2D/3D Soft body physics in Unity

I want to implement soft bodies in my game similar to this link.

I tried using this Soft body simulation plugin but it has the following problems:

  1. Only works with box colliders.
  2. Doesn’t work with Unity’s physics engine i.e. the bodies don’t react to the forces applied.

For my game,

  1. The soft bodies should be able to collide and interact with any types of colliders (including mesh collider).
  2. The bodies should work with Unity’s physics engine i.e. the bodies should react to the forces and gravity applied.

I am flexible in implementing soft bodies in 2D or 3D.

I would appreciate any suggestions and thoughts on this topic.

repair – Is there a viable way to touch up the paint on an old camera body?

I have restored 2 Nikon F5 film and 1 Nikon D3 digital cameras using the following materials:

I discovered this method while restoring a second hand Nikon D3 camera and have since mastered the technique while restoring 2 of my 3 Nikon F5 film cameras. I am currently restoring my third Nikon F5 camera.

I have to apply Cerakote Gun Black ceramic paint into the scratched part of the camera using small cotton tips, let it dry until I see that the newly applied paint when dried is of the same height as the original camera paint, meaning the applied paint is not noticeable and does not look like a blob of paint covering the scratched part. I used cotton Q tips to apply the Cerakote Gun Black paint in small quantities until the applied paint entirely cover the scratched part without looking like a blob. I have to re-apply Cerakote paint using Q Tips in several repeated applications until the applied paint is not noticeable.

On close inspection, one can still notice the applied paint. By some luck, I decided to use the white nylon wiping cloth from Dr. Color Chips Car Body repair kit by swiping it with black Cerakote paint and applied/swiped it to the Nikon D3 that I want to hide the paint job that I performed on the scratched surface. I was surprised at the result on my Nikon D3 when I swiped the white nylon wiping cloth with black Cerakote paint to the Nikon D3 part which I just made the repair. The repair is no longer noticeable after the Cerakote gun paint has dried. Even when still not dried, I can already see that the wet paint is now consistent in finish, meaning the repaired paint can no longer be detected as the wiped paint blended the old body paint and the new paint repair.

The fully cured Cerakote black ceramic paint does not fade in time, it totally replaces the scratched part of the camera and cannot be detected. One needs to be very patient to successfully repair/restore a film camera to look as if it came out of the factory.

8 – Webform is not sending body as HTML

Within the e-mail handlers I’ve selected the body as ‘twig template‘.
But no HTML is sent.

I’ve activated Swiftmailer to send attachments … is that the problem?

<p>Submitted values:</p>    
{{ webform_token('(webform_submission:values)', webform_submission, (), options) }}
<p> URL: {{ webform_token('(current-page:url)', webform_submission, (), options) }}</p>
<p> Page name: {{ webform_token('(current-page:title)', webform_submission, (), options) }}</p>

Value in body (email):

Submitted values: *Name* sfd dsf *E-mail* test@test.com (1) *Phone* sdfsdfsdf (2) *VAT* sdfsdfdfs *Question?* Yes *Newsletter* List1, List2, List3 *Message* sdfsdf sdf sdf s dfsdfs URL: https://test.test.com/page/title/subtitle Page name: Pagename (1) test2@test.com (2) tel:sdfsdfsdf

pathfinder 1e – Can a monk using empty body deal full damage to incorporal creatures?

Empty Body (Su): A monk with this ki power gains the ability to assume
an ethereal state for 1 minute as though using the spell etherealness,
using his monk level as his caster level. Using this ability is a move
action that consumes 3 points from the monk’s ki pool. This ability
affects only the monk and cannot be used to make other creatures

Can a monk using empty body deal full damage to incorporal creatures like shadows (undead incorporeal) ?

How strong can someone make a Level 1 fighter, in Pathfinder, excluding Polymorph spells that change their body to another creature type?

It’s a classic trope in fiction, the “not so great” heroic character is going up against a foe they have no business trying to defeat and one (or more) of their allies that are a bit more powerful do a little something here, a little nudge there, and now the would-be hero is performing feats they never would have been able to do on their own.

What, in your estimation, would be the way to go about showing this sort of trope in a game like Pathfinder 1e? Defensive buffs out the wazoo are all well and good, but their low HD is also something to keep in mind, as Con buffs will be less effective. To ensure that the illusion is kept up as well, they’ll need to stay as their original race, no True Polymorphing them into a dragon or whatnot.

magento2 – Magento 2: Edit data-mage-init attribute from body tag

I am trying to edit the data-mage-init attribute from the Magento 2 body element. I am optimizing page load and this attribute is passing a gif file that is not needed.

I tried to remove it with:

   <attribute name="data-mage-init" value="">

I could add attributes with this code but not remove any..

unity – How to rotate a character according to the body alignment of the ragdoll to fit the ‘getting up’ animations?

I’m trying to make a character rotate in the right direction so that when the character gets up from a ragdoll state, the animation would closely match the initial lay down position of the ragdoll.

The character has a third person controller and when I move it around, it rotates according to the directions from the joystick. So when it falls it usually gets up in the right direction but sometimes, when the character falls from a cliff, the animation doesnt match the ragdoll orientation.

I’m using this method to calculate whether the hips are pointing upward or downward so I can trigger the right animation.

        wasRootBoneFacingUpward = Vector3.Dot(bones(0).forward, Vector3.down) < 0;

How can I rotate my character so that it fits the body alignment of the ragdoll ?