Collision Detection – Do not block the blocking volume camera in Unreal Engine

I use blocking volumes to prevent players from falling into platforms in UE4's third-person perspective game.

However, these blocking volumes block the camera as if they were a physical wall.

How can I just block the player without blocking the camera?

Ideally without coding / blueprints. If that's impossible, a simple design would be best.

UE Scene 1
Camera at a normal distance from the player if it is not restricted by a blocking volume

UE Scene 2
Camera is restricted by a blocking volume

Security – A More Effective Way To Prevent The Continuous Blocking Of Xhr Ad Tracking Questions?

Currently, there are a lot of dynamic rules that have been set up to use uBlock Origin to block various ad tracking sites that work against a constant flow of requests, as seen in the logger. My question is, is there a more effective way to do this?

I understand that the dynamic rules override the "my filter" rules, but that both are ultimately the same. Is there an earlier point where I cancels these requests, or a possible trick to let one through, and then block "dialing home"? Or maybe even on arrival?

Sorry for the poorly worded question. English is my native language, so I really do not have a valid excuse.

Blocking process inputbuf is empty

I tried to capture blocking queries using the Blocked Processes report as this link

I can retrieve the blocked process query with sqlhandle, but I can not get it for the blocked process query because no sqlhandle and inputbuf have no SQL statement.

Enter image description here

Any idea? This is the first time I use this blocked process report.

High performance blocking queue C #

I'm developing a high-performance (real-time) system that requires messaging between components. Speed ​​and accuracy are top priority. I have studied a few options. ConcurrentQueue is super fast BlockingCollection offers a better API. also BlockingCollection Waits for the producer to create the message. the problem is BlockingCollection is not fast enough for the job. In addition, locks are used internally, which can lead to lock conflicts. That's why I've tried to develop a queue that offers blocking behavior (wait for the producer to generate a message) and internally does not use a lock. here what I have come up with

    public class BlockingConcurrentQueue : IDisposable
        private readonly ConcurrentQueue _internalQueue;
        private AutoResetEvent _autoResetEvent;
        private long _consumed;
        private long _isAddingCompleted = 0;
        private long _produced;
        private long _sleeping;

        public BlockingConcurrentQueue()
            _internalQueue = new ConcurrentQueue();
            _produced = 0;
            _consumed = 0;
            _sleeping = 0;
            _autoResetEvent = new AutoResetEvent(false);

        public bool IsAddingCompleted
                return Interlocked.Read(ref _isAddingCompleted) == 1;

        public bool IsCompleted
                if (Interlocked.Read(ref _isAddingCompleted) == 1 && _internalQueue.IsEmpty)
                    return true;
                    return false;

        public void CompleteAdding()
            Interlocked.Exchange(ref _isAddingCompleted, 1);

        public void Dispose()

        public void Enqueue(T item)

            if (Interlocked.Read(ref _isAddingCompleted) == 1)
                throw new InvalidOperationException("Adding Completed.");

            Interlocked.Increment(ref _produced);
            if (Interlocked.Read(ref _sleeping) == 1)
                Interlocked.Exchange(ref _sleeping, 0);

        public bool TryDequeue(out T result)
            if (Interlocked.Read(ref _consumed) == Interlocked.Read(ref _produced))
                Interlocked.Exchange(ref _sleeping, 1);

            if (_internalQueue.TryDequeue(out result))
                Interlocked.Increment(ref _consumed);
                return true;
            return false;

I ask for your expertise

  1. maturity guarantee
  2. Any performance improvement
  3. Am I doing anything wrong that could break in race?

Web Browser – What are the benefits of blocking most search engines?

I see that only a few search engines are allowed on the website of a customer using the corporate network. Google and Bing, possibly others; While my favorite DuckDuckGo is locked, a few others I've tried have been locked. The search engines are blocked by the proxy.

What's the use of blocking a search engine in a large enterprise environment? This is a finance company, so they need fairly good security, but it seems strange that search engines will be blocked if they are not whitelisted.

The guest Wi-Fi has no such blocking, only the corporate network.

SEO – Is it possible to block the ranking for a specific keyword in Google results without blocking all your results?

I have a website that ranks for a keyword that is nowhere on the site. I NEVER search for searches with this keyword, but will otherwise stay in the index for other searches. The term that I want to ban is usually displayed in multiple-keyword searches with other words for which we have a rank.

Here is an example:

Suppose I manage a bakery that only makes waffles. I want to rank Chocolate Dessert Waffles and me, and that works great, but I also rank for Chocolate dessert cake and I never want to rank for the word cake,

In this example, the word cake is not even on my website, but I really rank well for chocolate Dessert So my site will be displayed in SERPs for Chocolate dessert cake,

Which is bad.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Trump admitted to blocking foreign aid to Ukraine unless they dig dirt on an enemy. Do you think that's ethical? Without distracting?

This is not only not ethical, but also an abuse of office, which constitutes another offense. Of course, the trolls (as Bocephus has already done) will fend off by blaming others for similar crimes, but this does not excuse or mitigate the countless crimes and offenses that Donald Trump commits on a daily basis.

Congress should proceed with the impeachment. I expect they will wait until after 2020, because this Senate is so partial to excusing everything, but an acquittal in advance would guarantee a Democratic Senate majority for a second impeachment decision. The people have chosen this congress to bring charges, and they should continue to do so.

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