Synchronization – Bitcoin Core Blockchain Sync Fatal internal error – blocking corrupted – Linux

I'm trying to run the IBD on Bitcoin Core 0.18, and I keep getting "Fatal Internal Error" at seemingly random intervals, closing Bitcoin-qt and preventing full sync. The furthest I came after hours of trying and re-indexing with 5%. I may be able to get it back to 6 years, if I'm lucky, once to 5 years, but my luck has never lasted longer. Attempts to reindex the sync cause the sync to be rewound to approximately 8 years, which equals <1% of the total download. I'm done.

The error I get in debug.log is:

2019-07-22T00: 14: 07Z Error: Error: A fatal internal error has occurred. For more information, see the debug.log file
2019-07-22T00: 19: 17Z ERROR: ConnectTip: ConnectBlock 0000000000000af5808c422d13a9bd6580e72a9db9a543336cb6834c9db75a40 failed, Incorrect TXNMRKLROOT error, HashMerkleRoot (Code 16)
2019-07-22T00: 19: 17Z ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: ActivateBestChain failed (bad-txnmrklroot, hashMerkleRoot conflict (Code 16))
2019-07-22T00: 19: 17Z *** A corrupted block was found indicating a possible hardware failure. shut down

I do not know what causes corruption. I tested my hardware and everything is fine. I ran Badblocks on the SSD, Memtester on the RAM, and monitored the CPU core temperatures during sync – constant 35 degrees Celsius. My operating system is up to date. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this system, and the hardware exceeds the requirements.

What could be going on here? And is there any hope that I can actually set up this node, or am I unlucky?

System Specifications:
Bitcoin Core 0.18

Operating system: Linux Mint

CPU: i5-8500 4.1 GHz



AOC sued for blocking people on Twitter?

US Democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being charged with blocking people on Twitter.

"The first amendment does not allow an official using a social media account for all sorts of official purposes to exclude people from an otherwise open online dialogue because they have voiced views the official disagrees with" , was the verdict.

According to Mr Hikind's complaint, the congressman – commonly known by her initials AOC – blocked him after criticizing her and her political views.


How to Remove Render Blocking Issue from the Website?

Go to Performance -> General Settings. …
Under this heading you will see some options. …
In Minimize mode, select Manual, and then click Save All Settings.
At this point, you must retrieve all the JS and CSS scripts that cause render blocking. …
Go back to WordPress.

Postfix – blocking by sender E-Mail Domain IP

For some time I have received many spam emails. The emails are all different, but when I look up the domain of the email address, it always resolves to the same IP address.


  • xyz@domain1.tld -> will be resolved to
  • ddfda@domain2.tld -> will be resolved to
  • etc.

In Postfix I can reject any email address, but in this case this is not helpful because the email address is constantly changing.

The next problem I have is that every email is sent through another mail server. So I can not lock by sender address.

I would like to block an email with the IP address. Not the name of the sender, but the IP address of the domain used in the e-mail.

Any suggestions on how to do that in Postfix?

debian – Blocking the sender domain in postfix does not work

I tried to create a file with a list of people / domains on the whitelist and the blacklist. But it does not block the emails. There is this domain that keeps sending out very annoying cheating emails, and I want to block them at the source. Spamassassin intercepts it and marks it as spam, but I want the server to reject the email.

I have done the following:

  1. I have created a file: sender_access in the / etc / postfix /
  2. I edited the file, and in smtpd_recipient_restrictions comma separated list, I added: check_client_access hash: / etc / postfix / sender_access

  3. I called with root sudo postmap hash: sender_accessin the Postfix directory

The contents of sender_access are: OK REJOICE

What am I doing wrong?

Blocking time – What is the transaction "Finality"?

Why is a "bad" lockout okay as long as all sequences are final? The TX will not be degradable anyway, right?

After GDP 68, recruitment nSequenz Value is disabled at 0xFFFFFFFF for each entry in the transaction Ntime, So, whatever the value of it may be Ntimethis does not affect the transaction nSequenz Value is 0xFFFFFFFF.

What are the effects on paid replace and review sequence validation transactions (if a non-final nSequence value is used)? Does this mean that nLockTime must be set in a certain way to use these features?

It was assumed that a transaction was enabled to allow itself to be replaced if one of its inputs has a nSequence number LESS than 0xFFFFFFFE. Use CSV Your nSequenz Value must be <= 0xEFFFFFFF. If nSequenz value> 0xEFFFFFFF, then there is no consensus on the sequence number and it can be placed in any block under all possible circumstances. So for the use Ntime together with Opt-in RBF, yours nSequenz The value must be between 0xF0000000 and 0xFFFFFFFD. More information can be found here nSequenz and how it has developed in recent years.

Or maybe because nLockTime has to be below the current time / altitude anyway, all this is controversial and nSequence has no real impact on the final transaction.

Ntime is a transaction-level function while nSequenz is an input level function. The program is thus optimized in principle so that individual inputs are not checked whether the transaction itself is invalid Ntime, If you check the function below IsFinalTxIt checks the validity of each transaction entry by checking if the nSequenz Numbers are valid.

json – jsonapi Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocks the cross-origin response in vue

I have the data with postman in json: api at Drupal.
Enter image description here
But I have bug from CORB in Vue-resource.get () with code blew:

rootUrl: this. $ http.options.root,
header: {headers: {Accept: & # 39; application / vnd.api + json & # 39 ;,
& # 39; content type & # 39;: & apos; application / vnd.api + json & # 39 ;,
Permission: "Basic dG1wQWRtaW46VG1wQDEyMyM0NTY ="}
created () {
this.getCycleList ()
Methods: {
getCycleList () {

this. $ http.get (& # 39; jsonapi / node / banner? include = field_image & # 39 ;, this.header) .then (result => {
console.log (result)

if (result.ok && result.status === 200) {
this.cyclePic = result.body.included
console.log (this.cyclePic)
Toast (& # 39; failure & # 39;)


What do I miss something?