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Started: Apr 15, 2021

Investment plans:
20% Daily for 10 Days (with condition that the contract balance has enough funds for withdrawal)

Payment systems:
BNB (Binance bep-20)

Affiliate Program:

Technical details ( with HyipLogs help):

Script: undefined BNB SMART CONTRACT

Hosting: Vultr HoldingsTotal
IP-address: (United States / New York) IP not used in other projects
Name servers :,
SSL: Free SSL valid from 13 Apr, 2021 to 12 Jul, 2021 – Let’s Encrypt

Domain: Registered for 1 year (Apr 07, 2021 – Apr 07, 2022) by GoDaddy


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Our Investments:
Payment: BNB
Amount: 0.25 BNB (about $130 at that moment)
Date: 17.04.2021…51b318d3a12581c

Payment: BNB
Amount: 0.26 BNB (about $125 at that moment)
Date: 18.04.2021…c9dfa7bb3124b9e

Payment Received Instantly via BNB smart contract
Date: 18.04.2021
Amount: 0.06 BNB (about $25 at that moment)
Our BNB wallet:…63bc8AB4F976f74

Youtube Video:

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BNB close to surpassing ethereum by market capitalization

Binance coin (BNB) after reaching a new all time high of $400 has seen a massive rise in it’s market capitalization.

Presently , BNB market capitalization is just four times less than the market capitalization of ethereum.
Investors suggest that the rise in price of BNB can be attributed to the numerous launchpad and project making use of Binance platform .
What do you think about this new height by BNB ?

Bnb Yield –

I am not owner of this project! Information has been posted here only for discussion! All HYIP projects are risky games, so don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Program Start: 2021-04-03

My deposit: 0.89 BNB…deda9a926b26af5

Investment Plans

(1) 12.4% daily for 14 days and principal included
(2) 10.4% daily for 21 days and principal included
(3) 8.4% daily for 28 days and principal included
(4) 291.2% after 14 days
(5) 423.36% after 21 days
(6) 511.98% after 28 days

Payment Options: BinanceCoin(BEP 20 BSC).

Withdrawal Type: instant

Referral Commissions: 4%-2%-1%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%

150 BNB Youtube Promotion Contest

Contest is live and ends on 10/04/2021. This promotion is for all youtubers who would like to earn some extra money and can take part in. You must follow these rules in order to get rewards:

(1) You must post a video about BNBYIELD on your channel
(2) You must have 100 Subscribers on your Channel
(3) You must have 10 Direct Referrals till the end of the contest.
(4) You must post your Referral link in videos’s description.
(5) You must record full details about deposit/withdraw/connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain. Showing your face in video is plus point but not compulsory.
(6) You must submit your video link and fill other details

All the youtubers who fullfill these 6 conditions will share 50 BNB in Total. For Example, 50 Youtubers post videos by following above rules. Each Youtubers will receive 1 BNB as 50 BNB are equally credited to all of them. Remaining 100 BNB are shared on the basis of Quality of the Video. Winners will be announced on 11/04/2021 and Rewards will be distributed on the same day.

How to join

1: You should download Metamask on your device.
2: Follow along with the setup specified by the app. Go ahead and click Create a Wallet. Write down the backup seed phrase. You should now see your wallet, ready to send and receive funds.
3: Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
4: Select the “Networks” menu.
5: Click “Add Network” in the top-right corner to manually add the Binance Smart Chain
6: Mainnet (This is the one you are probably looking for)
Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
7: Transfer BNB(BEP 20 BSC) to your MetaMask wallet to invest on BNBYIELD website.

Official website:…a71FE2c9bD1c8b3

Binance Coin (BNB) Reaches All-Time High

Binance Coin (BNB) rose from $ 126.80 in 24 hours to an all-time high of $ 195.96. Binance Coin, which has a solid share of the increase in crypto money markets, makes investors smile. Investments by Binance Launchpad and Binance Pads have increased the value of Binance Coin by more than 400% since the beginning of the year.
What do you think of BNB, the money of the Binance exchange?

❕NEWS – Binance Coin (BNB) Reaches Number 3 | Proxies-free

BNB has strengthened its market value to an all-time high, while gaining 40% in the past 24 hours. Over the past seven days, BNB has had a huge 87% success. However, it has achieved a 530% gain since the beginning of this year. BNB has settled behind Ethereum, leaving Cardano, Polkadot and Tether behind.
What do you think about this development?

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❕NEWS – The Binance coin (BNB) may be set for a price fall | Proxies-free

Binance coin has done very well since the start of this year, opening the year with a trading value of $35 and increasing that to $148 in just a couple of months. This has attracted much attention to this coin and its parent exchange as well. However, according to analysts, there may be a massive decline in the BNB price that is coming soon. According to analysts the current selling pressure that is associated with this coin can drop the price to as low as $85, and claims that currently the BNB coin is very volatile.

why is BnB coin selection algorithm not enabled by default?

You’re misunderstanding the code. That variable tracks whether BnB was used. Not whether we attempt to use it.

BnB does not always yield an acceptable result, as it requires a solution with no change to exist. It is attempted, but if no such solution can be found, Bitcoin Core’s coin selection falls back to other algorithms. The bnb_used variable remembers whether that was the case.

❕NEWS – One person loses $ 20,000 in BNB and Binance CEO asks community for help | Proxies-free

A person made a mistake sending 800 BNB ($ 20,000) in BNB and begged Binance to help him, this transaction was made on Binance Smart Chain. In response on September 12 the CEO of Binance asked the community if they think he should help this person, he was considering helping him.
This person alleges that the exchanger is responsible for being the developer of this new chain.
This reopens the debate on such a complicated topic, reverse crypto.
Is it worth helping the person who has made a mistake or is it necessary to establish that the code is absolute law and it doesn’t matter what happens to the users?

GET – Chi Ta – BNB University | Proxies-free

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Chi Ta – BNB University


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Chi Ta & # 39; s story
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This FREE training class gets to the point and shows exactly how Chi is able to find real estate that makes a net profit of $ 2000 per month per real estate in every area, and how you can do the same from NOW!

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