blockchain – Looking for someone to help me recover stolen BTC

I need help recovering 7.01386067 BTC that was stolen from me through an investment scam. I have included a picture of the blockchain transactions of the bitcoins i purchased:

BTC purchased of which I can prove ownership
BTC purchased of which I can prove ownership

I was able to track the downstream wallets that the scammers are using to house the stolen assets and my realization is that they are doing this type of criminal activity to many people. If you scan the subject wallets you find they are housing and moving over 220,000,000 USD regularly. Not sure how something like this can go without notice to the government or law enforcement but i fear many many innocent people are being harmed by these dark actions. The following image contains the downstream wallets and the value contained as of earlier today (more than likely changed, but you can understand gravity of the situation):

Scammers wallet addresses (downstream of BTC i was scammed out of)

Scammers wallet addresses (downstream of BTC i was scammed out of)

If you review the transaction data upstream, you will find that these scammers are using BTC tumblers to try and sever the connection to the missing BTC upstream to prevent any of their victims from recovering their lost assets.

Does anyone in this community believe they are able to assist me and those others that have been harmed by these dark actions?

blockchain – How to automatically get transaction while sending BTC?

Here is my SendBTC method. I do not want to pass fundingTransaction variable each time I call this method. Currently, I pass fundingTransaction value by looking up to I want to get this funding transaction in this method only. How can I do this?

public static bool SendBTC(string secret, string toAddress, decimal amount, string fundingTransaction)
        Network bitcoinNetwork = Network.TestNet;
        var bitcoinPrivateKey = new BitcoinSecret(secret, bitcoinNetwork);
        var address = bitcoinPrivateKey.GetAddress(ScriptPubKeyType.Legacy);

        var client = new QBitNinjaClient(bitcoinNetwork);
        var transactionId = uint256.Parse(fundingTransaction);
        var transactionResponse = client.GetTransaction(transactionId).Result;

        var receivedCoins = transactionResponse.ReceivedCoins;

        OutPoint outPointToSpend = null;
        foreach (var coin in receivedCoins)
            if (coin.TxOut.ScriptPubKey == bitcoinPrivateKey.GetAddress(ScriptPubKeyType.Legacy).ScriptPubKey)
                outPointToSpend = coin.Outpoint;

        var transaction = Transaction.Create(bitcoinNetwork);
        transaction.Inputs.Add(new TxIn()
            PrevOut = outPointToSpend

        var receiverAddress = BitcoinAddress.Create(toAddress, bitcoinNetwork);

        var txOutAmount = new Money(amount, MoneyUnit.BTC);

        var minerFee = new Money(0.0005m, MoneyUnit.BTC);

        var txInAmount = (Money)receivedCoins((int)outPointToSpend.N).Amount;
        var changeAmount = txInAmount - txOutAmount - minerFee;

        transaction.Outputs.Add(txOutAmount, receiverAddress.ScriptPubKey);
        transaction.Outputs.Add(changeAmount, bitcoinPrivateKey.GetAddress(ScriptPubKeyType.Legacy).ScriptPubKey);

        transaction.Inputs(0).ScriptSig = address.ScriptPubKey;

        transaction.Sign(bitcoinPrivateKey, receivedCoins.ToArray());

        BroadcastResponse broadcastResponse = client.Broadcast(transaction).Result;

        return broadcastResponse.Success;

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blockchain – NBitcoin Transaction sign(secret, bool) is giving error. Instead of bool it says to pass Coin Object

I am using NBitcoin (I’m new to it) to sign a transaction. Here Transaction sign(secret, bool) method is giving error. (I’ve searched the Internet, but got no help.) Instead of bool it says to pass Coin object, I’m using the latest stable version of NBitcoin. How should I do this? Here’s my code:

var fee = Money.Coins(0.0001m);

        Transaction payment=Transaction.Create(bitcoinNetwork);
        payment.Inputs.Add(new TxIn()
            PrevOut = new OutPoint(fundingTransaction.GetHash(), 1)

        payment.Outputs.Add(new TxOut()
            Value = amount-fee,
            ScriptPubKey = toAddress.ScriptPubKey

        var output = fundingTransaction.Outputs(0);

        payment.Outputs.Add(new TxOut()
            Value = output.Value - amount - fee,
            ScriptPubKey = output.ScriptPubKey

        var message = "Thanks :)";
        var bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(message);
        payment.Outputs.Add(new TxOut()
            Value = Money.Zero,
            ScriptPubKey = TxNullDataTemplate.Instance.GenerateScriptPubKey(bytes)


        payment.Inputs(0).ScriptSig = fundingTransaction.Outputs(1).ScriptPubKey;

        payment.Sign(secret, false); // the problem arises here

        using (var node = Node.Connect(Network.Main))
            Console.WriteLine("Doing version handshake");
            Console.WriteLine("Sending message");
            node.SendMessage(new InvPayload(InventoryType.MSG_TX, payment.GetHash()));
            node.SendMessage(new TxPayload(payment));