Notebooks – Controlling Font Colors in Information Boards?

I'm trying to create a custom dark mode style sheet and started with Cuba's great DarkPackage.

The problem is how to deal with text in panels (You can barely see the white-on-white text unless you select the item with the mouse.)

Enter the image description here

My question: How to control the color of text in fields with fields in a style sheet definition cell?

The two most common examples are:

  1. White text in values ​​of InformationPanel(title, {key->value, ...}) GeneralUtilities "(e.g. the panel used in Classify, NetTrain, Information etc.):

Enter the image description here

  1. White text in headings of records:

Enter the image description here

These are just two cases where white colors need to be inverted on white paneled or interactive backgrounds, but solving at least these two problems would solve most of the problem.

What I tried:

The built-in ReversedColor The topic partially solves this and turns the text light gray, but I couldn't isolate which definition was effective:

Enter the image description here

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dnd 5e – RAW, can a knight with swords and boards of the third level Absorb element make sense?

I often see Absorb Element (AE) as a useful spell for an Eldritch Knight (EK) because it gives you temporary resistance to a type of damage, and you can add that kind of damage to your next melee attack.

However, it does have somatic components that require a free hand to perform. For many spells, this is not a problem, as you can drop your weapon or stow it, cast it, and then use your bonus action for the EK Weapon Bond feature to resume it.
But since AE is a reaction, that does not seem to work, though I could be wrong. So it looks like you need to preemptively stash your weapon at the end of your turn if you think you need to use AE, which will be a problem if you actually end up taking a casual attack.

Of course, this all gets lost on the fourth level, if you can use War Caster as a feat that allows you to conjure up somatic components without a free hand.


  • Am I wrong? Is it possible to drop your sword as part of your reaction before acting on AE?
  • If not, can a third-level EK suitably use AE, or should you wait until the 4th level to use that spell?

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