Benintendi, Martinez bring Crimson Sox Final Blue Jays, 8-3 – More ways to earn money

BOSTON (AP) Andrew Benintendi continues the sizzling departure from the starter destination for the wounded star Mookie Betts. Benintendi beats a Homer with few features in the direction of a five-stroke fourth innings, JD Martinez as a solo homer and the Boston Pink Sox rolled in the direction of a 8-3 victory, to which the Toronto Blue Jays had previously been pointed. With a regular monthly leadoff hit, Betts dropped his current right-wing stance, considering Benintendi felt his left-hander still within the strike coach, and in addition, in just his often quiet voice, Benintendi claimed that his first job was Homer Above was the eco-friendly monster, the 23-year-old: I have striked some of the aforementioned within BP, but not just in a spare time. Jackie Bradley Jr. scored two goals and made an extraordinary conquest on the just-center market, when Boston won for the seventh time in just 9 games It was the 11th decline of the Blue Jays within 15 video games, which they lost to 2-5 against the Crimson Sox this year. Teoscar Hernandez experienced an RBI triple and double for Toronto. David Cost (5-4) worked in 5 innings, allowing 2 operations and 4 hits with 4 strikeouts and 4 walks. The leftman took a challenging grounder against Yangervis Solarte, who bounced off his glove and looked towards the carom from his upper body within the initial innings, before selecting it and throwing it out. On my own, I recognize Rick Porcello Jersey, I'm the softest person in this clubhouse, claiming rate and joking. If this experience bothered me, I came out of free time. The Purple Sox tasted their big fourth inning and drew 6-1 in advance, unlike Aaron Sanchez (2-5). Brock Holt had a sacrificial fly and Bradley's brace in front of Benintendi threw a fly ball into the front row of monster seats. They take a handful of singles in this inning, a bloop and then an explosion, Sanchez reported. Martinez then led the 5th with his 17th Homer, an inspiration that leaves Fenway Park far beyond the monster and matches him with beds for the staff. They've got a difficult line-up they constantly cover, said John Gibbons, Blue Jays supervisor. It was hard to close. Sanchez was tagged for 7 operations and 9 hits within 5 innings and slipped in the direction of 0-3 in only 5 launches with a 5.96 technology. TRAINERS ROOM Blues Jays: 3B Josh Donaldson remains the match with left calf tightness right after becoming one and walking 2 times. It's a small wound right now, but a minimal limitation, he mentioned. Probably been in the direction of doing some procedures and things and figuring out just kind of over the ear to attend, to watch how it reacts. Purple Sox: Supervisor Alex Cora gave 2B Dustin Pedroia a day off when he performed 2 instant video games, his initial knee surgery due to the fact that the low season was reversed. Shown at THATBradley produced on the warning monitor by Kendrys Morales in just that one jump with his once again totally grown up pickup towards house plate 6. Holt ran up, raised his palms, walked around and hugged him. As Jackie does, Benintendi claimed. He produces all these performances throughout the year. Bradley said: I generally see a significant expectation of me offensively and defensively. I felt that I had to generate the participation in Hector Velazquez Jersey. Within just 13 years in only the big leagues of Ryan Weber Jersey, the 35-calendar year before was a particular eye-catcher. He was just enjoying the monster's carambola before recovering. RIGHT THEN the Blue Jays got some spare rifles and six specially awarded punches, which gave them a good charge of charge. UP NEXTBlue Jays: RHP Marco Estrada (2-5, 5:40 technology) is about to board. He has a 0: 2 in this period with a technology of 7.36 within 2 and is against the Crimson Sox. Purple Sox: Rick Porcello (6: 2, 3.74) hopes for a rebound on his worst start of the period once he has given up 6 operations higher than 3 2/3 innings unlike the Rays on.

Networking – Ubuntu 18.04 Samba out of the blue is really slow

I have a Samba share setup on my Ubuntu 18.04 server for a few months now. All run very smoothly and very fast over my Gigabit Ethernet from the Ubuntu server to another 19.04 Ubuntu laptop and a Windows 10 laptop.

