My journey to build a niche blog empire Earn $ 100 per day within 60 days!

Hello marketers!

My name is Leon Tran, I have been an internet marketer for some time and have been successful in creating websites and some other areas of marketing.

I like to try different ways to earn money online and master new challenges. * I am also on a YouTube journey to earn $ 100 a day. More information can be found here >>>…m-1-day-to-100-day-marketing- channel.2857413 /

Welcome to My Niche Blogging Empire!

At the moment I start with 4 niche blogs and will create them from scratch. I'll add more niche blogs on this trip, including more review pages, blog directories / lists, news blogs, and more. I will use a combination of tools and strategies for these blogs that I will discuss more along the way.

What is the goal?
To see how fast I can get traffic from Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon Affiliate, and other networks and earn money with my new blogs. Let's aim to earn $ 100 a day for the first 60 days.

What is my strategy?
Publish many SEO-optimized content in every blog every day. Create backlinks + social marketing for new posts. I use a combination of tools and different strategies for each blog. Some are more automated, while others are manual content. I want to run over 10 niche blogs. Why so many blogs? It's an experiment to find out what kind of niche blogs and what strategies are leading to better results. Then I will apply similar strategies to new blogs.

I will publish updates here and publish updates (traffic, revenue, strategies, tips) on my YouTube channel. Subscribe and follow my blogging journey as I post video footage of my progress and other ways to make money online.

Today is the 1st day.
I have 4 blogs registered and am ready to go. The niche blog themes are stock trading, cryptocurrency and Amazon product ratings.

If you have questions / comments / tips / suggestions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for Watching :)

My new blog | Forum Promotion, I lost my password for my WordPress account and went back to I'm sorry people. I give tips and exercises on self-therapy and blog about my personal healing journey: progress and setbacks, health conditions as well as various other topics and insults and my artistic creations!

Should I start a personal blog?

I would definitely encourage you to start your own personal blog. There are several reasons.

1. The business is getting more and more online these days, and your blog can be a more sophisticated business card that pulls people in and sees what you're doing.

2. In business life, everyone should have their own brand. Just as I have my own brand "Jahan Choudhry" and want to convey a certain image, I believe that a blog helps to create the brand, an image of you that you want to give others.

Well, this could just be a simple, down to earth and accessible person. This is still a kind of image and thus brand.

3. If you share your knowledge and expertise with others, you contribute and make a difference, a positive difference. I was at a seminar today and they mentioned the sentence "Be the difference you would like to see".

Most of us know that when you do something good, the law of attraction / karma ensures that it returns to you in many ways.

4. It's a great way to meet new people, and it may be satisfying to see some blogs titled, "One of my readers recently sent me an email about … so I'll be a little bit more share it. " Begin information … ".

5. You can take turns and have variety on the blog, it does not always have to be serious and very "businesslike" and it can also be fun or carefree.

6. In the worst case, start a blog (for free) and stop after a while for some reason. You lose nothing and the blog is still up there and it does not hurt your image.

Let's go! (to all)

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Blog – Best practices for subtitle text for images

More important than writing, size and style is the use of spaces. You need to make sure your readers know that this text belongs to the image as a caption. You can use 2em between the image, the narrow label, and the surrounding text to see if the effect of the caption belongs to the image or not.

From what I've seen, subtitles usually make up 80% (0.8em) of body text size. However, if you make the text smaller, reading is even more difficult for users. And that affects the readability. A second style change with italics would mean exaggerating the desired effect. Decrease the size or italicize the text.

The meaning of italics is often the emphasis of the word or phrase. If you make the text smaller, send the message that this text is less important. Decide what message to send before changing the style or size.

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