JavaScript XMLHttpRequest blocked by CORB

I want to modify a part of the script because including a shoutcat v2 streaming that is on another server is blocked by CORB, you can see it here.
I advance that the project is not mine, but gsavio’s, but I want to see if they help me solve it.
The streaming URL will always be HTTPS, like this.

The script to modify:

function getStreamingData() {
var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhttp.onreadystatechange = function () {

    if (this.readyState === 4 && this.status === 200) {

        if(this.response.length === 0) {
            console.log('%cdebug', 'font-size: 22px')

        var data = JSON.parse(this.responseText);

        var page = new Page();

        var currentSongElement = document.getElementById('currentSong');

        // Formating characters to UTF-8
        let song = data.currentSong.replace(/'/g, ''');
        currentSong = song.replace(/&/g, '&');

        let artist = data.currentArtist.replace(/'/g, ''');
        currentArtist = artist.replace(/&/g, '&');

        // Change the title
        document.title = currentSong + ' - ' + currentArtist + ' | ' + RADIO_NAME;

        if (currentSongElement.innerText !== song.trim()) {
            page.refreshCover(currentSong, currentArtist);
            page.refreshCurrentSong(currentSong, currentArtist);
            page.refreshLyric(currentSong, currentArtist);

            for (var i = 0; i < 2; i++) {
                page.refreshHistoric(data.songHistory(i), i);

var d = new Date();

// Requisition with timestamp to prevent cache on mobile devices'GET', 'api.php?url=' + URL_STREAMING + '&streamtype=' + STREAMING_TYPE + '&historic=' + HISTORIC + '&next=' + NEXT_SONG + '&t=' + d.getTime(), true);


I think this part of script is what gives the issue with CORB.
If you need the complete script, or some other file can clone project that I mentioned at the beginning.

I must mention that the author of the project did not ask me for help, and I am not acting on his behalf.
I just want to fix it as soon as possible, and maybe I will get a quicker answer here while I wait for the possible official solution.

magento2 – Cannot whitelist htaccess blocked admin URL

Trying to whitelist the blocked admin URL for the outside world from htaccess but not working.

The below code worked in Magento 1. I have added this in my root_directory/pub/.httaccess.

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^
RewriteRule ^(index.php/?)?(admin|rss|downloader) - (L,R=403)

This is blocking the URL but not whitelisting to my office IP. Any suggestions?

Pure Evil: BLM Rioters lit house on fire that had child inside – then blocked firefighters.?

RICHMOND, VA – It’s not often you see a police chief break down in tears. But that was exactly what happened in Virginia on Sunday. The Richmond Police Chief held a press conference in which he told the media that Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters set fire to a multi-family home.Then blocked road so police and firemen couldn’t put fire out.

Are FB admin posts and announcements on a Group visible to a user that has blocked the admin but still follows the Group?

I am FB admin of a private Sales & Wants Group. I created the Group to sell books from my collection to members with similar niche interests and as well as private members buying and selling books there are several large book dealers who sell on the Group as well. Sometimes people who buy from me friend me to make messaging easier, so I would say I am friends with maybe 2/3 of group members but not all.

Recently a member of the Group who friended me took exception to a comment I posted outside the Group and decided not just to unfriend me but to block me on FB. But they remained a member of the Group. I suspect because they are a book collector they find the Group a useful source of bargains. Of course I could remove them but being the bigger person I’m not going to as 1) Will be accused of being “intolerant of their views” if I remove them (I’m not intolerant, we just differ politically) and 2) I suspect the problem may solve itself in time.

A lot of the posts on the Group are limited time offers so it makes sense to follow the Group. Obviously this member isn’t going to be buying off me anymore but they’ll want to see the offers of other members.

Here’s my question. I regularly post sales offers and make Admin announcements 2-3 times a week. We also have a loyalty scheme so I am regularly posting announcements about that. If this person continues to remain a member of the Group and follow the Group, won’t they continue to see my Admin sales and loyalty announcements on their feed as part of the follow?

I ask because presumably that leaves them with the option of either unfollowing the Group (and missing out on offers from other sellers) or just getting sick of seeing the announcements and leaving the Group without me having to remove them as a member (which I am loathe to do).

So…will the problem solve itself?

Why do conservatives post angry non-answers to questions, then act like hapless victims when they’re blocked for it?


You are just like Hitler, you commie , and now that the Jews and atheists have taken secret control of our Walmmarts and pizza parlors , we get thrown in jail and gay raped if we say MERRY CHRISTMAS. KEEP AMERICA WHITE AGAIN!!!!!

oracle – How to connect to specific session id & serial# ? Blocked sessions

I have blocked sessions and see which session is blocking them, having session_id and serial#. Is it possible to connect to such session? How?

Background: using V$SESSION_BLOCKERS I see sessions are blocked by each other by INSERT statements to one of two tables: _REQUEST and _RESPONSE

Blocked sessions wait event: enq: TX - row lock contention

Query 1:

insert into _REQUEST (creation_date, IS_PROCESSED, name, packet, PARENT_SKID, BATCH_SKID, retry_delay, revision, SERVICE_NAME, ttl, type, REQUEST_SKID)
values (:1 , :2 , :3 , :4 , :5 , :6 , :7 , :8 , :9 , :10 , :11 , :12 )

Query 2a (from DB trigger, :B1 is a payload):

FROM XMLTABLE( '//*:DataHandlerWebServiceException | //*:Fault | //*:PLMDataHandlerError' 
     COLUMNS ERROR_DETAILS VARCHAR2(256) PATH '*:errorDetails'
            ,ERROR_MESSAGE VARCHAR2(256) PATH '*:errorMessage'
            ,ERROR_CODE VARCHAR2(8) PATH '*:errorCode'
            ,FAULT_REASON VARCHAR2(256) PATH '*:Reason/*:Text'

Query 2b (we already know APPEND is ignored here, see Note 1):

values ( :1 , :2 , :3 , :4 , :5 , :6 , :7 , :8 , :9 , :10 )

How is it possible that INSERTs, to different tables, are blocking the sessions? I was looking into V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY but don’t find anything yet (I’m not a DBA yet)

Note 1: APPEND hint ignored

File upload blocked – error code 0x800700de “The file type being saved or retrieved has been blocked.”

A user has encountered a curious issue when trying to upload a 3MB Excel file. There are already other files greater than 3MB is size, so that’s not the issue.

The error code is as you see in the picture below, “Error 0x800700DE: The file type being saved or retrieved has been blocked”. I found this error code on the SCCM Error Code Bible on page 39.

Error 0x800700DE

  • I’d be surprised if we’d put in place some kind of file blocking setting.
  • This is an Excel file in .xlsx format, it is not a macro.
  • Other Excel files have been uploaded already.
  • Perhaps there is something else within the file that Sharepoint wants to block? There is one link to another file on a file server contained in the file (I see this in Data/Connections/Edit Links in the Excel ribbon menu).

File Permissions (in Excel itself)

Excel Permissions

The file does have password protected worksheets – can this be a reason for upload being blocked? If so, where can I access these settings (I’m SP Admin)?

SP User Permissions

  • The user has contribute permissions and has uploaded other files today.
  • I’m the SP Admin and I also can not upload the file.

Other Links / Research

Suggested invalid characters in file name: see link here

CSF blocked all countries except one


In CSF I want to block all contries to access to server and only enable 1 country.

I checked some guides and they told this:

1- nano /etc/csf/csf.conf

2- CC_ALLOW = “”

3- CC_DENY = “”

But how can i put in “CC_DENY” for disable access from all countries and only accept one?.

I need write all contry codes?: AF, AL, DZ, etc.

Thank you very much.