Today, trying to access my share from my Ubuntu laptop or Windows laptop was suddenly extremely sluggish. All file transfers are about 2-3 MB / s, if they should be about 100 MB / s.

I reinstalled Samba and restarted every device connected to my network.

I've followed the steps in this tutorial:

here is my smb.conf for the stock.

path = / mnt / storage
searchable = yes
write-protected = no
Force creation mode = 0660
Force directory mode = 2770
valid user = @sambashare @sadmin

python – # A program that lets you see how red, blue, and purple appear in the resolution for fun

I'm doing a bit of analogue and digital art. This time I did a color test digital. To work on my programmability so that it is divisible, I ask for help to get a code review.

What is the readability?
Is it easy to follow the train of thought?

Greetings Johan

#A program for fun to see how red, blue and purple appears at resolution 

from math import *
from graphics import *

def hole(win, centerx, centery, radius): #draws an inverted sphere
    for circle in range(radius, 0, -1):
        c = Circle(Point(centerx, centery), circle)
        coloratangle = int(sin(circle/radius*pi/2)*255) #max resolution from black to white is 255 steps
        c.setFill(color_rgb(coloratangle * (circle % 2), 0, coloratangle * ((circle + 1) % 2))) # Modulus instead of Boolean? Modulus in c.setFill or in another line?

windowheight = 1350
windowwidth = 730
win = GraphWin("My Circle", windowheight, windowwidth)
win.setBackground(color_rgb(255, 100, 100))

centerx = int(windowheight / 2)
centery = int(windowwidth / 2) #intetger
radius = int(sqrt(centerx**2 + centery**2)) #pythagoras

hole(win, centerx, centery, radius)

win.getMouse() # Pause to view result
win.close()    # Close window when done

Unity Blue Sprite always appears at the top, regardless of the order

I have 3 SpriteRenderer

  1. SpriteRenderer – Green Sprite
  2. SpriteRenderer – Blue Sprite
  3. SpriteRenderer – Brown Sprite

The problem is that the blue sprite is always displayed above the other. I even tried to keep it SpriteRenderer change in the same order and the pictures but no matter what SpriteRenderer I always put the blue picture on top of it.

I've set the collation level to 0 for all 3 and can not change it because I need to change so many other objects in the game.

html – tag generates a blue box behind the preformatted text and a table on it in the printable version. How can I disable this?

if there is a way to edit this, change the table in any way or disable it if it is printable = yes?

Yes to all questions.

The question "how" was not there, right?


  • Examine the box of developer tools to find out where the style came from.
  • If it's from MediaWiki, you can find it with developer tools and change it to your liking.
  • Is it a kind of shadow DOM element (a browser created / styled element, as in the screenshot)?

Enter image description here

  • Restyle (override) to your liking with your own CSS style, like this one.

Design – Best defect color on blue color?

I tend to mix the default color with red until the color feels warm, but the text is still legible. You can mix for orange or yellow alerts, neutral for blue (or white), and green for positive messages.

This works because people associate a larger color gamut with certain severity levels.

An alternative would be to change the background instead of the text color to highlight the message. Re-mix the background color with red, orange / yellow, blue / white or green, depending on which message you want to submit.

If none of the default shades work, choose a different color, but use an icon or descriptive text such as "Error" to highlight and convey the meaning of the text in this way. Using a symbol is probably something you want to do independently, as it is more recognizable than color, especially if someone using your application is color blind or color deficient.

Visa – How long can I stay in Germany after I have quit my Blue Card job?

I come from a non-EU country and have a German "Blue Card EU", which is tied to a position that I had in Germany. I worked there for a year but stopped working there last week.

I'm currently applying for a Swiss work permit and intend to move there and work there when that's done. I was told that it could take more than 3 months to get the work permit, which is worrying as I only have 90 visa-free days in the Schengen area.

So my question is: How long can I stay in Germany after I quit the job for which I had my blue card? Citizens of my country receive 90 days without a visa, but thanks to my blue card do I get extra time? It certainly will not expire as soon as I quit my job, right?