Output audio from mic on bluetooth headset to phone speaker

I want to get audio from the mic on a bluetooth headset, send it to the connected phone, and play it on the phone speakers. I’m aware there are different profiles and protocols to be used, but I’m unsure on how to start. What method can I use to achieve this with minimum delay?

Context: A friend of mine works in healthcare and is shouting themself hoarse while speaking to others through the PPE. If possible, I’d like to provide them with an app that lets them use their phone speakers as a megaphone to amplify their voice – If such an app already exists, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

bluetooth – Options for Integrating or developing a physical security solution (physical access control via in-house mobile apps [NFC/Bluetooh])

Our team is looking to either integrate or develop a physical security solution for a rather large campus.


Ability to either integrate (with reader/electronic lock hardware) from our mobile apps which would allow access control (over NFC/Bluetooth) to areas.

We will be writing to our already existing identity management api’s and expanding them to support what we need to for this project.

We are looking to write our own mobile integrations with purchased hardware, since this functionality has to exist within our organization’s already existing mobile apps we developed. (we haven’t found a company that offers the level of integration we want… most of the solutions we see out there are fantastic, but require downloading the security company’s mobile app, managing access control via their cloud resources, etc).

What reader/electronic door lock hardware can we buy to build this level of in-house integration with?

To summarize: we are looking to buy scanners/door locks with NFC/Bluetooth capability and write security integrations for access control through already existing mobile apps we have developed…

I realize product suggestions can be of bad taste on here, but I invite them for the sake of discussion in addition to solutions that companies offer.

Our team will be expanding to hire security professionals in this realm to assist, so you can save the “don’t roll your own auth” type of answers and comments 🙂

Thanks in advance!

macos – Bluetooth Headset (AirPods Pro) Not Activated After Connection

macos – Bluetooth Headset (AirPods Pro) Not Activated After Connection – Ask Different

bluetooth – Command line interface to BLE (UART)

I’ve been able to use an Arduino Nano 33 BLE and create a UART connection to the unit with an iPhone (using Bluefruit Connect). I can send and receive messages; this is great. Relatively simple setup.

Now, the trick is to do so with a Linux box (Ubuntu 20.04).

From what I gather, using ‘sudo hcitool -i hci0 lescan’ can do an LE Scan, and I can see the various devices around. For example:

FB:0D:FF:43:44:3F (unknown)
5B:5D:F1:A3:D5:60 (unknown)
5B:5D:F1:A3:D5:60 MYDEV
1B:A8:4E:B8:03:7D (unknown)
7B:FF:94:C5:60:74 (unknown)

The device I’ve been able to connect to via the phone, ‘MYDEV’ has two entries. The question is, how does one connect to this device (which has a UART capability) from the Linux command line? Again, a simple ‘Echo’ program (which is in the HardwareSerialBLE examples) works fine with the phone.

I’ve tried the gatttool command in interactive mode:

gatttool --device=.... -I

…and can connect to the device. I’ve tried some of the commands here:


The primary and characteristic commands show values that show that the serial communication stuff is there:


But what is the next step in connecting, so things can be sent back and forth?

windows 10 – How to troubleshoot bluetooth audio for a Surface tablet?

From bluetooth settings (start ms-settings:bluetooth) clicking disconnect and connect generates an audible pairing message from the headset.

Hower, youtube or other video only seems to play over the built-in audio.

One time zoom worked.

The PLT v5200 from plantronics works with other devices.

Not sure what I can do. I removed the device and re-added it.

I removed the device from bluetooth.

Added an Alexa speaker. YouTube plays fine over the Alexa speaker.

Disconnected from the Alexa speaker.

Connected to the 5200 earpiece.
Audio still plays over the built-in speakers.

In bluetooth settings, it now shows as:

Connected voice

which is probably the problem.

Bluetooth on Windows 10 suddenly stopped working

A few days ago I wanted to use my computer’s Bluetooth function, but the option to turn it on/off wasn’t there. I ran the troubleshooter which, after updating the drivers, fixed the problem. Recently I’ve been using Bluetooth without any problems, but this morning it stopped working. The on/off option is gone again. Running the troubleshooter only gives this message:

“Bluetooth is not available on this device. Please try using an external adapter to add Bluetooth capability to the computer.”

I know Bluetooth is available, as I was using it yesterday. I’ve tried updating the drivers again, but without any success. Anyone know what the problem might be?

macos – Bluetooth headset “Play/Pause” button no longer works on Mac

macos – Bluetooth headset “Play/Pause” button no longer works on Mac – Ask Different

Bluetooth headphone volume buttons make big steps

When I change music volume using the volume buttons on my bluetooth headphones, each click moves the volume 2 or 3 volume steps (compared to when I change volume using the volume buttons on my phone itself). This often means that it jumps right from too loud to too quiet, so I have to dig out my phone to get the volume to a comfortable level.

I’ve already tried Developer Options > Disable absolute volume, which didn’t seem to make any difference. I’m using a Pixel 2 (stock Android 11) with Soundcore Life Q20 headphones.

bluetooth – Background ble scan in one plus

We are trying to build an app which scan nearby Bluetooth devices and shows on the UI, we also have event listener which detects whenever location or bluetooth state is changed and accordingly we start the Bluetooth scan, we also make sure no more then 5 bleScan happens within 30 seconds.

Now heres the problem,
This app works fine for phones like Nokia, Asus etc, but for one plus what we have noticed is, whenever we are in background, and we disabled and enabled bluetooth, it dosent start the scan(in the code it reaching but no errors are been thrown) nor it throws error in onScanFailed callback, we didnt see this behavior in other phone

so it dosnet work if the setting is the following

enter image description here

but if we make the location “Allow all the time” , then it works perfectly

enter image description here

My question is who is doing it properly one plus or other phones? Am i missing some additional settings for one plus. please help

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