutenberg area. But it prints in the frontend.

In the block.js edit function, I have the custom event.

constructor() {
    const event = new Event( 'skLoad' );
    document.dispatchEvent( event );

With that, when I do in frontend.js,

document.addEventListener( 'skLoad', function( e ) {
     var place = jQuery('.sk-place');
}, false );

This runs fine as well, but only while adding the block.

How do I run that when the already preset block is in place on loading Gutenberg area, or when loading the block (not on edit only)?


8 – How to attach a single-use block through a field

I am working on a project that has a lot of custom block types (about 35). They are complex and have a lot of fields. They are being used with Layout Builder so all the blocks that get created are mostly single-use and hidden. The block plugin that is applicable here is the InlineBlock class provided by Layout Builder.

I want to re-use some of these block types in a node field. This usage is identical to how paragraphs are used on a field. The main module I would turn to in this sort of situation is block_field. Unfortunately it does not work with InlineBlocks, I’ve created an issue about this.

Is there a solution for this problem? Are there other patterns or techniques I’m missing? At this stage my only obvious solution is to convert these types to paragraphs which I know how to use in Layout Builder.

plugins – Gutenberg: Block SelectControl saves attributes but after a reload of Gutenberg it loads its defaults. Why?

I thought I had it. I added an attribute “max_level” and a SelectControl element “SelectMaxLevel”. Everything works according to plan: I can set the max level and it is saved in the block. When I save the post and display the post see that the php part uses the “maximum level” variable. But when I edit the post the blocks loads it’s default value. Why does this happen?

   registerBlockType('simpletoc/toc', {
      title: __('SimpleTOC', 'simpletoc'),
      icon: simpletocicon,
      category: 'layout',
      attributes: {
            no_title: {
                type: 'boolean',
          default: false,
      attributes: {
            max_level: {
                type: 'integer',
          default: 6,
      edit: function(props) {
        const SelectMaxLevel = withState( {
            level: props.attributes.max_level,
        } )( ( { level, setState } ) => (
                label={__("Maximum Level", 'simpletoc')}
                help={__('Maximum depth of the headings.', 'simpletoc')}
                value= { props.attributes.max_level }
                options={ (
                    { label: __('Including', 'simpletoc') + ' H6 (' + __('Show all', 'simpletoc') + ')' , value: '6' },
                    { label: __('Including', 'simpletoc') + ' H5', value: '5' },
                    { label: __('Including', 'simpletoc') + ' H4', value: '4' },
                    { label: __('Including', 'simpletoc') + ' H3', value: '3' },
                    { label: __('Including', 'simpletoc') + ' H2', value: '2' },
                ) }
                onChange={ ( level ) => { setState( props.setAttributes( { max_level: level } )) } }
        ) );
        return (
                    label={__("Disable heading", 'simpletoc')}
                    help={__('Remove "Table of contents" block heading.', 'simpletoc')}
                    checked={ props.attributes.no_title }
                    onChange={ () => props.setAttributes( {  no_title: ! props.attributes.no_title } ) }
                <SelectMaxLevel />
              className="components-icon-button components-toolbar__control"
              label={__('Update table of contents', 'simpletoc')}
              onClick={function() {
        <ServerSideRender block={} attributes={props.attributes} />
      save: props => {
        return null;

The relevant php part:

register_block_type('simpletoc/toc', (
    'editor_script' => 'simpletoc-js',
    'editor_style' => 'simpletoc-editor',
        'attributes' => array(
                'no_title' => array(
                    'type' => 'boolean',
              'default' => false,
            'max_level' => array(
                    'type' => 'integer',
              'default' => 6,
            'updated' => array(
              'type' => 'number',
              'default' => 0,
              '_builtIn' => true,
    'render_callback' => __NAMESPACE__ . '\render_callback'